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Hi Ina! I’m a dead beat sooo… DESOOO 

lol dechu :_GURA::_GURA::_GURA: domo same desu waaah ina, have you seen the hololive collab for pso2 ngs? :_GURA:CUTE :_GURA::_GURA: イナちゃんかわいい :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: Desu waa Shame deshuwu shame deshuu TOMORROW Ah ah ah ah staying alive ins desyuuu Its like deshu :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: hä jer fäl okej :_MMT::_MMT::_MMT: HI INA hi desu~ WAH :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: :_GURA::_PAT: Inya desu :_GURA:desu~ chmo chame chesuu~~~ now Im alive  same desu:_GURA: caught a cold, hope it doesn't get worse :grinning_squinting_face:  I know what you mean lol desu:_GURA: desuu desu wah~! でしゅうう :_PAT::_GURA::_PAT: De-shu wow really? :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: I'm going to work soon, so I'll miss most of the stream :_pien: Everyday I revive for takotime :_MMT::_MMT: Did you stretch? Woop Ina stream on my birthday :birthday_cake: I'm hungry Too hot... Cold odd! :yougotthis: Welcome to the Tentacult Esquens She uses an "sh" for the s in desu how are you? Staying alive' staying alive! samedesuuu:_GURA: domooo, same desuuuuu DOMO SAME DESU LOL Sending virtual cookies to the tired takos here Desu~ :_GURA: I'll never forgive the sun hi Inyaa:_PAT::_PAT: you got that AC in the office? :_Jii:ye... That intense cat gaming cooked computer :_MOGU: I really wanna play this game and not spoil it for myself, but I am done ignoring everyone playing. Domo shameeeedesssss :_GURA::_GURA::_GURA::_GURA::_GURA: feeling undead I lost the pin from the sunbreak collector edition, I am in sorrow. it's so humid... same desu~ :_INA::_GURA::_INA::_GURA: :_GURA: wake up in the 3:30 am to wah~ GPU Toaster LMAO WWW :_HUMU::_HUMU: you are too cute yeah? that's because you're cool as a :cucumber: No :_INA::_INA::_INA: yea They absolutely are! they are? Yo Ina Yep just turn the gpu off:_BRAINCELL: :_GURA::_INA: They are It is! yeah they feel worse than winter colds AAAUUUUGFFGGGGFFFGGHHH oof Lmao :_404::_404::_404: 

I have worked hours in heavy rain never got a cold from it  yeah, true asians 

The Japanese anime cold has a near 100% mortality rate. special japanese cold folded over 1000 times, very deadly pulse check Ina Apparently being cold reduces the strength of your immune system so they can proceed to sick visit plot The more important question is how the protag always has the 2nd from back seat near the window Extreme change of weather in their bodies perhaps :grinning_face_with_sweat: hi inya just dont go outside WEAK BODIES Low body temp makes your immue system impaired And it gets better within a day too! The breeze is what gets you maybe the cold weakens immune system hi Ina!:purple_heart: humidity, you don’t dry off if you get wet in island county  :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: OhaKonWAH :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: who knows :_CAPY: wet socks make you sick :_HUMU:  inya Porbably it does anime colds are fatal you catch a cold due to contact with the virus, changes in temperatures can make you vulnerable but does not cause colds japanese anime girls are just built different bacteria exploit the weaknes in the immune system Wah depends on their immunity Actually true:_HUMU: I mean you might but it wouldn't be like the next day lol :_RIGHTGLOW::_YAWN::_LEFTGLOW: wah I'm swimming almost everyday, haven't caught a cold yet so idk :_DROOL:hmmm only virusses causes colds outside? what's that? It weakens your body, which makes it easier to "catch a cold". You're not actually going to get sick for being cold once. so how was the recording yesterday? Probably... Oh good lore being cold and wet for a long time makes you sick tho いな耳かわいい Its the reason why i used to wear face masks during test cuz i didnt want to get sick or I was sick from studying all night inyaaa desyuuuu something about body temp? I think so yeah But they saycd the wind gets you eventually the anime colds are scary :_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL: 

anime logic nya - we don't need logic nya! lower body temps weaken your immune system if your core body temp drops yes 

:_MOGU::_MOGU::_MOGU: yeah it does Ina You get used to cold  it's so bad they collapse with fever, but then are only sick for a day. maybe it's rice porridge addiction? Pretty much :_404::_404::_404: you don't get a viral infection from randomly getting wet or cold, it might compromise your immune system and allow for sickness though Rain is natural debuff I guess Being wet an cold weakens your immune response so a virus that it was already beating can take make you sick Is anime not real??? Humu ´꒳`) Probably just makes it easier to catch a cold because of the immune system weakness but how about takos living in the far north and south :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: Hi Inya it's basically being in and out of a cold area to a warm area, that's one way lol oooh what kind i mean it is kinda because your body working to warm up  it's because when it's cold the tiny things jump into you so they don't die :_HUMU::_HUMU: It's easier to get sick the older you get. :_PAIN: :hot_beverage::octopus: :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: yay coffee :hot_beverage::_INA: plain black? Can't get sick if you don't go outside WAH Nice coffee of course, of course Always figured it was just an old wive’s tale :_YAWN::_YAWN::_YAWN: yay lunch Coffee Pretty! Cat cat cat indeed :purple_heart: :_OMG:CAWFEE what was lunch what was today's lunch? I ran in the rain from getting flu medicine... I got the flu.  I'm a frozen food manager and rarely get sick :_DROOL::_DROOL: ooooo what did you have for lunch? hiiiii inaaaaaaaaa :_OMG: Did you get some good sleep Inya? It’s from the days when people thought that being cold gave you a cold yum ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ :_OxO: Nice I was right! the title was cat cat cat anime colds will have you in the hospital for the rest of your life oh nyo :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: MOIST It’s all for that sweet, sweet romcom plot:_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: Hi inya :_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL: :_MOGU::_MOGU::_MOGU: nice is it good? :_PAIN::_PAIN::_PAIN: AYO :flushed_face: Ice cream? \oisho/ hi Ina!! ina drip thanks for the stream on my birthday inya lol what do you have tako? :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: Cookies? coaster doko? nooo 

me too:_MOGU::_MOGU::_MOGU: Yummm :_MOGU::_MOGU::_MOGU: 

Cookies... :_DROOL::_DROOL: MOGU MOGU Gimme gimme COOKIES:_OMG: Cookiiiiieeees are they chocolate chip? Are you gonna SHARE? :_pien: :cookie::cookie::cookie: can we have one??? :_OMG:  Allow Cookies some for us?:_pien::_pien::_pien: COOKIES! :cookie: :_MOGU::_MOGU::_MOGU::_MOGU::_MOGU::_MOGU: :_MOGU::_MOGU: :_MOGU: mogu mogu Could the day get any better? nom nom nom nom What kind? WHAT kind of cookies:red_question_mark: we humble ask for our share of the cookie jar understandable mogu mogu :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_pien::_pien::_pien: Share please? si cute wtf I have a cake, so that's infinitely better!  Mukbang :_YAWN::_YAWN::_YAWN: cute any cookies? got back from work near the artic circle and now got a cold when it 35 Celsius outside. :cookie::_MOGU: No sharing? COOKIESSS :shelterin::shelterin::shelterin: :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: :cookie: What kind of cookies? inya Um.. Priestess.. do we have cat ears or just smul flaps..? いないな @Loud Banana if you have bell notifications enabled, turn them off then back on again to fix it. Has happened to me with FBK's channel twice and that fixed it both times. :_pien::_pien::_pien: もぐもぐ イナちゃんクッキーすきだね chewy or crispy? yummy indeed :_MOGU: :_MOGU: :_MOGU:  :cookie::_YAWN: かわいい COOKIES!!! :_SMUG::_MOGU::_MOGU: *Ina noises* INA MUKBANG TIME :cookie::_MOGU: Can we get some? :_KDTD::_KDTD::_KDTD: DONT TALK WITH A FULL MOUTH :cookie::_DROOL::_MOGU: takotime naisu Give cookie ples Oeh just in time :_MOGU::_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: :_MOGU::cookie::cookie: :_WWW::_AAA::_AAA::_AAA::_HHH:……….. I’m late. :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: :_KUSA::_YAWN: :_KUSA::_MOGU: Dang now I have to get some tea and cookies too Ina Ina Inaaaaaaa:thanksdoc::thanksdoc::thanksdoc::thanksdoc: Mahlzeit Ina! nyappy birthday!! invisible cookies Send us some cookies via void fax or something MoguMogu Mogu Ina mogu noises :_LOVE4EVER: happy Ina noises are the best noises :_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL: Danish Butter Cookies? Mmmmm cookie :cookie: ASMR COOKIES?! :_YAWN::cookie: 

:cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie: :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: Code 0 

NOT A 962 vanilla chocolate? shuger? raisins galore? Green Bean Cookies ? pineapple? ERROR!! CODE 962!!! Snickerdoodle :cucumber::cookie:? ZOMBIE GRAPES:_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: Sugar cookies ftw no raisin!!!! LMAO chocolate Cookie made from the salt of my tears lol hm neko :face_savoring_food::meat_on_bone: Lol :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: a 962?! TAKO:_Jii::_Jii::_Jii: :_MOGU::_MOGU::_MOGU: 962 red velvet? :_oii::_oii::_BONK::_BONK: cheesecake cookie oh nyo Sugar cookie? :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: our cookies doko ina ? :_pien::_pien::_pien::_pien: :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: WHO SAID OATMEAL RAISIN Ewwww!! :cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie: Dispatching Cleanup Team:_KEIKAKU: ewwwwwwwwwww :_Glasses:i see on it hmm Peanut butter or Sugar Goodnight 晚安 go sleeeep :_OxO: ya be get em!! :_CAPY::_CAPY: :_Jii::_Jii::_Jii: Wdym Oatmeal raisin is good!! overcookie :_BONK: WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT Oatmeal raisin is delicious ! Danish cookie? 962!?!?!? Oh Nyo! sugar cookie tasye like cumcumber lol :_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU:on it 962?! ALERT ALERT gottcha boss :water_pistol::_MUMEI:  oatmeal raisin based oatmeal raisin gang  962 nya Lmao codewort raisin! oat meal raisen? gimme wah. hii ina oh nyoatsmeal raisin Oreo bits ina, oatmeal raisins are good too:_pien: Hazelnut cookies? Inya, oatmeal raisin are good. I will die on this hill. :_BONK::_BONK: Yabe I can't into numbers ma'am, gotta be more specific :_Glasses:  :_KUSA::_KUSA: dont inflict the cookies with raisins pls :_KUSA: I will confiscate them for you take him away boys snipers take your shot :_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU: oh nyo:_OxO: OH NYO! Move to intercept :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO::_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: Code 962: Oatmeal Raisen. what?! :_OxO::_OxO: salted caramel? White chocolate macadamia nut butter cookie? Butter cookies? We need to vacate the area! LOL :_Jii::_oii::_INAFF::_BONK: Execute Order 66 Fake tako Oatmeal raisin is a good cookie. I don't care what anyone else thinks. :_MMT::_MMT::_MMT: :_Glasses::_LEFTGLOW::_BONK: :_BONK:I like oatmeal raisin 962... ku ro ni... CODE KRONII??? :police_car_light::police_car_light::police_car_light: GET HIM TAKOS! :_BONK: Mint Chocolate :eyes: but... I like oatmeal rasin... Target acquired  Oatmeal Raisin are my favorite...:_pien: Snickerdoodle? wah lmao how many departments do we have? Hihi! Happy to see the Nya again :_oii::_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: oatmeal raisin cookies are good though:_pien: AIN'T WANT NO DAMN RAISIN IN A COOKIE Security here, who needs bonking? :_BONK: They were never seen again :_PAIN: Eliminated ABORT, EJECT:_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: any interest in playing RUST ina? Yeet the raisins :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: TBIS IS NOT A DRILL and he was never seen again :_MUMEI: Do you have infinite cookies cause of the Takodachi eating them? Bravo six going dark 

In route but I love OMR cookies... a cardinal sin 

Sorry Tako has to be done :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: Worth getting arrested 이나 안뇽 oatmeal raisin is good and i will fight people on this :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: Yes priestess oh come on its not that bad :_oii::_oii::_oii: Oatmeal raisin is great... just not when you think you're getting chocolate chip :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: Oatmean Raisin cookies are good ngl white chocolate chip hazelnut? Punish the sinner! zombie grape attack :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: :cucumber::cookie::cucumber::cookie::cucumber::cookie:? why everybody so offencive about raisins in cookies?.. is this cookie mukbang stream Fruit  cancelling membership Brownie pieces coconut flavor? CARDINAL SIN I love oatmeal raisin.. Girl Scout cookies chocolate coconut or mint I WILL NOT BE SILENCED OATMEAL RAISIN IS DELICIOUS :_OxO: :_OxO: :_OxO:  962 oatmeal raisin, get that tako it’s good tho… Great sin indeed!! Oatmeal Raisin why?? take em all Oatmeal Raisen cookies shoudl be banned! almondo almondo :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: I will take all of the oatmeal raisin for you :_KEIKAKU::_BONK: confectionery sin If Oatmeal Raisin cookie is a crime, then I am guilty :_KUSA: At best they can be OKAY :_Jii: tako 962 here, volunteering for oatmeal raisin dispoal squad the problem with oatmeal raisin is that it tastes like betrayal Oatmeal raisin is the best cookie I will not tolerate this disrespect Reject Ina, Accept Oatmeal Raisin Ew unsubscribed (just kidding lol) lol oh nyo False It shall be done!:_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: I actually like oatmeal raisin cookies :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: Ty hey hello OTR is pretty good okay  :_pien::_pien::_pien: code 962 has been alerted Agent 69 Reporting for duty Priestess o7 :_oii::_oii::_oii::_oii: :_HUMU::_HUMU: Blasphemy! but i dont mind raisins tho Based so true Would you like to commit a cardinal sin? FAQ dat get the ASSASINS guild on it !  cucumber cookies?? there is no oat in cookie stream BASED INA Indeed :_oii::_BONK::_BONK: true  zombie grapes :_KUSA: BASED I’ll be confiscating this piece of contraband. *places oatmeal raisin in a plastic baggy* zombie grapes lmao oatmeal raisin cookies are pretty good double chocolate? I'm sorry Ina that's an awful take :_MMT::_MMT::_MMT: lol Facts.:_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: they do not belong anywhere oatmeal raisin cultured hater  :zombie::grapes: anyone tried the oreos with dark chocolate filling? but this is yummy! 

That's okay Ina, we still enjoy you even if you have terrible taste Raisins are imposter chocolate chip WAH 

zombie grapes lmao Sinful Tako :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: :_oii::_oii::_oii: heretics! CardINAl Sin they're delicious, you're just afraid Return to Cookie grandparent grapes it good lol Raisins are great and belong in cookies and most desserts agreed 100% raisins are good D: Then how do you explain chocolate chip cookies but with raisins instead okay but they're kinda good tho >.>  Wow  we take cookies seriously here :_Glasses: they dont belong anywhere :_HUMU::_HUMU: Nekona is the best girl Strawberries true lol Wine and ice cream!  :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: true Send them to the correction room! Zombie grapes lmao Humu D: raisins are pog The title is hurting my brain Ina FACTS :_KUSA::_KUSA: LOL ina pls Ollie grapes? :shelterin::shelterin::shelterin: The greatest crime is that plain oatmeal cookies are so rare because of it Zerks I like zombie grapes :_pien: Mmm... zombie grapes:_MOGU::_MOGU::_MOGU: lol What? Blasphemie! :_INAFF::_INAFF::_INAFF: dried grapes are ok too But I like the otmeal zombe cookes they are tasty it's a violation of federal law. may we bonk at will??  oatmeal cookies are good, but leave the raisins out please or on their own I agree with you 100% Ina based humu humu  aren't they more like mummy grapes? drunk ina lets gooooo bruh lies! Grape Jelly too :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass: :_KUSA: :_HUMU::_HUMU::_KUSA: Based!! :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: drink tako That's just not right  raisin bagel....? Great evening Ina  Soda? Was it a Snickerdoodle?  Very true what did raisins did to you? And even that’s debatable:_Jii: Ina i love you based Based tbh My oshi speaking facts right now  What about cranberry? oatmeal cranberry? I don't like raisins by themselves but I don't mind them in cookies. you can also eat them fresh??? :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: Zombie Grape and Oatmeal cookies can be very tasty.  they are raisin' from the grave And grape ice cream!  Whatabout grapes and cheese? :) eat em fresh how about raisins in cheesecake normalize dried grapes in stuff :_tehepero::_tehepero::_tehepero: I mean, based Based yea  oatmeal raisin is good you heathen  >grapes are only good for wine - membership dropped, unsubbed Raisin bagel lets agree to disagree :_tehepero::_tehepero::_tehepero: White chocolate macadamia nut cookies are the best why? Raisins are great but do not belong in baking so in the end, what's the cookie flavor? Macedamia nuts? grape tanghulu? what about grape icecream Big Brain Inya 

:wine_glass::relieved_face: :_HUMU::_HUMU: do you like wine ? 

I like the zombie grapes and Jesus juice well, cinnamon and raisin bagels slap  Raisins are tasty. :_OxO:  LOLLLL how about eating grapes as normal grapes how about just eating them Dehydrated grapes yummy so it's not the oatmeal but the raisin that are the problem Sorry Ina hard disagree there, being a purple being, we should support each other, even if it’s grapes :_Glasses: peanut butter cookies White chocolate macadamia? don't give ur cookies to parrot inyaaa Wine cookies tho  but i don't alcohol priestess:_pien: are they snickerdoodles? :thinking_face: What about just eating the grapes. there is no raisin in Ba sing se RAW :_MOGU::_MOGU::_MOGU: I'll eat the oatmeal raisin cookies so real people don't have to. FAQ dat get the ASSASSINS guild on it !  :_HUMU: trust issues with raisins and choco chip? How so? I like raisins in select cadbury candy bars with nuts. oatmeal raisin is pretty good Raw? Innnnaaaaaaa :_Glasses::_Glasses::_Glasses: you skippin grapes? have you tried cotton candy grapes? going R A W in wrestlemania What about fresh grapea what about rice with milk and raisins??? picky ina as opposed to cooked grapes? RAW Grapes You had to LEARN?:_oii::_oii::_oii: :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: :cucumber: Oh I see R A W what happened with grapes? :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: lol I think everyone has lol 

:_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: :_PAIN::_PAIN::_PAIN: oof 

:_PAIN:  Ewwwww You didn't have a tissue? haply birthday wilson just spit it oh no :_PAT::_PAT: oh nyoooo Ooof :_PAIN: grapes aren't all that bad, we get wine outta them :face_with_tears_of_joy: :_OxO: :_OxO: :_OxO:  the risk you take for eating in class INYAAAA ewwww pain wakaru :_OxO::_OxO: Snickerdoodle cookies are the best cookies! do the stealth spit while you pretend to wipe your mouth Evil grape :_pien::_pien::_pien: Perhaps you shouldn't have been eating during class why you even eat in middle of class?.. o nyooo :_OxO: thats why you keep some napkins or tissue with you to cover your mouth and spit into oh nyo (꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ) for sure yikes I see :_OxO:ew Eject, eject:_YAWN::_YAWN::_YAWN: cant just go to washroom? Oh no:_PAIN: bae loves them Did I miss the WAH??? ooooops number 15, last thing you want in your cookies is raisins, but as it turns out this is what you might get paper tissue :_HUMU::_HUMU: it's on you for eating in middle of class! I would have got up tbh but thats a Grape not a raisin D: Should've spit it at someone Red Grapes or Green grapes Ina? Green Grapes are my favourite Cotton candy grape? :_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL: frozen grapes are pretty yummy sour grapes have gone bad Nyanpasu~ why were you eating in class? delinquent:_KUSA: No one want rotten dried grapes in their cookies did it taste like a Takodachi? oh poor ina 

:_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: those day everything is bad cause something :_HUMU::_HUMU: 

にゃ~(=^・・^=) sugar is sugar diet soda is pure aspertain :_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL: You still have hololive chocolates right? :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: yeah, so true! refined sugar is the worst for your bodie:_CAPY:  some sugar is good :face_screaming_in_fear: sips r*dbull :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: N Y A hi no sugar no life zehi mo nashi :_HUMU: true :_404::_404::_404: Meow that too mood I just mix my fruit juice with salt to weaken the sugar same :_DROOL:  :_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL: :_MOGU::_MOGU::_MOGU: Moderation Sugar isn't too bad if it's accompanied by fiber, which fruit contains a lot of... but fruit juice gets rid of most of that fiber there is so much sugar is sodas sugar is just carbohydrates So bothersome... No Ina, don't turn it off The CO2 helps your brain work, too. don't do that :_DROOL: evem water is damgerous in high quantities You don't like grapes, but took the color of grapes? Power Saving Mode time to unalive turn brain off and nap :_DROOL: brain OFF :_DROOL: ina mood store bought juice is not healthy yes body needs glucose Guess ill die:_PAIN: Cookie power :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: The brain is a VERY expensive organ:_BRAINCELL::_HUMU::_BRAINCELL: Do you and those cookies need a room? Calli can help lmao kitty eyes yea its way healthier to eat sugar through fruit matter and yes you need glucose for brain power drink taste good me like My brain is always off, do not recommend :_DROOL: :_KUSA::_KUSA: :_oii::_oii::_oii: yesn't Ina......? Ina you eat cookies  card choco doko? its gone innit? HAHAHAHAHA being concious takes a lot of brain power coffee for life please don't:_OxO: :_Jii::_Jii::_Jii: lol Yes… :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: :_tehepero::_tehepero::_tehepero: Did you eat 2 boxes worth of chocolate... You forgot to take pictures heh lol Ina :_OxO: oh nyo ? ah, ah, ah, ah staying alive with cookies? 

:_WELL::_DONE: nyaice nyaice :eye::eye::eye: 

Get ready Inya :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: RE9 But Cat sweet lord jesus Oh nyo :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: They're getting bigger  oh wow Big eye 0_o Many EYES its huge!!! :_OxO:  oh no Those are some beeeg eyes light the eyes :grinning_squinting_face:  ahhh:_OxO: :eye::eye: What in Oblivion is that :_OxO::_OxO: beeeeg ewwww WTF Oh yes.  BEEEG:eye:!? oh that's BEEG:_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: yes What in the world did they add to the bacteria to not only allow it to eat everything but also to grow human-like eyes? Beeg Eyes :_Jii::_Jii::_Jii: the autosave :eyes: :eye::eye::eye::eye::eye::eye: YA BE Well :_Jii::_Jii: Too many eyes:_OxO: quick, claw the eyes The Overmind :_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL: :_OxO: not liking this D: Oh geez :eye: :eye: :eye: yucky yucky  Cutscene! Inya smort oh nyoo~ alien virus?? wth is that Grant us Eyes :_Jii:  make eye eye cry AO chan?:_OxO: Eye eye eye, that's a bit scary :eye::tongue::eye: creepy creepy creepy poke it What is this an Umbrella Lab? lol :eye_in_speech_bubble::eye_in_speech_bubble::eye_in_speech_bubble::eye_in_speech_bubble::eye::eye::eye::eye: scratch the eyes :eyes: Oh no another Fire Giant Ina is experienced gamer :eye::eye::eye::eye::eye: OH GOD I thought these were sentient bacteria or somthing... Why do they have gigantic eyes??? The foreshadowing tho Cat scene 

:_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: SPEED いけえええええ!!! 

nice the jukes! ina the gamer ::eyes: :_RIGHTGLOW::_OxO::_LEFTGLOW: INYAAAAAA gamer cat :_pien::_pien::_pien: Zerg Rushhhhhhh Jukes for days Gamer moves! Run, Inya! Bob and weave! Cat with the zig zags tho IKEEEEEE :_RIGHTGLOW::_YAWN::_LEFTGLOW: :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: serpentine THE SCHMOVEMENT So many jukes... She's like a Jukebox Hero! ;333 :_pien::_LEFTGLOW::_LEFTGLOW: go inya go!! keep going inya!! Gamer Iyna :_OMG::_OMG: zoomies professional gamer Ninyomanya Inya'nis MOVE IT, ON THE DOUBLE! go Inya goooo oh nyo b12 Let's go Inya! CORRE INAAAA Goooo The Joesph Joestar technique: RUN AWAY we got the zoomies wtf is this motion blur? RUN INYA RUN INYAAAA Inya~ :_LEFTGLOW::_RIGHTGLOW::_LEFTGLOW::_RIGHTGLOW::_LEFTGLOW::_RIGHTGLOW: inya!!! :_LEFTGLOW: SLIDE  GO GO INYA go inya! nyi-gerouu for our robot friend Run :_OxO::_OxO: Ganbare Inya :_RIGHTGLOW::_OxO::_LEFTGLOW: ないすぅ! :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: Safe ON TIME nice jukes ! :_RIGHTGLOW::_KEIKAKU::_LEFTGLOW: Nice! :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: :_RIGHTGLOW::_OMG::_LEFTGLOW: NYATTA nice!!! Amazing as always Priestess :_WELL::_DONE: NICE! Nice! :_WELL::_DONE: Inya!!!!!! Nice schmooves safe :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_WELL::_PAT::_DONE: you did it nyaice work :_OMG::_OMG: :_WELL::_DONE::_WELL::_DONE::_WELL::_DONE: :_WELL::_DONE::_INA: GOOOOOO Nice! :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: せふせふ gg You can made that Got those cat zoomies :_WELL::_DONE::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: SAFE :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::partying_face: you did it!! 

TOMORROW :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: retrofuture? 

Tomorrow! prolly just how the cat sees the world lmao T O M O R R O W ?!?!??!  :_KUSA::_KUSA: tomorrow! With time, mirrors "melt" Inya is a menace to society, but I just love her too much:_OMG::_LOVE4EVER::_peek: TOMORROW? tomORROW TOMORROW! The Bot of Theseus toMORROW TOMORROW  TOMMOROW TOMORROW!!! tomorrow? :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: Ship of Theseus TO TOMORROW?! tomorrow The morrow? theseus... vlade? here? oh no Robot of Theseus I think blade runner also use this kind of lighting SHE SAID THE THING Tomorrow  Fluorescent light TOMORROW!? :_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL: TOMORROW@ The Robot of Theseus ToMORROW TOMORROW:_INAFF: t o m o r r o w BOOK OF THESUS TOMORROW!! yes The bone pile question SHIP OF THESIUS the Robot of Theseus GHOST IN THE SHELL VLADEE its that ship paradox again Yes Oh no, the Ship of Theseus OMG the legendary tommorow neon lights ship of theseus huh no :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: Good old ship of theseus :_OxO::_OxO: ohhh this thing  good ol Ship of Theseus the robot of theseus Nope robot of theseus in SOMA we did do you Ship of Vladee ship of thesus? :_BRAINCELL: :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT::_KUSA: Robot of Theseus yeah the ship of thesus that froggy lighting lighting..... :_404::_404::_404: Theseus' robot indeed during Nier :_HUMU::_HUMU: the boat  deep thoughs It that ship thing ship of Theseus robot of Theseus Oh, this is the Ship of Theseus The Ship of Theseus Ya... we did thesues ship The ship of theseus Ship of Theseus :_DROOL: it's Soma all over again Tomorrow? tommoroqowowowiw the rise of PCeus Theseus's ship Ship of Theseus  TOMORROW :_OxO: We talked about it for PC-kun yeah Robot of Thesseus Yes:_HUMU: 

PCseus The PC of Theseus :_HUMU::_HUMU: 

Ship of Theseus? YES, piles of bone theory SOMA ship of Theseus pc kun! TOMORROW emote when? :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: theseus boat Soul The robot of Theseus this was in nier automata too the soul This question :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: The mind yes, the Ship of Theseus Aye:_HUMU::_HUMU: TOMORROW :love_you_gesture: OG Matrix movies were made with that greenish filter all over them, so it kinda become the cyberpunk think Ship of theseus As long as the mind isn't replaced, then yes, you are still you:_HUMU::_HUMU: are you? Same logic as if whether we would still be the same after getting robotic parts what I miss? the SOMA dilemma :_OxO::_OxO::_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: As long as you feel like it! theseus robot your core This can be quantified kinda like soma yes Just keep the Nameplate  hmm tomorrow Ship of Theseus Robot of Theseua tomorrow Boat is boat Ghost in the Shell Right  The human body recycles all its cells over the course of every few years, so by that logic you aren't the same person you were a few years ago Identity is a chain of events ahh the Soma contintuity theory? Hmm hmm during SOMA yes you are the configuration not the parts as long as your brain is the same  Gr'aha Tia all over again Humans replace their cells on a daily basis but the name is How to be a ninja! tako philosophy In this case i would say the software update would be the change triggers broom ship of theseus argument lol yeah .... i'm not you, i'm Yato :_tehepero:  theseus' boat dont u mean your soul Ghost in the shell All of our cells have been replaced since birth :_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL: yes  :thinking_face:hmm Like Automata meets Soma Most cells are replaced completely after 7 years, only the heart and brain are unchanged no 

The me of tomorrow can't be me, because I'm me! E S S E N C E But what about Past Ina...? and Future Ina...? :_Jii: 

:_HUMU::_HUMU: TOMORROW  :_DROOL::_DROOL: It's all in the SOUL Inspiring  It’s about the linearity of your conscious actions and experiences my brain hurt Nihon niki in shambles :_HUMU::_HUMU: true But that's only due to a continuous conciousness if I copy/digitize my brain, will that be another me? Wait, are you saying that Past Ina is you?! I see deepok chopra :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: but what if we're new us each day, we just have the same memories? Ina please, it's too early for this kind of existential crisis] or infinite mes as my cells are replaced? :_HUMU::_HUMU:I've always seen animals as a community of cells that mostly work in harmony hmmmmm :_Glasses::_Glasses::_Glasses: i'm vladee she call me vladee maybe I am the ship of Theseus :_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL: essence as in the concept of you then sure, essence as in ultimate reality then no :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL:  My brain hurts:_DROOL::_DROOL: The Takodachi of Thesius? You do not exist, you are just a bunch of simples together "Ina-ing" so to speak Isn't the you from today better that the you form today, thus different? :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU::_RIGHTGLOW: Does the arm still function as an arm? A consciousness is greater than the sum of its parts I’m 26yrs old so I will have been a different person at least 4 times :_OxO::_OxO: That’s crazy WE ARE ONE :_KDTD: Define the "you", does that actually exist when really dig into it. We could all be replaced by a copy of ourselves with our memories from our past copied to this new daily clone without being able to realize it.  but does that mean Past Ina is INA? :_HUMU::_HUMU: yep braincell hurting Ina getting philosophical lol most cell types rarely get replaced. it's mostly epithelial and blood cells we can LEAVE? humu humu ta-catto? nya~ true, damn that's deep lol Takodachis everywhere:_PAT: old and new, all takodachi :_PAT: A tako is a Tako Still the same braincell takoJAM yeah yeah 

a river is never the same, bc the water that flows through it always changes, yet its still the same river Tako lore :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: 

:_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: :_HUMU::_HUMU::_LEFTGLOW::_LEFTGLOW: :octopus: :_HUMU::_HUMU: we're all takodachi thank you for coming to my ted talk tentacult forever! we are still a cult :_Glasses::_Glasses: The cult :_PAT::_HUMU::_HUMU: same TENTACULT Always staying :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: Humu ( ´-w-)ノ( - ω - ) :_PAT: ONE OF US ONE OF US I GET IT NOW ONE BEEG Takodachi :_KDTD: WHOS LEAVIN :_WWW: :_AAA: :_HHH:  Is the person defined by the parts or the person controlling the body? takos are one!!! :_HUMU: iñau kawai :_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL: WE ARE ONE but who would ever want to leave Ah- :_HUMU::_PAT::_HUMU: :_RIGHTGLOW::_HUMU::_LEFTGLOW: :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: the brain cells never change though Past me is pretty dumb i dont think we can leave the same fluctlight  who's leaving brain cells do get replaced as well, not just glial cells, but even neurons, just not as quickly inaaaaaa:_YAWN::_YAWN::_YAWN::_YAWN: nah im built different  Are the past, current, and future Ina all one in the same?  :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: We are all the Tentacult:_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: The concept of self is an illusion conjured for the collective to work better. The illusion is not dispelled when you switch out parts of the collective Time to leave guys why would we leave :_HUMU: :_HUMU:  One big braincells :_MMT::_MMT::_MMT: takologic Wait what?:_DROOL: :_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL: :_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU: Vsauce has a great video on this called Do chairs exist STOP HIM :_oii: He learned too much :_peek: We could.. but do we want to :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: We can, but why would we X Memories make us who we are. WE ARE ONE WE ARE ONE :_KDTD:  We are TAKO:_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: But why would you want to leave?? Day One Tako here :_tehepero::_tehepero::_tehepero: If you leave you were never a Takodachi in the first place Oh... why would you leave? :_PAT: Ohana means family :_KUSA: we are programmed not to live :_BYE::_BYE: extended away missions but why though? Is Sana an honorary tako too? NO LEAVING Is that a threat? Lol you can TRY No there’s no Exit :_oii::_oii::_oii: ina of the wisdom what is your mountain we still share the one braincell To the void! oh my So we are one brain cell. :_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL: welcome to the hotel takodachi I don t know that,i just a tako .......:_OxO: lmao :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: We're E n s n a r e d :two_hearts::_KDTD: Illusion of Free Choice when takotime ends, takotime begins! there is no leaving the Tentacult we will never leave So no? Illusion of leaving!!! :_KUSA::_KUSA: Always Ina :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA::_OxO::_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: that's an ancient paradox while most of our cells do die and get replaced our nerve cells remain the same until later in life. the exit loops back in :_OxO::_OxO: Ask Magni to leave, but hell turn you into copium so... ah nani what happens when we turn into KDTD :_KDTD: Im to dum dum to got that personal identity may not be as important as psychological continuity no leave. only stay A Loophole... 

:_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: :_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL: lol :grinning_squinting_face: 

LOL  Hello guys ~ [{WAH}] ~ ^ w ^ ~ :sparkling_heart: :purple_heart:  Ina LMAO lmao :_BRAINCELL:  :_WELL::_DONE: :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: omg lmao :_KUSA:  :_BRAINCELL::_KUSA::_KUSA: OOF lol ina... :_KUSA::_KUSA: ohhh! smart! lmaoo is she single time xD :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: :_KUSA: omg lol Genius actually  INA... 1000 IQ Lol, smart mover :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: :_KUSA::_KUSA::_tehepero: :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: ohh genius INAAAAAAA LMAOOO NOO THE BIG BRAIN STRAT story time humu humu Introvert moves big brain move :_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL: LMAO :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: ah..:face_with_tears_of_joy: sick plays INA DA CLUB big brain move :grinning_squinting_face:  :_WELL::_KUSA::_DONE: Actual galaxy brain lmao 5head move :_SMUG::_SMUG::_SMUG: :_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU: :_tehepero:  5D move lol :_tehepero::_tehepero::_tehepero: good plan Ina:_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: ROFLMAO you are so evil  Sasuga Introverted Ina OH NYO :grinning_squinting_face: haha, whoops lol Baller move. just say you don't want to lol Oh no.... anyways :_tehepero::_tehepero: Lol :_tehepero: Ina is 17 they will know now :_KUSA: :_HUMU::_WELL::_DONE::_HUMU::_10Q: SELF REPORT :_404::_404::_404: oh no, whatever will we do.... Oh nyo :_tehepero: 300 IQ plays the ultimate introvert tactic  y Ina using her braincell for mischief But Ina you should go clubbing once big brain strats :_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL: 4D chess Beeeg brain I have done the same thing!!  INA THE SCHEMER the plan :_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL: lmao:_KUSA: Evil Ina :_WWW::_WWW: smort next level social avoidance :_KUSA::_BRAINCELL: :grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face: :_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL::_BRAINCELL: Big brain move right there sasuga Ina lol Ina.. Strats 10/10 Ina sasuga big brain move:_10Q::_HUMU: sasuga priestess:_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: :_BRAINCELL: 

yeah! its short but i really liked it :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_pien::_pien::_pien: 

:clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: B12 LIVES HELL YEAH first BT and now B12 :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: bittersweet ending:_pien: GOOD GAME:clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_WELL::_DONE: Well at least you don't need a CAT CAT CAT CAT stream now... B12 is the SYStem now ?!?! B-12 B12 hinted at being alive! I mean he did say "The BODY" would die :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: :_PAT::_PAT: :_pien: There’s an end credit scene :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: good game :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: No, that wasn't B-12, it was BT :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: just like the helmet in TF2 RIP B robots  a sad and good ending  :smiling_face_with_halo::smiling_face_with_halo::smiling_face_with_halo: Return to nature :_FAUNA: :virtualhug: HE LIVES!!!! B12 LIVES :_pien::_pien::_pien::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Titan Fall 2 and now this Ma heart ma soul :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: they really do do this Very good game! I might replay for 100 percent :washhands::washhands::washhands::washhands::washhands::washhands::_INA::_INA::_INA: :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: BT, B-12 o7 I thought it was gonna be a funny cat game, but it was deeper than I thought it was gonna be And 2B :_PAIN: :_WELL::_DONE::_PAT: :_404::_404::_404: 2B too happy end :_PAIN::_PAIN::_PAIN: :_RIGHTGLOW::_WELL::_PAT::_DONE::_LEFTGLOW::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: B robot curse gg Ina that was pretty good :clapping_hands:  But what about your other cat friends!? playe nier automato for.....reasons then :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q: yeah that was definitely B12 :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: he will live on in our hearts :waving_hand::waving_hand::waving_hand::waving_hand::waving_hand::_pien::_pien: GG :_HUMU::_HUMU: good story :_WELL: :_DONE:  It’s ok he’s living in the meta verse  Thank you for streaming it :_PAT: Game of the Year :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_WELL::_PAT::_DONE: what about cat friends? Nice clear! :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: Cat Game good :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: Such a beautiful game  :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Wait, he's alive? All robots deserved a happy-ending. awww! thats awesome!  each robo name starting with B is cursed Such a great game That's neat lmao MIko helped! :_WELL::_DONE::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT::_WELL::_DONE: but did cat reunite with cat fam I'd love to see the cat reunite with it's family :clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: :_HUMU:aw that's cute B12 SURVIVED IN THE SYSTEM excellent play through Ina! That's a cute detail Baladin nyeeeee stray feels like journey but cats stray is game french :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: LMAO 

Need it to be official rather than a mod My cat being a hero sounds good! :_HUMU::_HUMU: 

character creation but a cat :party_popper::party_popper: maybe customizing in the 2ed game :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: Inya skin when? good inya Mane wtf I just got on the stream :skull: Yeah:purple_heart: not possible, they use 3D scan cat and motion caputer Steam Workshop FTW! It was so good :grinning_cat:inya :_WELL::_DONE: I'm sure they already made a Mufasa mod somewhere. there mods to do that. they released a quite already great game I enjoyed it a lot :_HUMU: W game yes clean game for sure :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: Annapurna Interactive never misses! Maybe some DLC or an update GG o-fish-al :fish: mod will be possible Hmm hmm something starting with D? :_HUMU: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: yeah! people are modding their cats in, it would be nice if they put in some generic skins so people can get close Mod makers were fast with this game  purple cato :_INA: nya A really clean ending :_oyaoya::_PAT::_oyaoya::_PAT::_oyaoya::_PAT::_oyaoya::_PAT::_oyaoya::_PAT::_oyaoya::_PAT::_oyaoya::_PAT::_oyaoya::_PAT: I’m dialga CATS 2?!!?!? good from start to finish :_HUMU::_HUMU: It doesnt need a sequel the Cats! (RIP):_pien: we need a dlc It doesn't really need a sequel There's a modder doing commissions to mod your own cat into the game. Riggs o7 Stray (Dog) 2 creating their own cat would take a whole day CAT NAME !!!! Hey production babies! They got something good here F Oliver would be hard to make good story for sequal why a sequel? Only a matter of time before somebody mods in the cursed CG cats from the movie Cats No need for a sequel tbh Aye it was very clean I wouldnt want any other looking cat  super ina! A sequel with a doggo THE AAA GAME GOT NOTHING ON THIS Yeah yeah :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: does that mean also adding palico weapon to the game? DOG ? :eyes: B12 cameo in a future game maybe play as B12? Pass the torch to another cat RIP Riggs Ivy and Oliver earthquake just a new cat DLC maybe but in the end...the cat we played is...alone again how about stray as a dog?? STRAY 2: UNLEASHED RIP Oliver :_pien: Riggs and Ivy o7 A sequel could cover finding your fmily again But there are so many loose ends b-12 is also a reference to blues 12, studio behind stray next game you're a bird now depression starts to kicks in yh, this ending was good Stray 2 but with dogs :_PAT: Doggos? yeah this kind of game is best standalone agree Right Agreed. sequel to search for your family :_pien: Dog DLC! what about the cat family? nah doesnt' need a sequel B-12 lights up at the end i dont see the point in a sequel tho Humu There's room for more, with the weird eye things and the sentinels :_pien::_pien::_pien: What would a sequel even add? 

:_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q: 

:_BYE::_BYE: scratching all the furniture of the office :_10Q::_10Q: nice grats ina Ooo exciting! otu! :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: :_BYE::_BYE::_BYE: :_10Q::_BYE::_BYE: don't roll too much on the carpets. :_RIGHTGLOW::_WELL::_DONE::_LEFTGLOW: :_OMG: good luck! Congrats on getting the new house Ina!:clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: byee the keys !! Congrat Enjoy the floor for us! :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: okay, bye bye :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_BYE::_BYE::_BYE: bye bye! :_BYE::_BYE: ~ :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: Thank you Ina bye bye :_BYE: NYAH see nya later!! NY:_AAA::_HHH: NYAH :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: take care ina bye Ina, bye chat! :_10Q::_10Q::_BYE::_BYE::_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: nyah ending nya~ Ny:_AAA::_HHH: bye ina :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT::_BYE::_BYE::_BYE: Bye bye Ina :purple_heart: NY:_AAA::_HHH::_PAT: N Y:_AAA::_HHH: nya :_PAT: bye innya ny:_AAA::_HHH: bye bye ina!!! nyaaa :_BYE::_BYE: :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: NY:_AAA: nyah :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_WWW::_AAA::_HHH::_BYE::_BYE::_BYE: :_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: Bye bye! :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_BYE::_BYE::_OMG::_OMG::_KDTD: Bye bye Inyaa~ :_WWW::_AAA::_AAA::_AAA::_HHH: :_WELL::_PAT::_DONE: Do a celebration stream for the new office Thank you Ina bye bye GG inya GG by INa wah 10q Inya~~ Bye bye!! WAH!!! Ty Ina WAH I l mean Nyah またね~:_PAT: NY:_AAA::_AAA::_HHH: Nyah! :_BYE::_BYE::_BYE: Take care Ina and chat!  WAH :_BYE::_BYE: NYA Bye ina bye bye Ina WAH Cya everyone! :waving_hand: Nyah :_BYE::_BYE::_10Q: Goodbye Ina nya bye bye WAH~ NYAH!!