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I :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :_peek::_peek::_peek: 

WAH :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: :_peek::_peek: EN Law :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :_AME::_INA::_FAUNA::_MUMEI: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: Wah  :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: The takos are getting restless tako doko? this will start Ina-moment :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: some say the tako is bouncing to this day :_peek: naur... it cant be.... :_peek: ina doko :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: Surprised there's no Fornite x Vtubers collab yet, or I missed it ina doko 4AM Gang :upside_down_face: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: deff en law ina doko?  Lets gooooooo Fauna, and Ame chat loading :chillwcat: :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :_INA::_AME::_MUMEI::_FAUNA: i like loading tin dun tin dun dun dun dun tin tin dun dun Ina Ina Ina~:_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: Good Morning 아, 출근해야 된다 Hiya Ina :_OxO: :cucumber: Ina is a Fortnite GOD :_Jii::_Jii::_Jii: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: :cucumber::grapes::cucumber::grapes::cucumber::grapes::cucumber::grapes::cucumber::grapes::cucumber::grapes::cucumber::grapes::cucumber::grapes: :sleepy_face: :_pien:Ina doko' :_pien: Ina doko? Wah 

WAH hello Ina omg sasuke and kakashi LOL 

:_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH::_AAA: Naruto looks different mumei doko? Fauna is Sasuke lol hi WAH Wah :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH::_SANA: Hi~ Good, how are you ladies?? :_INA::_AME::_FAUNA::_MUMEI::_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: cover it up :_AME::_INA::_MUMEI::_FAUNA: :_FAUNA::_AME::_INA::_MUMEI: Hello Ina! It’s Naruto :_AME::_INA::_FAUNA::_MUMEI: HI Oh Hi :_MUMEI: Wah  :hydrate::_AME: W A H ? Hi :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH::_PAT::_PAT: WAH! Hi Ina! :purple_heart: oh GOD Lol Smug jug :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH::_AAA::_HHH::_AAA: hi hydrated WOW! A quado of WAH ! O live it >< :red_heart: Hi Ina!:_PAT: Hi Ame!:_PAT: Hi Fauna!:_PAT: Hi Mumei!:_PAT: Mumei better step in here with naruto, but i know she wont WAJ oh boy lmao TYPICAL Sasuke???? :_WWW:E :_AAA:RE :_HHH:YDRATED :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH::_AME::_INA::_FAUNA::_MUMEI: :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH::_INA::_AME::_MUMEI::_FAUNA: WWWAAAHHH :_INA::_AME::_MUMEI::_FAUNA: of course, Naruto skins chug juggggg Lmao Is that sasooki from fortnite!? Let’s go get that number one victory royale :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: da WAAAGH Iz ere bois! wah きたぁ! :_HHH:i Lmao naruto characters lmao :_INA::_FAUNA::_MUMEI::_AME: wait…. Is that… W A H :cookie::_MOGU: :_INA::_AME::_FAUNA::_MUMEI: yooo Ina!!! :purple_heart::_INA::purple_heart::_INA::purple_heart: :_HUMU::_HUMU: We’ll howdy :waving_hand:  .....if this wasnt already bad enough now sasuke... :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: カカシ先生:exclamation_question_mark:︎ :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: :_KUSA:  :_KUSA: :_MUMEI:?? hold your horses Chat :_FAUNA::_MUMEI::_INA::_AME: :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: they're nurutus? Of course lmao chat plss TAKOOOOOSS :_AME::_MUMEI::_FAUNA::_INA: TATATATATAKO! Ina : No friends :_BONK: 

:_AME::_WWW::_INA::_AAA::_FAUNA::_HHH::_MUMEI: :_oii::_oii::_oii::_oii: :_KUSA::_KUSA: 

:_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: oh hi :_KUSA: :_INA::_FAUNA::_MUMEI::_AME: lol :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: ina doesnt wantto be our fortnite friend q.q xD :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: bad tako's WAH ナルトと初期スキンw wah! :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH:! :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_AME::_INA::_FAUNA::_MUMEI: No friends allowed :_BONK: :_INA::_AME::_FAUNA::_MUMEI: :_DROOL: it's not us, Ame. we swear! denied takos :_Jii: What are friends? :_PAIN: bad tako, no cookie :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH::_INA::_AME::_FAUNA::_MUMEI: Imagine a game still using launcher settings W A H Takos :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: WAH WAH WAH Bad takos:_LEFTGLOW::_BONK: Takos:_Jii: friend request off! why Ina, you don't want to be friends? :disappointed_face:  Friends BEGONE! where is the mooms? Cheeky Takos IMMEDIATE friend request. of course lol :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH:TTEBAYO Why do people bother with friend requests, when it's only a bother to them? :_BONK: :_oii::_oii::_oii: And hi Ina. fortnite battle pass every single time:_OxO: got a class of water we just want to be friends with Ina... Hi Ina:purple_heart: good luck guys :red_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart: :frowning_face: lol who chose the emo uchiha  I have the sudden urge to play fortnite again, I wonder why friend request speedrun successful Can't believe people still send friend requests to streamers :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK::_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: Hi Ina Ame Fauna N Mumei Hope You're All Having A Great Day:_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: Bad Takodachis this is so much fun to watch Inaaaaaaaa :_pien::_pien::_pien: 版権は普通に怖いよ… D:_AME:O:_INA:N:_FAUNA:O:_MUMEI: Mfw Ina doesn't wanna be our Fortnite friend :pensive_face: ame is hydrated and ready to wah 10Q 10Q 10Q for the cookies inyaaa :purple_heart::purple_heart: Chotto a minute who did that? :_LEFTGLOW::_BONK: one person out of the 5715 people here sent a request hi ina :_oii: Takodachis, don't do that :_oii: Hi ina chat :_BONK::_BONK: :_BONK: lets goooooo :_INA::_AME::_MUMEI::_FAUNA: :_PAT::_BONK::_BONK: 

GG*2 lol NICE 

grab a seed!!! Go Fauna go!  LMAOOO seed :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: like a real naruto :_HUMU::_HUMU: Plant them kill the sapling Fauna slicing the fruit saplings :_SMUG::_SMUG::_SMUG: Lol what are thoooooooooose Reality seeds the seed? Nice. plant them 1 Person there :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: Rare Saplings gettem Ina!:_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: Fauna practiced the blade Plant the saplings SAO reference? OK INA OK Plant them. Ina snipe:_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: :_WELL::_PAT::_DONE: Roasting Sasuke is always welcome to me:_KUSA::_KUSA: Let's goooooooo Ina those eyes of yours :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::_SMUG::_SMUG::_SMUG: Nice! bruh the snipe Ws gaming! Ina final kill! wooo last kill Noice  ez naisu :_WELL::_DONE: EZ GG Nice! NICE! :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: :_WELL::_DONE:!! #1 victory royall damn! nicee NICE INA izi nice :elbowcough: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: LETS GOOOOOO Nice vicroy WOOOO :_WELL::_DONE::_PAT: #1 nice :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG:  YEAH GG #1 VICTORY ROYAL We got a #1 Victory Royale WIN remember to emote Ina! :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH::_HHH::_AAA::_WWW: wow Ina's aim is great! plant it Nice shooting! let's gooooo #1 victory royale NOICE NICEEEE Goodjob! Winner winner chicken dinner! :_SMUG::_SMUG::_KUSA: 

F*3 f*2 :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: 

lol LMAO Steam sniper :_PAIN::_PAIN::_PAIN: nooo oof NT LOL lol, stream snipers :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: Lmao i can relate to that :_MMT::_MMT::_MMT: yep real :_pien::_pien::_pien: not the real people! That's about how it goes. Bad Takodachi! oh my god they're color coordinated 8 yr olds LMAOOOO F oh no SSnipers! :_oii::_oii::_BONK: And they even danced on you:_PAIN::_PAIN::_PAIN: snipers :_Jii: :_GONEXT::_GONEXT::_GONEXT: killed by children, welcome to the fortnite experience yep they are real Welcome to fortnite Practice Round Must've been the ping OOOOOF :_KUSA::_KUSA: Only losers snipe Real warm up Streak broken :_PAIN: :_KUSA: That was a shirt warm up for sure ooof Oh noo :_MMT::_MMT: Murdered by children  :grinning_squinting_face: :grinning_squinting_face: :grinning_squinting_face:  you just got killed by probably 10 years old child congrats time to get sweaty, gamers short* :_MMT: :_MMT: :_MMT: :_GONEXT:  SEEMS REAL TO ME that was quick LOL:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::face_with_tears_of_joy::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: Warm up #1 :_oii::_oii: they are high level with one low level You did splendid well with a flare gun Ina :_PAT::_PAT: Emoting on anime girls so much Vbucks " must be nice to win by stream sniping " -ame probably :_oii::_oii::_oii:Stream sniped did he just kill our priestess that is not weapon to fight if u want to know XD AMOGUS We all have those matches, specially as new players got sniped by children smurfs how much vbucks did you spend to get this goodf LOOOOSEEEERSSS 5 y/o toxic!! the drip though :_BONK::_BONK: 


Put the priestess down lol :_oii::_oii::_oii: The Princess has been Kidnapped Again... :_OxO::_OxO: oh that's a sniper no doubt lmao LMAOOOOO lol she must be a Takodachi Oof she styled on you :_MMT::_MMT::_MMT: :_KUSA::_KUSA: Taunted... INAAAAAAAAAA :_oii::_oii::_oii::_oii::_oii::_oii: :_PAIN::_PAIN::_PAIN: LOL Takonapped:_PAIN: You got Gangnam'd Its a stream sniper most likely SHE GANGNAM STYLED ON YOU LMAOOOO ame doko? I'm taking her home with me nooooo, they taunted ;( :_KUSA::_PAIN::_PAIN: Pain Tako! they dancin, you are diying an they are dancing Kiwiarms :_oii::_oii::_oii: The audacity lmao theres going to be so many clips on this :_oii::_oii: :_KDTD::_KDTD::_KDTD: she has been takonap u almost had em for a second there you mean takonapping? :grinning_squinting_face: lol. kidnapped the priestess oh the snipers :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: Stream snipers? TAKONAPPING hit em with the gangnam style takonapped Stream snipers I'm literally shaking right now. :_OxO:  :_MMT: How dare you :_PAIN::_PAIN: :_YAWN::_YAWN::_YAWN:The disrespect nooooo is this floor Tako yours? lmfaooo :_pien::_pien::_pien: Inapped:_PAIN: #28! That is punishable by death :_PAIN::_PAIN::_PAIN::_PAIN::_PAIN::_PAIN: They gangnam style on Ina lol Stealing our tako f This dude really danced on Ina?! HOW DARE THEY! sniper fail Aw sht  :_KUSA: GG NT:clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: RIP :_oii::_oii::_oii::_oii::_oii: this dude is so sweaty lmao You got Gangnam Stylyed ina nooooo that's a snipe for sure like a horse with a broken leg kidnapping ur oshi lmaooo priest kidnapper must die NT 

Oh nyo  :_PAIN::_PAIN::_PAIN: oh nyooo :_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: 

:_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: :_DROOL::_tehepero: OH NO :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: :_pien::_pien::_pien: :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: Less edge :_pien: Nooo, the crispyness :_pien: Not Edgy Ninja Boy so sad Lol LMAO oh nyo Sooski edgy ninja boi LOL she was playing on epic?! lol :_PAIN: less crisp you can't say sasuke? ina add mumei as a friend Oh no Sasuke’s sakuga is going down…. Edgy Ninja Boy is always going to make me laugh crispy 1 more! Just download more ram. :grinning_cat: :_GONEXT::_GONEXT::_GONEXT: one more!!! :_OMG:  :_GONEXT::_GONEXT::_GONEXT::_GONEXT: x :_GONEXT::_GONEXT: One more :_KUSA: One more? lesgo lol Ame getting an extension THREE MORE :_KUSA: one more Oh no not the crisp "One more" lmao Low res Sasuke  :_MUMEI::_GONEXT: You can add Mumei as a friend lol 1 more Final Last ww :_KUSA::_KUSA: :_pien::_pien::_pien:one more one more:_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: Suskey one moreeee :_tehepero::_tehepero::_tehepero: add friend one more :_YAWN: 1 more season? Ina is actually the world's best fortnite player One more! CANT END ON A LOSS forntie 1 more game Final last 1 more ONE MORE :red_heart: :_HUMU: :_GONEXT::_PAT: one more! "one more" ten hours later one more take 3  100 more One more for the Towl:_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: One more until tomorrow Go on for a few more with Mumei! 

GG*43 gg*13 :_MMT::_MMT::_MMT: 

lol ina is so cute t.t :_PAT::_PAT: Worth for the content good one Ame :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: oh they won before. a very sweaty team lol GOOD CONTENT WORTH another 2 noo :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: nice try gg :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: so close death by magic wand :_WELL::_DONE: for content lol For the content! :_404: :_WELL::_MMT::_DONE: :_KUSA: GG! :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: so close again  content Rip ina :_KUSA:CONTENT:_KUSA: Lie to! Not bots! :clapping_hands: :_GONEXT::_GONEXT::_GONEXT: Rollercoaster mvp of enemy team :_WELL::_PAT::_DONE: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: the Ame Railway strikes again :grinning_squinting_face: :_PAIN::_PAIN::_PAIN: GG :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: 2nd place to a level 243 GGs GGs!!! :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW:  gg gg! GG! :_KUSA::_KUSA: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: one more? nice tryyy :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: GG:_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: gg!  GG :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_GONEXT: :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q: :_MMT::_MMT::_MMT::_MMT: SAUCE KEK GOT EXECUTED  :washhands::washhands::washhands: :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: ggs thanks for coming back Moom :_INA::_FAUNA::_MUMEI::_AME: HBD Mumei :_PAT: :_oii::_oii::_oii::_oii: GGs :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: you guys are amazing love to bits:_WELL::_MMT::_DONE: GG NT  Ty for fun stream! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: Was fun to watch tonight 

byeeeee thanks for the stream! thank you for the stream! WAH...WEH! =w=)7:purple_heart: fun stream would watch another 

:_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: = w=)7 WA H byebye~~ = w=)7 :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q: :_BYE::_BYE::_10Q: :_LOVE4EVER: :_10Q::_INA::_AME::_FAUNA::_MUMEI::_BYE::_BYE: Good Bye Ina WAH see y'all in the next stream! bye 10Q :_BYE::_BYE::_BYE: WAH! Bye bye Inaa! :_BYE::_BYE: thanks for streaming! :_10Q::_BYE::_BYE: :_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: Thanks for the stream :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: Bye! nice gaming today :_SMUG: :_PAT:  bye :_10Q::_10Q::_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: :_BYE: chat :_SMUG: :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_BYE::_BYE: chug juggers! Thanks for the stream. :_BYE::_BYE::_BYE: Thx for the stream everyone, Bai Bai! WAH!:virtualhug: 10Q for the stream WAH! CYA bybye Wah :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: WAH  bye bye :_YAWN::_YAWN::_YAWN::_YAWN::_YAWN: Stay gold :_LOVE4EVER: :_10Q::_10Q: Ina! It was fun  :_10Q:great stream :_FAUNA::_MUMEI::_AME::_INA: Love you, Ina. Good game with those cosplayers:_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: Take care everyone:_LOVE4EVER: :_10Q::_10Q::_PAT::_PAT: :_10Q::_10Q: had fun watching, take care :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_BYE::_BYE: :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_INA::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_BYE::_BYE::elbowcough: W A H :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_WWW:E:_HHH: =w=)/~ :purple_heart: :_10Q::_BYE::_BYE::_10Q: :_10Q::_PAT: :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_PAT::_PAT::_LOVE4EVER: :_10Q::_10Q::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: wah :_BYE::_BYE::_10Q::_10Q: :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: it was fun, take care everyone:_BYE::_OMG::_DROOL: fun stream! :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: Bye Ina!! WAH!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! take care :_PAT::_PAT: :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT::_BYE::_BYE: