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~:_ameGator:~ ame doko:_ameDed: do ko 

Yo  ame doko boing boing HALO :_ameLighto::_ameHeh::_ameLighto:  :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: :_ameLighto::_ameWut: Hello ame Ameeeee :_ameLighto::_amePray::_ameLighto: ame doko:_ameCry: ame poopin Too distracted eating that cracker  :_ameLighto::_ameYay::_ameLighto: ame doko.... I'm magging while waiting for Ame :_ameLighto::_ameCry::_ameLighto: Ame doko? Ame doko the cookies runnig out stop eatting that ame! Ame doko? :pleading_face: :_ameLighto::_ameDed::_ameLighto: :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameYay: AME DOKOOOOO :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: Ame doko :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: аме доко аме доко Hi hiii hello its simply called a checkerboard cookie hi ame Hi Ame~ :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: :_ameHic1::_ameHic2: :_ameHic1::_ameEEE::_ameYYY::_ameYay::_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE::_ameSalute: !!!!! :_ameYay::_ameHic1::_ameHic2: AME!!!!!!!!! :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHeh: Hello! hellooooooooooooooooo Gidday :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: AME! Hi ame! :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: Helllooo Hi Ame Ame koko! Ame! Hii Ame! hi! Hi Ame! ame Ame is here! :_ameLove: My morbing is cured ame!! Eyyy :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHic2::_ameHic2::_ameHic2::_ameYay: :_ameHic1::_ameHic1::_ameYay: Hi Ame!!! hiiiii Hi Ameee! hiya ame :yellow_heart: :_ameYay: AME ame koko howdy :star_struck::star_struck: sleepy ame Hi A M E :red_heart:  where's the hat? Hello ame  :_ameHic1: :_ameHic2: :_ameHic1: :_ameHic2: :_ameHic1: :_ameHic2:  :_ameLove::_ameHic2: Ring of the Elden 

:_ameHic4::_ameHic4::_ameHic4: or else what? its over there 

or what:_ameHeh: small ants, small potatoes that's the exit apparently I think its further back behind you?  :_ameHeh:  Someone has got to know:3 Shusha Behind u what if i don't ? :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: or what?:_ameHeh: up top on your way back :_ameCool::_ameCool::_ameCool::_ameLove::_ameLove: :_ameUhh::_ameGun2::_ameBee: the cave entrance is somewhere really crazy :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameHeh:no its behind you :_ameUhh: :_ameGator:Ooo :_ameThink: Or what? :_ameHeh: backkk :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: :_ameUhh:noo I think it's around D: noooooo:_ameCry: go up higher Not the pot! yeet the pot GASP :_ameCry: That's the exit. The entrance is hgigher no because I dunno:_ameHeh: you would never :_ameCry: :_ameCry: nooo :_ameUhh::_ameUhh: :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry:noo :_ameCry::_ameCry:nooo :potted_plant::sweat_droplets: Do it. You won't no backseating :slightly_smiling_face: there's a branch that leads to the endtrance go back noooooo [ES] Ame:tiene que haber una entrada diganme o voy a tirar el pot nooo pls:_ameCry: gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg no not the pot! :_ameCry: Yes Please no, take me instead Not the pot:_ameCry: yes you would never See, that's what Henry does no dont do it :_ameCry:  No not the pot:_ameCry: 

close one :_ameHeh: Movie level dodge! :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: 

:_ameUhh: oh this part :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: lmao scary :_ameGator:hahhaha Not the gum drops :pleading_face::crying_face: nice wow it dodged That dodge :_ameClown: he dodge No, it dodged you :_ameRage::_ameRage: It jumped :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: snail dodged. so many snails nice dodge it teleports heal :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: miooon Careful:3 :_ameDed: lmao same snail it dodged Don't worry, she's just playing... you missed with your fat ass :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: the snail dodged Ouch :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: bruhh snail dodged :_ameDed::_ameDed: snail jump :_ameUhh: the snail dodged you snail dodged LMAO they ran The snail dodged he dodged it lmao Oof evasion 100 :_ameHeh: you miss snail dodge lol that snail had moves damn get rekt:_ameRage: Yeah, you should just run through, the end of the cave is worse that's a fast snail OUCJ The ping ! :_ameGator:damage.... the snail jumped lmao that snail is gamin He's not a part of the snail btw :_ameDed: it's tough here, you can do it :red_heart: RIP Run past thos part oof blood lust the snail dodged :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: snail dodge :_ameHeh:  it jumped is that a jedi no it dodged you like a pro what a cunning snail :_ameUhh::_ameDed: i'ev never seen the snail dodge :knocked_out_face::knocked_out_face::knocked_out_face: 

F*5 :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: sneaky snails 

:snail::hammer: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh: :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: :_ameHeh: LMAOOO oof Pain RIP :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameDed: goodbye runes :grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face: NOOOOOOOOO :_ameDed::_ameDed: rip Ame why :_ameDed:  :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: идите нахуй со своим "граунд паунд*" ебнутые :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameEar: LOL :_ameUhh: :_ameAAA::_ameAAA::_ameAAA::_ameAAA::_ameHic1::_ameHic1::_ameHic1::_ameHic1::_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar: RIP runes :_ameDed: missed both :_ameDed: :_ameGator:hahaha lol doggy's revenge :_ameDed: it's ok only 20k+  oh noo :_ameDed:  noooo:_ameCry::_ameCry: nooooooo noooo Ame... :_ameDed: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameEar: :knocked_out_face::knocked_out_face::knocked_out_face: LMAOOOOOO :_ameEar::_ameHeh::_ameEar::_ameAAA::_ameAAA::_ameAAA::_ameAAA::_ameAAA::_ameHic1::_ameHic1::_ameHic1: Bye Rune :_ameSad: :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameEar::_ameEar: nooo ame... omg Gremlin  o7 :_ameAAA::_ameAAA::_ameHic1::_ameHic1::_ameHic1::_ameHic1::_ameHic1::_ameHic1::_ameHic1::_ameHic4::_ameHic4::_ameHic4::_ameHic4::_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar::_ameEar: :_ameEar::_ameUhh::_ameEar: Ame, try ducking into the tall grass :slightly_smiling_face: 舐めプ縛りするからw bow? Can you not summon in there  You're wearing footwear now. :beating_heart: I feel you Ame dont use slam Ame...... dang you Snail!!! try sneaking Noooo LMAO oof :pleading_face: lmao Run past that part Sneak :_ameSad: what a screeth nooooooooo Ghost snail :_ameUhh::_ameEar: noooooooo just run tbh third party not fair nothin to lose now~~ :_ameSad::_ameSad::_ameSad::_ameSad: I love your char-covering hat! >.<) Too many vs 1 :_ameCry::_ameDed: just don't ground pound lmao That snail always dodges, maybe the focus should be on that one lol 

F*6 bowson 2 time why  

also your mimic :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: deds:_ameDed: :_ameDed: double bowson well then. oh wtf man this is rougg Oops  NT CUTE AME time for mimic use bowson .2 Miyazaki! :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: use mimic summon you did so well on the first one mimic is better in this one you did good ame Use the mimic The ol' phase 2 lol Mimic might help with the first guy might have to summon bowson for this fight shtab Pain :_ameUhh::_ameDed::_ameDed: :flexed_biceps::flexed_biceps::flexed_biceps: use bowson 2 maybe You almost had it You got it next time Watson :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: oh noooo I think you can sleep them you didn't know :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy: Don't try to be fair to the game, it won't be fait to you later on :_ameHeh: agree :_ameHeh: :_ameEar::_ameHeh::_ameEar::_ameAAA::_ameAAA::_ameAAA::_ameAAA: Opps it sucks! damn... good try its pretty great [ES] Ame:pense que lo tenia use muchas pociones en la primera batalla, esta dungeon apesta noooo yup lol if it's any consolation there is a far worse version of the foreskin fight later. Morb potions, Morb problems it sucks so hard lol Sleep lol this cave is tough  yeah this cave sucks lol :_ameGator:one more time? do you want the spoiler? sure u heard dat dev Maybe level up a bunch? this is rough :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: you can Its fine for both 1st one you did good :yougotthis: this is one of the hardest dungeons ame cute :_ameHeh: Just use the dooyt You probably don't need that many FP Potions :_ameCry::_ameCry: remove the light sword?  :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameUhh: 

:yougotthis::yougotthis: you have lots of pots this time nice 

She can if you have the right spells lol :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: heal her you can give her meat dumpling :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: i think she cant anymore Double GP :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: you can heal get :_ameCry: they can't heal anymore :_ameHeh: She can. gotta equip meat dumplings Gove her warmstone for healing. Can you heal her with that one spell  :_ameDed: they can if you give them a sacred seal bowson SLAPPED Damn, slapped her out the air dumplings you can heal her GO AME GO :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands:... ?oh? :grinning_squinting_face: :_ameRage: She did lel, past mimic tear was OP :_amePray: :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: Wotsun Can fite? It used to have flasks? Idk if it does now bowson CAN heal if you summon her with the seal out oh my goodness :flushed_face: he can if you use weapons or gears that can heal if you summon her with the magic thing in other hand she might try to cast the heal magic sometimes your spell can heal bowson :_ameSalute:Bowson 2 :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: bowson can heal with meat dumpling he just backhanded bowson :_ameUhh: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: jesus  :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Ame..:_ameHeh: You can heal her with miracles or warmstones. she got nerfed:_ameDed: 

that was brutal They resist holy btw :_ameDed::_ameDed: 

u shud spam doot while bowsons alive Why have you stopped with the doot though? :_ameDed: doot is so much stronger invisible snail in boss room  f fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk:_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: Ooof :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: F doing better each time you got this dang You will get it next time Ame for real. Got blitzed Unlucky that was greedson Got you so close oof equip dumplings Ranged works on the second guy, it seems It is odd that this is giving you so much trouble :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: damn intense anti air attack lol Hiiiiii ame The throws LOL nt nt f damn that was good Go next! nice try, go next  Damn the black flame melted Bowson 2:_ameDed: You did amazing tho almost there why not just keep using the doot He 1 shot you mid air:_ameHeh: [ES] Ame:no ppense que iba a daese vuelta tan rapido y apunalarme en el aire, vamos aconseguirlo lap roxima gp have dmg but too risky:_ameThink: Super fast  :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry:so close lol nobody tell her combo Go Next, Ame! lol ground pound is beated SO CLOSEEEEEE At least it’s not midir  Just doot the last one :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: YES this would be satisfying if you kill that boss Go next Come on Ame you can do it Totally lol Lmao Mission failed Welcome to souls games :> someone tell her about the snail please [ES] Ame:creo que la peor parte es tratar de correr pasando todo sin tomar dano Worst part is the invisible snail in the boss room. good luck Ame! there is an invisible snail in that room that is the worst part :_ameRage: you could have use the doot more ame a swear Awwww yea yeah Yeah :_ameCry: lol That was good battle tho.  you could just spamed the bubble, it was doing good damamge 

:_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: nice LMAO 

good job bowson Bowson is getting smart:_ameZoom: lol Bowson MVP :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: LOL :_ameUhh::_ameUhh: :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: omg omg omg :_amePray: KEK Nice! Got it :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: THE GROUND POUND BOWSON GOO! Big DUMPY #AmeBeliever :_amePray: GO BOWSON HE'S FUCIN MORBIN ground pound Bowson taking the other rounds personally THIS IS THE RUN go ame go! YES YES YES :_ameHeh: you got groundpounded!!! :_ameRage:LETS GOOO this is the run attack smart bowson big ass big range super groundpound:_ameUhh: GROUND POUND Let's go Ame! LETS GOOO bro bro brooooo get em, Watso!:_ameRage::_ameCool: almost there  Its so close you should be a ground pound expert LMAOO almost go ame go SHE'S DOING IT :_amePray:  :_ameRage::_ameRage: go go LETS GOO YOU GOT THIS YOU GOT THIS!! phase three ground....p.. Nice! :_amePray: NICE hes magging Watch out for that dump truck LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOo Ame don't be greedy :_ameUhh: LETS' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO niceee!! Niceee :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: YAAAAAy :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: GO BOWSON GO Nice:_ameYay: yess YESSSSSSSSSSSS YEEEEEEEEEAH WOOOOO LETS GOOOOO :_ameYYY::_ameAAA::_ameYYY::_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: NICE :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Noiceee lets goooooooooooooo yeah! nice ez lets goooooooo LETS GO gg WOOOOOOOOOOOOO IKZZZZ you got this!!! :_ameParty: niiiiceeeeeeee LETS GOOOOOO PHASE 3 NICE! YAY~~~~ YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NICE:_ameYay: Nice GO AME GO congrats Kill Snail :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: YAAAAAAAAAAAA 

:_ameHeh: Bubble Blower do be fun!  bubbles better play how you want 

doot bubbls are cool No, doot doot is coolest This thing is OP, what's the bubble blower's actual name? bubble is rly good vs big enemies like this one cooler with the dooter :_ameGator:Ooo :grinning_face_with_sweat: do it your own way play how you want to bubbles is more unique. more Ame. :trumpet::_ameHeh: I think doot vs roar is fair:3 doot is waaaaaaaaaaaay cooler do it how you want We here to see doot gameplay nah the bubbles are cooler Dont listen to them. Doot is life ameway best way Bubbles are cool:_ameCool: Bubble blower is funny tho bubbles are OP Bubbles actually do good stun damage :_ameRage::_ameRage: bleed proc would be more effective. but not very stylish bubbles are way cooler than smelly katana bubbles too op no doots are way cooler Finish him with ground pound no use the bubbles Hey, as long as it works.:_ameGun1::_ameCool::_ameGun2: forsen mana ame  Doot is way cooler Bubbles do more dmg Bubbles are funny tho nah bubbles cool :_ameGator:ok Oo main character time bubbles are way cooler :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: nah bubbles are the coolest! fp potion ame doot is coolest for sure your mana :_ameHeh: [ES] Ame:ok ,entonces hagamos es esto, voy a hacer el ultimo hit con el groundpound,ahora le pego con la espada DOOT is good though, GP is also fine Classic ground pound ending :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: bubbles is way cooler the bubbles are cooler flak up mana bubbles!!! sword if opening is short, but the bubble is power do it with the GP:_ameHeh: Go your own way Ame :_ameHeh: check your FP nah bubble cool!!! Flask Up 

*2 :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: NICE 

niceeee LETS GOO :_ameParty::_ameParty: Third time's the charm GROUND POUND :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Very nice! LOL yey! less gooo Let's goooooooooooooooooo :_ameParty::_ameParty: :_ameParty: LETS GOOOO:_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: :clapping_hands::_ameHeh: WOOOOOOOO :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameSalute::_ameSalute::_ameSalute: Gg :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_ameParty: :_ameParty:  nice Yay :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: nope classic :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: Ice roar! :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: None can beat the Ground Pound  its in caelid He almost trolled you with that 3rd roar:_ameHeh: Ground Pound:_ameYay: GREAT JOB wooooo third time was the charm I actually cheesed this dragon  :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Dragon powers It's in Caelid Get gpded GROUNDPOUNDED Nice!!!  Get ground pound noob :_ameCool: take 3:_ameHeh: What did i miss Nicee :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE::_ameWWW::_ameAAA::_ameYYY: no yes get rotten breath thas op  see better now? :_ameGun1::_ameClown::_ameGun2: The Classic. The Ol' Reliable GROUND POUND I think not Now the fog is cleared.:_amePray: she beat the game :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Nicely done Ame!!! eyyyyyy now you can buy his frost thing [ES] Ame:queria hacerle el groundpound en su cabeza pero eso funciona :raising_hands: yeah it's in Caelid. Grownd PoindedGG EZ neat Cathredal in Caelid Great Enemy Groundpounded it was quite near head its the island in the sea lvl up time :_ameParty: NOTHING BEATS THE GROUNDPOUND souls you can gp my head instead:_ameHeh: ground pound kek Nothing beats a ground pound good job u got gud nyooooo Now you have to defeat him by ground pounding his head in NG+1 Wait Ame, are you gonna become a dragon? church there no ame :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameYay: okay! Mumei is dead :_ameLove: ok :_ameYYY::_ameEEE: Ok! okay :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Thank you Ame yeah yeah north you can get the map first 

TY*2 Thank you okai 

Thanks for the fun Ame! [ES] Ame:quizas alrededor de esta hora, vamos a ver, voy a tratar de poner la agenda manaana ok :_ameSalute::_ameSalute::_ameSalute: Cool I can watch Ame again in my lunch break ok sounds good :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameYay: elden ring Thank you Ameee Ok! yay :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameLove: more Neon White? :_ameTTT::_ameYYY: thank you good fight :_ameSad:Ame dont leave me no.... sounds good! :_ameLove::_ameLove: take care ame! CUTE GG ame ok whatever its good for you! ogey Good afternoon ame :hand_with_fingers_splayed::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::red_heart::red_heart: :waving_hand:  ty Ok  :_ameLove: :_ameTTT: :_ameYYY:  okay ty ame:_ameCool: ty ame!! great stream ame! yay late night Elden Ring streams are best for me :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: good night ame :red_heart: Thank you for the stream Ame! I love you so much please take your time Take care of your fishy I hope he starts beating saying I love you my oshi BAI BAI Bowsonnnn :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: :_ameTTT::_ameYYY:  [ES] Ame:quizas lo ahga a amt para jugar ER, pero voy a terminar por ahora,siento que fuimos productivos por ahora neon white and elden ring op combo just woke up haha ok ame! Yeah!!!  gg:_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE:! and good night!:_ameLove: I just got here... More Elden Ring sounds great. I love Elden Ring! killed some ants Sounds like a plan! :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: so stream tomorrow? Ame Mean Time Time :_ameHeh: Good job Watson! yes you are:_ameLove: Great job Ame! :_ameHeh: You are near the map. kill 2 tough bosses :_ameParty: Fought a bear Thank you for the stream, Ame~!:_ameLove: We can progress any time lol lol "progress" TY For the stream ame Goodnight Ame! :red_heart::red_heart: rest well:_ameLove: Thanks for the stream Ame :_ameCool: :_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove: thank you Ame for the stream :slightly_smiling_face: We had a good time Thank you AME have a good one You did great, Ame it was fun nonetheless See you tomorrow Ame!:_ameSalute::thanksdoc: Thanks for the stream Ame :yellow_heart: Pogson Yeah thanks for the stream Ame! what a blast! Thanks for the stream Amee! :_ameYay: hic yes :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHic3: killed those mama ants TY  Bye bye ame :_ameYay::_ameYay: made some good progress today thanks for stream you got a cool hat atleast! just how it is sometimes Fun stream Ty take care :_ameYay: That’s okay the fights were cool:_ameHeh: :_ameSalute::_ameSalute::_ameSalute: :_ameTTT::_ameYYY: :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHic3: HIC :_ameHic1: :_ameHic2: :_ameHic3:  killing is what matters alright See Ya! :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: 

:_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameYay: ggs ame! TY for the stream 

TY :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHic3: rust this week?:_ameInspect: Conquered the friendly cave. :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameLove: Ok thx Mostly importantly, you killed a snail! Goodnight Ame and Teamates!! hic Bye bye ame <3 :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :smiling_face_with_hearts::smiling_face_with_hearts::smiling_face_with_hearts::smiling_face_with_hearts::smiling_face_with_hearts: thank you ameee :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameSalute: tyty gg thank you ame Sounds good, take care Ame! :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameYay: thanks for stream Ame~ HIC Sounds good. goodbye Ame! :_ameSalute::_ameSalute::_ameSalute: was fun neon white tomorrow? :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: bye ame thank you! maybe the real story are the bosses we killed along the way Sweet dreams Killing is progress! Bye bye  :_ameHic1::_ameHic2: :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands:  byeeee:_ameSalute: see you tomorrow :red_heart: hope the fish is good Yea, was pretty good grind :virtualhug: Thanks for the fun stream! take care of the fish :_ameZoom: :_ameTTT::_ameYYY: Later Ame! Good Night. ty for the stream Any thing to tease for? Bye byeee Ame:yellow_heart: :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: The snail was behind it all. Good night ameeee :_ameLove: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove: YUUUUP! horror stream? :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: good luck with your work! :_ameLove: thank you for the stream ame 7am Thanks Ameee, good night:_amePray: :_ameYay::_ameYay: :_ameHeh::_ameTTT::_ameHic1: :_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE: now dab on stream bye bye  :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHic3::_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameLighto::_ameYay::_ameGun2: Thank you for the stream!  Congratulations Bowsonnnnn :_ameTOTO::_ameMMM:ORRO:_ameWWW: bye ame! HIC o7 :_ameGator:7 goodnight Ame thanks for streaming Ame:_ameLove: thank u! thanks for the stream :_ameLove: someone send help im sick :c bye Thank you for the stream as always Thanks for the stream Ame! :yellow_heart: bye bye :waving_hand: Thanks ame! thanks! You did great Ame! Thanks again! See you tomorrow, take care:_ameYay: またね :_ameHic3::_ameYYY::_ameAAA: Thanks for the stream!  :_ameTTT::_ameYYY: :_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE: :_ameLove: [ES] Ame: gracias por mirar, quiero jugar neon white y ER,los veo manana bye bye tommorow! ba bye  :_ameSalute::_ameSalute: thank you for the stream ame!! cya :_ameTTT::_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: :_ameSalute: :_ameBee: thanks ame see you tomorrow:_ameSalute: bye ! bye ame o/ byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aaww okay Ame... Thank you Ame! Love ya Cya Ame, Thanks For The Stream Have a good night! Thank you Ame! See ya, Ame Ok :_ameLove: