【THE QUARRY - FINALE】pee pee peanut butter butter pops. (Part 2) | Mori Calliope Ch. hololive-EN



You seem to be snarky and quick witted today Calli Love ya sassy self shes actually the GOAT if you play it right 

She did cause chaos by making two people who don't really like each other make out Emm is wild one love it  okay i don't hate her but i aint going drinking with her :_moriblush::_moriblush: How long till you think she’ll last  Bet she got 20 guys on snap ulong tea has best flavor oolong tea tastes good I like how predictable she can be  I would  her best life could be way better Not irl though she is definetely better than Jacob She sucks mori she is literally venting to her phone in the middle of a dark forest while walking around in a bikini I kinda like watching her, but she ain't my type of friend I like brutal calli I dunno, I feel like I should hate her more, but I don't... Oh right, Jacob, i hope she dies now yeah poor Jacob Chad deserved better :disappointed_face: weren't you just hating on her that's all well and good, but can we please speedrun her:_morimurder: Yeah she's killing Jake here murder her Truth, Calli And doomed all this kids too. lol why we would we do that? He's not even that hairy. We've seen his body. heh No, he jumped into the watter to get the arm for the car. lol LMAO :_happyhat::_happyhat: lmao CARPE THESE DIEM Calli a mean tea fiend  carpe this diem lmao CARPE THIS DEAM Naruhodon't! :_nani::_nani::_nani: outside of the whole breaking the car thing, jacob's great :eye::mouth::eye: it means literally nothing 

:_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: She seems eager to die hmmm I see 

Keep going put them where  Stay FAR away from that fucking trap door. No way anything friendly is up there making noise. YOU CAN EVEN HIDE A WHOLE PHONE IN THERE Lol lol :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: thank god Lady I didn't want what I got whos watching... trapdoor option is....fun :face_with_tongue: Good call Calli pockets for keys! Surprised insta allows those streams  Putting clothes on. Smart move good, other choice is instadeath she's deader than dead Dodged a bullet  good luck dodged a bullet lol At least she'll die in pants is even an adult? are those keys in your bra or you're just happy to see me? :_morimurder::_morimurder::_morimurder: guess i'll die Oohh!! Yo nice Tazer :_calliopog:  no more holo summer :crying_face:  Is clothes the tough choice? oohhh toy Action time :_shock::_shock::_shock: A taser and wet clothes фу, одежда K fun she seems like a bad person Calli tbh  Oh that's great DON'T TAZE ME BRO Oh a stun gun. lets fight some mfs :_calliopog: It's interesting how the writers have the vlog so she can basically talk directly to the player as a member of audience. Aw man clothes Moving up in the world! :_calliopog::_calliopog:TAZER now murder her mori ! :_morimurder: fun? :_morimurder::_morimurder: :_morimurder:zappy zappy probably an alien OH its this Dodged the insta death  Nyet, stun gun how she know there was clothes in the bag before she opened?:_nani: :_confused: :_confused: :_confused: :_confused:  Nice :thumbs_up: :_happymori: heck yes:_morimurder: taser aquired Hell yeah tasers! don't mention them around drunk people. She literally dies if you chose the trapdoor 

Lol :_deadbeats: She looped him! Gura would be proud. 

hitting all them QTE's! Calli being more entertaining than the actual gameplay lmao Oh she's got this You keep pissing it off :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: hello Nice job WOOOOOOOOO :_morimurder::_morimurder::_morimurder: NICE! She got all the tools she needed :_happyhat::_happyhat::_happyhat: there's an open window.... ahahahaha someone said this is going to get so many upvotes:skull: Bear spray is incredibly painful  :_shock: F IKZZZZ noice :_calliopog: Mori Gaming  lol Window is open... I mean it's okay if you fail QTEs there Calli :_morimurder::_morimurder::_morimurder: QTE master, Calliope Mori! Nice OH JEEZ :_calliopog: :_shock::_shock::_shock: Such a casual Picture she's so chill about it LOL Yeah I know right? What about the giant open window? NICE Let's go DAD! Only 1 miss nice haha I mean she's winning LMAO There is literally a window right there isnt that an open window RIGHT by the door? pretty calm LOL :face_with_tears_of_joy::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::face_with_tears_of_joy: Isnt there a window right there? Lycan-ope!!!! I feel like calli is the one they have to run away from in Quarry XD OMG Calm  She reacted quickly Isn't that window easy to get through though lol  She’s used to it emma got her ass in gear she ia an op athelete honestly she's handling very well Lmao Codos to her She managed to earn Luna's respect. why would the thing bang against the door when there's a window she's so chill we gaming bois I'm surprised she hasn't screamed She's real calm all things considered  you're freaking out more than her:upside_down_face: woooooo handling this VERY well 

101 Was that Mickey Mouse  @Vasya Petrow she can edit it if need be 

The Query, half price Pee pee peanut butter  Qwarry :_deadbeats: :_deadbeats: :_deadbeats: the game actually runs way better if you skip the 2k launcher :_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: quarry Lmao QUARRY!?:_nani: Emma is fine. cool art! lol emma MID Quarl :_happyhat::_happyhat::_happyhat: but she sucks hmmmmm WE CAN FIX HER She sucks! Shes trying her best WHAT IF WE’RE THE QUARRY??? We love Emma :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: LOVE EMMA I'm an Emma anti lmao She's so mean to Chad! the launcher is core for playing game nowadays you can tho steamed trying to resell Quarry lmaoooo she just wants to be loved Qwo-ry  hello She's just like you fr "I can fix her"  No nostrils, How? more like shes trying to find her instagram followers EMMA CAN FIND THESE HANDS i can fault her for making that kiss happen tho she'll find herself in a ditch someday She should find herself faster She's pretty alright  Emma SUCKS emma STINKS LMAO can she look for herself somewhere else:_canteloupe: We can lololol. Calli's so understanding Emma is a secret stealth badass LETS GOO lol :face_with_tears_of_joy: find herself dead :skull: She is not-horrible She's just got some growing up to do still, that's all. Changed my name here.  101  She's a bit much though. Emma is mid Are you an Emma once Calli ? daga kotowaru:_canteloupe: we can fox her I have a friend named Emma Emma is annoying but I'll give her one more chance she made an attempt good afternoon calli I guess we really are The Quarry Emma Watson? So many people killed her by now I love Abi, it can't be helped her name is LipZ  EMMA ANTIS OUT launchers:_morimurder: Mori too nice this town needs and emma  True! ig? There are so many people who hate and kill Enna Thatssss life big black Nibba balls hd  I kinda dislike all the characters :grinning_squinting_face: Everyone is just trying to find themselves. It's the human condition. Some people who try to find themselves are no good 

Have confidence  lol "Nice guy"? 

LMAO Too take the gun away and have them all die of course I here girls like Confidence John Cena's powers are starting to affect his surroundings  Abi is like, Jesus Nick, now is the time for seiso He looks dead she's useless :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: spicy what we cant see him so he might as well not see us too John just wanted to help her brush up on her thuganomics what the COME ON LOL wait whT? DUH wtf was that reaction oh boy BRO what?? AYO "I was really hoping to get to second-and-a-half base back there." Oh dear oh my John Cena's Catchphrase works both way Uhhhh Red flag THE THIRST WHAT THE HELL NICK wat wh- :_shock: Ready to say goodbye abby :_canteloupe: are you dumb lol WOAH hello??? Uhhh DAMN LOOOOOL  R U DUMB :_shock:Huh? agressive lol :_shock::_shock::_shock: LMAO WHAT Lesgoooooo ayo?! :eyes: Got that werewolf aggro woah red flag:_shock: the awkward couples X) wow rude Kinda rude ?????? Dude Bro what Spicy :_moriguh: it's morning Don't call her dumb  Lol woah lol what was that Sorry it's the:_RipP::_RipP:talking duh Lmao where did that come from? this guy is a nice guy, huh? duhh Gap moe that was cohn jena, his brother He's wildin' Yeah WTH? LMAO  uhh Hmnm Bro wtf :_moriblush::_shock::_confused: LOL so horny :_nani::_nani::_nani: AYO YABE BLOOD him he snapped He's finished LMAO so weird that was mean out of nowhere Wow, that was bit mean lmao He is going into heat LMFAOOO Nick.... John Cena abides by the ancient rule, “I can’t see you, you can’t see me” dude, not now wtf I guess he's not quite in the mood to play coy lmao he's magging :_shock::_shock: Are you dumb? RUDE Yikes SHEEEESH NICK CHILL OUT DUUD Surely he wont turn right? mood swings ahoy WHOMST:_nani: duuuuh 

:_happyhat::_happyhat::_happyhat: Calli Calli :_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: 

Yeah  Calli Calli :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Im more of a fan of Mori Mori Calli Calli is cute cute! :_happyhat: what about Mori Mori and Ope Ope? :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: We all love calli calli! where c-man c-man?? The fuck is that red glow :_happyhat: I've noticed We like that about you  noice dad I'm not gonna spoil it, but I hope you're ambidextrous, Dylan. Calli Calli Mori Mori What about Mori Mori? :red_heart::red_heart: The tee hee days... they are? :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: we love dad calli Moririn Moririn since when? Calli Calli is best Calli! Dylan is the best character in this game. Aren't we all? ah yes, debut calli And also Daddy Calli Eh, Dylan's relatively easy to keep alive. Always appreciate you being yourself pat that as dylan dylan x ryan ryan :_shock: Calli Lore :astonished_face:  Bears roaming around that's nice to hear Oh yeah, the forced moe... I remember that too. Calli calli is the best :_happyhat::_happyhat::_happyhat::_happyhat: Lmao @Rave Hello there lol Demon Slaying Time! Calli Calli is best Calli  lol :_moriblush::_moriblush: We love you:red_heart::red_heart: :red_heart:  :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: That big Cap lol Mori We love you for it :red_heart: Love you That character development right there Death flags all over That's why I love you so much, the genuineness I think everybody does that Cali moments ruined YOU BLEW IT werewolves said "eff yo feelings" lmao :_shock::_shock::_shock: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: I kinda miss that Calli sometimes Ah lol We like Calli Calli the way she is! Teehee :heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit: there are still hearts to be pryed :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart:  ur seriously gonna finish the entire game this stream Calli Calli best Calli:red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: isn't that just how horror works? :_shock::_shock::_shock::_shock::_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: Calli calli! :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: We like Calli's Callis a lot of people do that when they meet new people :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: the camera I'm glad you managed to open up to us :red_heart: Lol Haha Calli Calli is best calli :foot:FEET:foot: :_happymori::_happymori:you definetly grew comfortable being yourself around us :red_heart::red_heart: Serious time is over! It's werewolf time lmao THANKS SCARY MONSTER :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: the timing f LOL (tee heeing intensifies) Mori Mori for me:skull: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::fire::fire: Feet? Feet? Feet? Feet? Feet? Feet? 

It's the woman from the prologue well that was fap hand thou :grinning_squinting_face:  AHOOOOOOY 

:_shock: That's that girl! Eyepatch? NANI? Dang dylan  Dare? Or old friend? eyepatch lady Oooh! Warrior woman! just a scratch Dylan's the opposite of Magz She changed i think you need to give dylan a hand, calli Why can't any of these locals talk to them! oh? ?!? wait a minute that card does he have superpowers or something?? eyepatch mamma  :_confused::_confused::_confused: The shock made him took it WAY too well. "who's there?" lmao I love Eyepatch ladies A grill? Oh my god she fucking killed somebody! lag All good It's the Boss. All good :ok_hand: She didn't die? Good guy Dylan going first to give them a hand  she knows what she's doing, not a bad idea to go along just replace it with the chainsaw blood and a body So... no one's gonna do anything with that hand? OH NO What is that Dylan!? :_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP: :_shock::_shock: 5 fps calli ? booty oh no it's a body  Oh... dead as hell she's been through some stuff :_shock::_shock::_shock: :_shock: :_shock: :_shock: :_shock: lag mori I can't do this BODY :eyes::sweat_droplets: :fearful_face::fearful_face::fearful_face: oh Who ded? IT'S ADAM SANDLER oof He recognizes that ass Ass? Dylan is somehow still upright uhhhhhhhhhh Someone dieded The Missing Counselor  cheeks oh no :_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: Soup er dead 

he just fell LULW :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: Next time i want cookies grandma 

what lmao he survived so all good He's still naked Having a bad day you know who ELSE was naked good old Jacob Jacob doesn’t know what’s happening  Ahahahaha  still naked Poor Jacob But he forgot how to walk, so that's bad those rocks jump out at ya watch out Ma Man AAAAA such a gumby lolol  No, it's the ASMR ghost again Naked and afraid  jacoooobbb lol um... how is that good? Oh wait I forgot he's still naked JACOBBB Mommy? yes the hag of hackett's quarry? Swarm of ghosts and naked  Jacob went on a trip yay ghosts! :_happynohat: LMAO JAAACOBBBBBBB Ooooooo spooky Jaaacooob My boy Oh no a g-g-dead lady! welp he's dead yup ghosts time to peace out the ghosts might be friendly tho pain Jacob EMMA???? LMAO :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: Yo F that  how's that emma? :_nani: It’s CHAD emma sounds different yeeeeeeessssss oh good the ghosts are back:_shock: lmao Its ghost Emma Wonder if the ghost is hot Lmao  Not gonna lie I just woke up and it’s 2AM and I’m very very scared can I get a hug Miss Cali?  he's a himbo Calli, forgive him oh my .. naked in th woods Lol Jacob is not smart LOL  LMFAOOOO maybe emma has acold Dude's gonna be naked through the entire game She did that when they rp  spoopy ghosts dam Jacob you dumb Wait GHOSTS when did that happen? lol look at this man's cake Why he naked? sounds exactly like her lol Yeah, that literal ghost is Emma Emma suddenly into ASMR maybe? CHAD MOMENT this fool it's kiara finding out you called her flat earlier Maybe Emma is a great VA freaking ghosts? :eyes: maybe Emma screams like that sometimes who knows Emma's iconic Satan voice jacob turn around its not too late HMM CLUELESS that voice is surely emma 

F*4 .... welp 

Oh, nice. Fuck Bear trap can destroy human leg. Definitely more than this what dude:loudly_crying_face: lol That's hurt. OOF :_shock::_shock::_shock: Oof Well, he's alive at least At least he safe. thank you Lance :_canteloupe::_canteloupe: Good ol gramps Yeah, he seems like a friendly guy phew he lived:_happyhat: Thanks old man Thanks Bishop! Sup Calli!! He's better unconscious. oof uh sure he is moaning lol where did the monster go!?!? Old man Crinkle Nice punch Man, Jacob can't catch a break well he's dead...maybe HE MOAN LOAD THO He's not going to be okay. nah that guy kills everyone OLD CRINKLE! He was like fore to his head  Ol' Crinkle Ah thanks for the help man Um.... I don’t think so Goood man on story games is a gud man Grandpa why?! Jacob just keeps getting fucked by those guys Damn, I just come in, all that moan! God! His ankle is BROKEN did calli just started? Nice kidnapper :slightly_smiling_face: sheeeeesh Walk it off :_canteloupe: yatta Old Crinkle how you doin? Yeah, his shin is broken AHHHHHH NO:_shock: I got Gummy Bear flashbacks no I'd rather not. oh poor Jacob i'd rather not imagine, thanks press X to jacob All It's gotta hurt ur foot just comes off lol You lose that foot  That's impossible Saw? He’ll take c a r e of him Tom and Jerry no thank you That was nice of him even bears cant to that LOL Yeah great way to lose a foot nah i'm good i'd rather not lol YOU DON'T i don't want to imagine that it hurts I rather not You gotta believe dead by daylight Its possible rather die ngl I don't wanna imagine it Calli... works on cartoons gnawing off your leg (quiet, quiet) it worked for Dylan You'd rip off your foot. Baki universe It would tear your foot up fierce FFS JACOB, you literally looked around, saw the beartraps, and IMMEDIATELY decided to walk backwards instead of watching your step?? marvel there u go bears don't have hands so  

ok confirmation hacketts kids are werewolves Mr. H's daughter?:_cryingmori: FeelsBadMan 

Mr Hackett's daughter? Plot twist! oh nyo Just press the springs and it pops open  traps hurt even no thooted traps very common trope So long as we save Branda Song LOL OH NO the one hackett you cant say true lol That's Hollywood for ya actual bear traps are huge creeeeeeeeeeeeepy Kinky. oh no :_shock: Based YA BE creepy oh nooooo Faq oh fuck OH NO:_shock: that dead girl is a foreshadowing Hey, uh, Nick? What exactly is your uh.... deal right now? eyo Nick Chill wtf OH MY .. Nick.... ??? nick oh noes ooooooooh dang uh oh Ayooo oh naw Red flag  CREEPER ALERT He's finished save* nick? oh goodness  not the time lmao BONK HIM! Nick what the fuck TASTY  :_shock::_shock::_shock: True.... nick wtaf It's not the time Bear Traps were not made to capture Bears, they were made by a man named Bear down bad the faq? he horny Yyyyyyup. Paws That's creepy well, more drama for bear traps to work on man~ It wouldn't ne that difficult to do if it didn't hurt like fucking hell WeirdChamp Twilight moment aye what NICK NO Mogu mogu  those things are illegal for a reason Oh no Uh oh ya be put him down Nick is fucked, run gross Aren't bear traps like super illegal? Ruh roh OH GOD OH GOD Oh boy :triangular_flag::triangular_flag::triangular_flag::triangular_flag::triangular_flag: flirting? that creepy  uhm He's going to eat her Oh nyo :_nani: the oolong got to him damn :_confused::_confused::_confused: Always tell people to stop hugging. :_morimurder: Uhhhhh :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Uhhhhhhhhh HE'S GOIN TO BITE..OH NYOO get a room oh boy dinner time HE HOORNY? Yum OH GOD BITTEN oh his gonna fuck abi He going zombie Uh Oh Oh no  he's magging GROSS time to shoot Nick:_morimurder::_morimurder::_morimurder: team jacob:_canteloupe: Oya? heeeee's turning idk if id say these people are being helpful to your crew. i mean they ant trying to kill you but they sure is being assholes about it:_uhh: RED FLAGGGGG LMAOOO o-okay ayo?? :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: Oh boy, Nick is going a little insane :_shock: WHAT THE HELL? 

He's not dead yet :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: :_glasses::_glasses::_glasses: 

Lmao that's not how characters work They gonna put him down and then it will be but you played as him heeey calli, liking the game? she talkin about Kayley it is lol lady just wanted to do a job :grinning_squinting_face:  Definitely is he's just a furry now, not dead yet wouldn't that be a charcter death though? Is that deaths professional opinion? I believe so yea, no body right? jsut a different life Venom Snake lost one won another :_shock::_shock::_shock: Oh yeah, this was definitely acted out by humans definitely mocaped  pretty sure ye okie pretty sure she meant the dead girl Ogey :_washhands::_washhands::_washhands: Have fun :_sleeby: hehehe Bloody... oki!! Definitely seems like mocap to me Hello Ryan ogey:_happyhat: :_washhands::_washhands: damn that's ... quite the close up Everyone you killed is an NPC WHY KK cool Aight aight Lol dude kinda needs a wash :eyes: Cool as long as we save that ship and his face, please LOOOL Heh. thanks dad Aight Calli LMAOOOOOOO ok :_washhands: Right into his eyes lovely Bloody Awesome OH GOD :_shock: OH GOD NO PLEASE DON'T LEAVE US LIKE THIS :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: Yaaaay??? Stare at the blood Palm spaghetti i look fabulois why Oh that's nice.:_uhh: wash them hands charming Seiso but I don't wanna Nooo lol he got painted :eye::eye: :_cryingmori: :_morimurder::_morimurder::_morimurder: :_uhh: yay tinkle time heh :smirking_face::smirking_face::smirking_face: :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: Ohhhww spoowkie sure why not I think she’s referring to Kaylee not Nick Okie dokie okey :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::yougotthis: just poped in oh my ogey!~ nice Ok eeew tomato sauce  Okay Ok  sspooooooopy cute face Take your time Calli alright we'll chill here 

:tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: i like tomatoes 

:_washhands::_washhands::_washhands: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato: :_glowpurple::_uhh::_glowred: :tomato::cucumber::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: tomato :peanuts::butter::popcorn::peanuts::butter::popcorn::peanuts::butter::popcorn: :potato::potato::potato::potato::potato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :french_fries::french_fries::french_fries::french_fries::french_fries::french_fries::french_fries::french_fries::french_fries::french_fries::french_fries::french_fries: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :peanuts: :peanuts: :peanuts: :peanuts: :peanuts: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: Bloody face :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: Calli gaming from under the table :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato:TOMATO FESTIVAL!!!  :tomato::_washhands::tomato::_washhands::tomato::_washhands: :banana: :cucumber: :tomato: :chestnut: :carrot: :red_apple: :tomato::tomato:Just tomato sauce What are the hands oing STOP THROWING TOMATOS AT HIM I think his nose is bleeding :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon: peneat???? :cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat: :carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot::carrot:  :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::_washhands::tomato::_washhands::tomato::_washhands::tomato::_washhands: :eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::_calliopog: :potato::potato::potato::potato: :butter: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::cucumber::tomato::cucumber::tomato::cucumber::tomato::cucumber::tomato::cucumber::tomato::cucumber: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: :peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts: :canned_food::canned_food::canned_food::canned_food::canned_food::canned_food::canned_food::canned_food: :water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave: :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper: COMMENT LOL :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: :cucumber::ear_of_corn::garlic::roasted_sweet_potato::bread: (╯°□°)╯︵┻┻ He’s just standing there….MENACINGLY  :tomato::tomato::tomato::red_apple::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :cucumber: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :peanuts: :peanuts: :peanuts: :peanuts: :peanuts: :peanuts: Hey buddy, I think you got some buffalo sauce left on ya :tomato::_washhands: :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana: 

:_washhands::_washhands::_washhands: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: I leave and he got blood on him now 

:tomato::fox::tomato::fox::tomato::tomato::fox::tomato::fox::tomato::fox::tomato::fox::tomato::fox::tomato::fox: :peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::_washhands::_washhands: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :strawberry::strawberry::strawberry::strawberry::strawberry::strawberry: Bro, he's face is too tomatoed noice skin Care :blueberries::blueberries::blueberries::blueberries::blueberries: True my man needs to go easy on the Tomato next time  Ryan covered in tomato juice :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: :water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave: AHHH HANDS :tomato::_washhands::tomato::_washhands::tomato::_washhands: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: so what's up with the tomatoes? what'd I miss? :strawberry::strawberry::strawberry::strawberry::strawberry: He blinks so much  :tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut::doughnut: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: what happend,where is caill :eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant: :tomato::red_heart::tomato::red_heart::tomato::red_heart::tomato: :peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts:  :_washhands: :_washhands: :_washhands: :pretzel::pretzel::pretzel::pretzel::pretzel::pretzel: :red_apple::red_apple::red_apple::red_apple::red_apple::red_apple::red_apple::red_apple: :strawberry::strawberry::strawberry::strawberry::strawberry::strawberry::strawberry: :_washhands:C'mon Ryan, let's wash up :peanuts::butter::popcorn::peanuts::butter::popcorn::peanuts::butter::popcorn: Y’all need some fried chicken :poultry_leg:  :_nani::_nani::_nani: :melon::melon::melon::melon::melon::melon::melon: :grapes::grapes::grapes::grapes::grapes::grapes::grapes::grapes::grapes::grapes::grapes::grapes: M A X I M U M T O M A T O  :fox::fox::fox::fox::fox::fox::fox: :_washhands::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::_washhands::tomato::_washhands::tomato::_washhands::tomato::_washhands: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant: :peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts: :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::tomato: Dad you forgot your hands lol :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :hot_dog::hot_dog::hot_dog::hot_dog::hot_dog::hot_dog::hot_dog::hot_dog: BLOOOODDD :water_pistol::water_pistol::water_pistol::water_pistol::water_pistol::water_pistol::water_pistol::water_pistol::water_pistol::water_pistol: :cucumber::tomato::cucumber::tomato::cucumber::tomato::tomato::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber:  :rock::rock::rock:? :potato::potato::potato::potato: :fox::fox::fox::fox::fox::fox: Woah that's a lot of tomato juice on his face bro おとさんどこ thats a lot of ketchup tomato war :tomato: He doesn't know how to use a ketchup bottle oh no :tomato::peanuts::tomato::peanuts::tomato::peanuts::tomato: ryan are you single :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper: Man slipped when making his pasta  he's just there, judging me :tomato:^:tomato: Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy 

That's fine welcome back nice 

:_drunkmori::_drunkmori::_drunkmori: welcome back!! Ah, that sounds nice Welcome back :_happyhat::_happyhat::_happyhat: Oh nice! oolong cha is da best enjoy your food When you make out with chef boyardee :weary_face: scatter senbonzakura kageyoshi Welcome back:_happymori::_happymori::_happymori: All good! :_happynohat::_happynohat: udon cha? OHhh :_deadbeats: what kind of fruits were you eating Welcome back! :_happyhat: Nice, glad u have a nice snack :_happyhat::_happyhat: lol Eww, he's got blood on his lips. :_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh: トマトケチャップ(´・ω・`) Oh Nice f that, cold tastes better I love iced tea tomato is a fruit CLASSIC RYAN RYAN :tomato::tomato::tomato: LMAO Hi calli! こんにちは it's hot AF I know what you mean Nice and ice cold  It's too damn hot! I agree lol :_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh: Sounds nice :_happyhat: :_happymori::_happymori::_happymori: yes ice cold is good scalding hot for full effect nicuuu Ryan may love tomato it's summer time, we need all the cold drinks we can get :_happynohat: :_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh::_moriguh: japan summer is super brutal so yea  yo what is this game :video_game: welcome back dude :cheese_wedge: Nope the ice is nice to chew too, but I guess that isn't an option for streaming I love hot tea during summer time nah i'll drink hot coffee and tea even in the heat of summer Yeah, it's so damn hot I'm undervolting my GPU We need nice cold drinks in this heat :grimacing_face::grimacing_face::grimacing_face: Ryan you've got red on you DYLAN'S BLOOD Nick was made of Tomatos?  That sounds like coping, why drink toom temperature drinks? Calli's a member of Peek-A-Boo? Oolong Tea is...well, that drink, right? At least it didn't get in his mouth bro eats spaget like a beast 

They opened up something that let out the monster how many of those do they have? Must be a lot, since many choice combos can actually grab that rotor and get up the water  

Yeeeee Lmao girlboss Heck yeah BOOM BOOM HELL YEAH yesssss:_morimurder::_morimurder::_morimurder: Oh, that's what happened there?! I had no idea, sick! Wooooooo what a savage thanks Jacob, you RUINED EVERYTHING :_big::_moriguh: oh nice nice Man haven't watched a game like this since LoU2, what's it about? That was pretty sick AYYYY Yep lol good choice Emma is such a badass though  ohhhhh YEAH hell yeah NICE :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: WOOOOO in ya face!!, @Amaru Hernandez this just shows how Calli's decisions led us to certain points and events in the game Nice! :yougotthis::yougotthis: That was cool hell yea Nice save Boom boom LOL WOOOO wow :_morimurder::_morimurder::_morimurder: :_calliopog: lol BABY I'M A FIREEEEWORK :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_happyhat::_happyhat::_happyhat: There was indeed fireworks on the wolf's face ohhh nice POG slayyyy Niceee :_deadbeats::_deadbeats: WINNING :_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: and it was rad af Nice :_morimurder: Just as planned right HECK YEAH Wooo Nailed it Oh neat :_big::_ups: If you hadn’t she would have been bit HELL YEA ayyyy she winning glad I made it in time for the stream LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO woooo 

Fix that man It's a Quarry mistery! clever 

It's because he's made of spaghetti secretly he MAGGIN Spoiler: the sheriff wants to date laura Max and Goofy go on a road trip to bond as father and son the cop is secretly Dynal they all turn into Shrek ayee that a good one lmao Mike HOCK of course he's not a werewolf, he's a vampire mike HAWK?! LAMO Sheriff Mike Hunt The mystery deepens Hawk? Max... Shrek told him to do it no gaslighting gaslighting Mike Hunt!!!! he felt like it lol MIKE WHO CALLI :_canteloupe: That keep getting themselves killed because they can't read Max, do you know ANYTHING? I mean lore wise Calli, werewolves are only active during full moons? idk these games move around their lore alot Theres going to be more bear traps probably :_canteloupe:  what?! the jail is a spaghetti omg max seriously?  sherrif hawk Mike Roch man really kept his sense of humor I'm totally guessing. Lmao lmao Mike Honey? He Bit Him And Turned Him Into A Human He's santa heyyy Calliii he's actually a mermaid I've never played the game, so I just guess haha Noone died yet Nah, This is Chris Harbinger  Yes we do fake spoilers Squidward saves the day soon the owl was the worst part Shrek is the camp leader Can't believe John Cena was behind everything EVERYONE LIVES, NICKNCOMES BACK shrek is the game LMAOOO Do they know?:_canteloupe: plot twist they live It's true 

Foilers Max is an alien YEAHHH!!!  

yes idk what the fak is going to happen Yeah like how Dumbledore dies Goku shows up and saves the day if you believed us that's on you dude:_canteloupe: Sheriff is a lost Dad that is way he care more man that guys dumber than a brick the end of the game is when the giant mecha shows up lol Max got un-magged bc Vegeta saved him Hacket killed Dumbledore!!!! Max dies when Thanos snaps his fingers at the end of Avengers: Infinity War Yo Calli They're actually vampires  Fake spoilers are ruckus. omg Calli you are killer!!!!!!!! :grinning_squinting_face:  This is a top secret furry convention, no witnesses Or we're good guessers you haven't even run into the aliens yet LOL laura is imposter spoiler he magged it's was shrek Max is actually a super saiyan. The sheriff is actually a werewolf Not actually werewolves its wendigos Thanos dies Can't believe this is the sequel to Click It's not a perfect system, but it works.:_happynohat: Shrek comes and breaks them out calli :_sweg::_sweg: Mr Hacket is really a weremoose! we trick ourselves he was gonna help his brother with the camp but he couldn't hack it :eyes: LMAO max is actually max goof what a ring! Candy makes them not wolfs Shrek gonna come any minute now Can’t wait for Godzilla to save the day Aliens come in the end. what do you mean fake?! THAT'S NOT YAGOO?! :_shock: Uhhh Sheriff is a Furry! It’s thanos Sherriff Deez  He's actually Shrek Pretty much. spoiler mike hunt dies soon kidnapping?!! Sounds like the freshest spoilers He's actually a vampire and hates the werewolves Lol He's an alien preparing werewolves for an army to take over the moon. calli die at the end batman kills a man in this game wat This guy would have never pass his chemistry if he didn't cheat Love triangles are good stories a real m night totally real spoiler: the sheriff is a wendigo from until dawn Cop is really her father! it ends with a lovely cake Wha-? Oh dude I can't believe it, Eminem. Fake spoilers, Nick becomes the wolf king  Yeah like who would of thought it was aliens the entire time. That was wild Sheriff Ligma i'm still convinced it's bears  yeah you haven't even fought the coven of vampires yet : ) he dies of dysentery on the Oregon trail this is a prequel to dark souls chat doesn't know that's it all aliens You are ALL WRONG! It's obviously Shrek Magging in the woods. He's actually Ben Dover His name's Mike Hawk he's your step uncle dad If a valley girl was in danger like this would she still talk like a valley girl? stop exposing us dad yea fake spoilers aer a thing here Lemme guess..... this is Friday the 13th meets Texas Chainsaw?  It's a Camp Counselor kidnapping ring. The werewolf stuff is just a smokescreen we spoil that laura covers her eye to cosplay as mike wazowski  Mike Hockertz. its not werewolfs its actaully just furries  a detective walks in and kills all of them true, they are all furrys adam sandlar is behind all of this, its revenge for not having waterboy 2 Max is Now A Were wolf Wer Human Yeah Shadow the hedgehog is the true hero of this story  I loved the part where Sheriff Hackett says "I'm hackin' out!" 

but he does have a JAIL IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WOODS the sherif is Captain Jack Sparrow awooo 

No he's actually Chris Redfield believe me its all the fault of those Aliens The end of the moive, Nope involves a tasteful Cultural joke coming out of the Saucer :_happymori: (trust) Maybe everyone is a furry "experience" He's not like all the other kidnappers :nail_polish: "I am one" :buffering::buffering::buffering: mass misinformation to conceal the tidbits of real information. Nice She's a professional kidnapper herself oh no, she's a kidnapper! Laura is secretly a kidnapper!:_shock: lol What's a typical kidnapper?? she's a hackett :grinning_cat: bane gonna break someone's back later  He knows something The wolf is just a stand oh my Jason borne, it's God. man, cant wait for Edward from twillight to appear it's actually a gameshow!  He wants to write his version of twilight from their experience He's Leon Kennedy he's a creeper which explode the moment he see a magged  Sherriff Ligma, Friends of Dr. Ligma. Alright, I'm getting kinda tired, so I think I'm gonna get some sleep and VOD the rest of this one That's true Then we'll believe in fairytale! on nyo i missed 2 hours  ngl I think this man's actual name is hatchet I used to kidnap alot of people, but enough of that... :_confused::_shock: hmm... the final boss is a 1v1 against Malenia, Blade of Miquella Max was already a Wolf, now he's a werehuman 

each time before the guy transforms just use the drug to keep him asleep   Probably so 

I think he feels bad I'mma just sit next to the bars with myu back towards the prisoner He did tell her to stay back Yeah you can't be a surgeon if you have one eye. huh And also the reason you'll never be able to become a veterinarian TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE uhh right wat no :_nani::_nani::_nani: No, it makes sense LMAO well, you know you know? wtf lmao wtf lol ???? LOL :_confused: you know?n:_confused: you know... ??? You know wth what lol LMAOOO what? people die if they are killed Wtf WHAT ya know? You know  What logical +100 lol hahahaha nah its Laura's fault for getting close to Max You know? I know :_confused::_confused:wat? Wtf does that mean Kobe Bryant??? :_nani: he prob does but not good at expressing BASED trueeeee based I think he has had a little too much to drink :_nani::_nani: he could bother explaining at least a little you know? :_confused: make sense Meaning there's soemthing deeper Y' know Drunnnk She knows part of it, but not all of it and is making the wrong conclusions :_uhh::_uhh::_uhh: Hacket can't communicate :grinning_squinting_face:  Yu know? Naruhudo nice nothing you just said Is this a philosophy course? what HUH? WAT? is that a zen thing? :_nani: Based. ことば が きたない You know the Pepeloni Sir put the whiskey down :_confused::_confused::_confused: no I don't know :face_with_tears_of_joy: lmao based on what Based on what? 

:tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag: words that kill 

:tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :_washhands::_washhands::_washhands: Tako’s this is deadbeat territory :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato::spaghetti::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag: The attack of the blue supers starts now  :_nani: :avocado::avocado::avocado::avocado::avocado::avocado::avocado::avocado: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :_washhands:Scrub a dub :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: oh heck na girl majima on calli's stream?! TOE MAH TOE :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: What happened  :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :water_wave::water_wave::water_wave::water_wave: she needs help seeing :eye::eye::eye::eye::eye::eye: The tomatoes isnt even funny >.> :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull: ... :anatomical_heart::anatomical_heart::anatomical_heart::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::anatomical_heart::tomato::anatomical_heart::tomato::anatomical_heart: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant::eggplant: :bell_pepper::bell_pepper::bell_pepper::bell_pepper::bell_pepper::bell_pepper: :pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag::pirate_flag: Pretty Laura pretty pretty Laura  :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: 

they can't cross water she said she dropped him off here before sundown LOL 

she left him on the island he's on the island it's an island Max was bit in the beginning  :virtualhug: How can you tell who's who though?:_confused: CQC maybe wolves have different designs the other wolfs cant get on the island Oh she gon die Could be Sniper Wolf It's an island, and she left Max on that island, in the treehouse. She can recognize them buns. she left him there :_shock::_shock::_shock: Now kiss they can't cross water. lol oh no island surrounded by water hes the only wolf on the island :_moriguh::_moriguh: cause she left him on the island lol furcom 2022 duh :shelterin: it's Axel more importantly-- how is she HANDLING him so well? I was expecting her to be smarter LMAO because she left him on that island Calli: By the power of narrative convenience. she assumed it was just chris and max Furry? random furry has appeared :_shock: Could be Axel! That was funny theyre on an island remember they can't cross water so it has to be max it's on the island and they cannot swim! It's the island She locked him in their Did she just lose her shotgun? he said hell she can see it in her smile She left Max on the island Ay what? Her love lets her see With her left eye its the accent because he's in water jail\ She sees it in her left eye  It’s in the walk It could be any furry female intuition Ruuuuun :face_screaming_in_fear: she knows his smell maybe Furry alerts  Max and Laura were on the island and wolves can’t swim its called feeling~ they all look different based on who they are These wolves are weak AF. can't cross the water he is the only one there "i know those tattered pants!" What fur...? He was the only one on the island she ditched him there oh no it's just your average DeviantArt user! She said he dropped him off on the island before aundown The wolves cant cross water and hes on an island she could smell him she left him alone in the island  his personality 

Oh no:_shock: the only one on the island is max She can tell by the clap 

She's IDing him from his ding dong she didnt shoot chris, she thinks she did They killed the wrong person yea thats the plan that's the theory  that's the theory So she shot the wrong person She shot the wrong person She said she dropped Max off before sundown its in the eyes she didn't shoot chris With Silver But she didn't shoot Chris so Hi on a full moon? what about Ian though Hi dad he is the only one there Something like that disinfected Kill the first ever werewolf maybe she killed the wrong one:_shock: she can sme only max i the island Hold up that's discrimination guess :slightly_smiling_face: Right... max wasn't changed by Chris... its reverse  because it's on the island. Can't swim which is how she killed the wrong wolf they're connected Oh nyo so does it disinfect the whole chain of them or just the most recent victim? I assumed it was the progenitor  row row row your boat, aggressively down the stream... more vocals! smoll pp Wow I can't believe you think they all look alike Calli. He’s the only one trapped on the island she can smell it on him Vocals! Calli agin, by the power of narrative convenience. by the clothes that don't rip? he was the only one on the island the only person in the island is Max Its that Australian accent It must be Axel they didnt shoot chris did she kill the wrong furry? What's with the music?? Calli you can’t say that! Ofc there’s gonna be vocals  She has to remember the basics of CQC! she knows, she can tell with her one good eye They shot his DAUGHER 

ITS LIKE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED can we break the chain is the question:_confused: I feel like there's a giga alpha woof out there or something 

We have to break the stone mask Trickle-down un-werewolfing. there'll turn to Shrek Yea, if Max is cured and then she's fucked cuz he's never a werewolf during the full moon Depends on if its a curse, or a disease i guess? her eyes leak pee Break the main curse, all curses go away She's not a werewolf, she's Wolverine! she's gonna use her yellow eyes to sjhoot lasers the one who bite them is morby she's just becoming a sith lord YOU HAVE TO KILL THE MOON It seems like it'll chain It's like a big virus that control the other ? You need to do the Perfect Cast to win They all have a birthday party and get drunk They have to kill Santa They're actually vampires!!!! Nanomachines will fix everything Name drop :_happymori: If you blow up the moon, it should be fine Hey maybe it'll be fine:_confused::_confused::_confused: there's vampires at the end You hug the wolf and you are cured Your guess is as good as ours.:_confused: she eats rats a query of the quarry its not that complicated  destroy the moon, it's the only solution Bruce Wayne is Batman :_shock:  you gotta kill the moon calli smh spoilers it becomes bloodborne The only way to cure all the werewolves is to kiss John Cena.:_moriblush: big spoiler, she lies lemondae pretty sure your first theory about blowing up the moon is what happens you have to defeat dracula to end the curse she will find a game stop gift card in the next room they are not werewolf, they bampire Vampire Rules really I like food The teens get into a dance battle with the wolves He starts playing basketball after turning underworld was kill the elder and they're all fine tbb The hacketts were actaully aliens Spoiler, only a Dracula can kill a Wolfman. need to kill santa to fix them all oh, didn't realise that you figured anything! dylan becomes a 7 foot beast Haii haii mori!! Chris lives in all endings kill the purple werewolf Shrek, we gotta kill Shrek the quarry was a query all along' you need to use a wooden stake Chris is actually Chris Redfield undercover to kill all the werewolves It was all them meddling kids and their dog  Everyone dies, regardless of the choices you make, everyone dies all of the mags are cured when Jotaro beats up the moon Shooting hackett actually turns you into a vampire instead Max is a takodachi you eventually find oit Good night Calli and deadbeats Deploy the fake spoilers Laura eats Max :_confused::_confused::_confused: she's gonna do establish Diamond Dogs they all just need some milk Oh um, Paul's father is Father Crimbo and he's been behind all of the morbpyres. bears are whack  Dio shows up  They get cured by eating WcDonalds Spoilers: she gets two eyepatches later like Patrick in that one episode  Spoiler alert: Shrek is a first werewolf It turns out they all actually get in a truck and drive to a Wendy's the original werewolf was an ancient martian They’re not actually werewolves they’re vampires Gotta isolate those teens aomehow it's like a pyramid scheme I think the blow up the moon was a good idea she goes back to highschool and plays basketball, teen she wolf 

WOAH:_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: his bullets country parenting 

:_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP: Damn grandma their talking about the silver bullet that she took DAMN what did he even do? if he had just EXPLAINED from the BEGINNING The silver bullets from the jail come on ma' Dang Lmao :_cryingmori::_cryingmori: Fight LOL family miscommunication lmao They took the silver bullets he had made and used them to shoot Kaylee I guess Jesus Christ, lady. Language grandma cmon  Calm down mom YO CHILL DAYUM GRANDMA This beach Least favorite son DAMN GRANNY we are werewolves, not swearwolves! :_shock::_shock::_shock: she wanted daughters not sons :_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: Gramma pissed Yo calm down granny mentally unstable WOAH WOAH WOAH LADY @Me_Broke abi's alive めちゃ怒ってる he got her ded Calm down granny Okay grangran, no need to curse son on the beach Ive missed alot but didnt she loose her eye mother of the year This has strong The Room vibes. lol He's saying they stole his gun with silver bullets to kill her OOF it was a "just in case" boolet fuck that lady sheeesh his silver bullets She mad cuz Laura took T-Money silver bullet woah too toxic Laura took the silver bullets from travis shheeeesh ma aint taking none of it  :crying_face: I mean he outed the family secret and used his weapon to kill the daughter he deserves it grandma seems nice :_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_RipHeart: ummmmmmmmmmmm They took his silver bullet puzzle time !4 Mori? Of course her grand daughter would be more important. jesus get him out of there! LMAO based calli you better protect t money Haha, well some parents do talk to their kids like that, it’s sad math time puzzle time ngl me and my mom curse like that remember the number Grandma thats not helping :_cryingmori: Woah calm down granny OH COOL Team Ryan 

o7*2 THE OUR HOUSE HAS A CARD GET THAT IT SHOWS HOW IT ALL STARTED pop pop pop em in your mouth 

He means well, he's just not very smart So the only one that actually died was Jacob  It takes a big reaper to admit she is wrong. rip butter pops bye Jacob he was not. rip jacob face rip jacob, he liked snacks :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear: RIP Jacob i clapped when jacob died :peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts: we'll sing it at your funeral And werewolves are deadlier than zombies. His death came out of nowhere he did trapped everyone here Rip Jacob If nick lives he has to live with killing Jacob lol DUMB BUT LOVABLE, WE'LL MISS YOU ouch\ Wait, you couldn't go back and save him? its his fault that theyre all here in the first place o7 Jacob OH NO RYAN D: aw.. yeaw.. godness pop pop popped in wolfy's mouth X) i mean out of the rest of them, probably the more likeable one lol Jacob peanut popped for sure yabe jacob became what he always loved Was it because the wrong levers were pulled that Jacob died? @Fireholder It is indeed Even though he messed up the van.:_uhh: rip :_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: bye jacob  oh nyo well technically you kill him how...was that....run Decent? He stranded you all here for one more night with the girl who dumped him lol Ryan is not doing too good. You gonna visit him soon Calli? oh...... u killed jacob :pouting_face: CENA STILL WALKING :grinning_squinting_face: This is a very retarded chase @Fireholder yes the only thing taht popped was his head The Werewolf, pop pop poped him in his mouth :grinning_squinting_face:  RIP eating butter pops in heaven  RUH ROH Ryan isn't looking too hot right now though Bobby gives me Mr. T vibes Yes, use his size against him! 

no, you're breathtaking lol No you're breathtaking 

jhon cena Have you played life is strange? No, you're breathtaking:_happymori: LMAO No, YOU'RE breathe taking!  MY LOVE THIS ROCK  fuck Jacob, but I don't think he is dead my name is earl guy, right? they're not wrong:_hearteyes: When did the game ever say to do arithmetic?:_nani: No you're breathtaking!  So you should have maybe thought about it instead of pulling random levers haha. no, YOU are breathtaking! mori killed jacob :pouting_face: nooo your breath taking no u heelp mediic No, YOU'RE breathtaking Watch him come back and go you can’t see me and now I coming for you! NO YOU'RE BREATH TAKING :_shock::_shock: ayo a coyote just howled behind my house and freaked me the fuck out f IT'S YOUR FAULT CALLI no YOU'RE breathtaking No your breath taking! no you're breathtaking! Well that sucks No you are BREATHTAKING KEANU? Facts :_shock::_shock::_shock: The bleeding will make his condition worse. stab him  you are indeed breath taking Thanks achievement, but best boy is ded Dude that knife is IN his lung. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CENA NOOOOO Also LMAO for you calling Bobby John Cena, that was my first thought as well hahah You are breath taking Calli he put it there in the first place FAMILY Bubba no... Oh no nooo vin diesel? he was the one who put the knife in NO! you sure this aint Vin Diesel? FAMILY FIRST DO IT Get this guy and OCD and an NCD! don't LETS GOOO NOOOOO right in the nipple :_morimurder::_morimurder::_morimurder: Let's gooo noooo... rip bobby 

Ow*3 No You’re Breathtaking! WHAT A PLAY 

:_shock: lol LOL LOL  LMAO Lol Lmfaooo LMAOOOOOO He only sounds mildly inconvenienced  damn right in the nip nop :_morimurder::_morimurder::_morimurder: damn son lmao LMAOOOO poor Bobby :_cryingmori: :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: Noooooooo Lol  Lmao "You stabbed me!" WHATTTT ow!!!! 'Whatre you gonna do, stab me?" at this rate better become werewolf Lmao now he knows what it feels like LOOOL LMAO WTF IS THIS rofl loool HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA that works, certainly! THANKS CAPTAIN OBVIOUS LMAOOO Is he innocent wow what is this lmaooooo AHAHAHAHA man.... what what the FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING!! lmfao  lmaoooooooooooooooooooo my God LOL awesome LMAO he sounds like a dumbo :grinning_squinting_face: DAD LMAOOOOOOOOOO lmfao Ya shouldn't...... HAHAHAHA lmao john cena LMAO :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy: DAAAAAAAAAAAAD LMAOO DADDDDDD DAAAAAD HAHAHHA HAHAHAHAHA Dad! lololol y son LMFAO That hurt lol so dumb like wtf bro?:_shock: Bobby is too precious Goddangit Bobby DAAAD! HAHA WAIT WHY IS HE SO CUTE hes not all there Lolllll LMAOOOOOOOO HAHAHAHA:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: he's a bit slow He's calling for you Calli Dad he stabbed me Bobby is a little slow which makes this sad well....that was unexpected Dad I FCKING LOVE BOBBY DAD!!!! Call MOM ACTUAL NPC WHAT THE FUK It's your Malkavian NPCs all over again OH SHE MAGGING Well, that was weird. Daaaaddd! DAAAAAAAAAD ROFLMAO He's taking it like a champ, though, all things considered CALL DAD ITS BAD MAMA BOY What a baby :_canteloupe: WTF I've never been stabbed before either. no i dont wanna see that woman  "IS THAT WHAT I'VE BEEN DOING TO PEOPLE" LMAO DAD LMAOOOOO well that was adorable we shouldnt be ashames of our pp... what the hell was that aww you were so mean to him:_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: 

LMAO :_rider::_rider::_rider::_rider:. Horror they gotta ham it all up 

LOL :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: :_canteloupe: YEET YOUR ASSES OUT OF HERE don't celebrate too early Did he just broke the 4th wall? lol lm ao :_nani::_nani::_nani: LMAOOO LETS GOOOOOOOO Lmao Less talking more running Hi Clippers LEAVE YOU FUCKIN CLAUDES haha lol calli LMAOO Dylan :_glasses: lmao MOVIE LVL INT STOP BEING DUMBBBBB :_shock::_shock::_shock: it's the see ay double ell eye :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy: Dylan stop fucking smarming and get the fucking part. CALLI STRESS :grinning_squinting_face:  Horror movie protagonists be like LMAOOOO Poor Calli lolol STOP ACTING LIKE MOVIE CHARACTEEEERRRS lmfao holy fuck, these people:_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: Adam Sandle could play him Calling Chill Teenagers I feel you Calli Yo calli what? Car's totaled Calli, rotor is gone nuts lol did they not get the part? drivin cali crazy Part broke hey calli is becoming Tom the cat WHAT ABOUT THE ROTOR ARM SHE HAS SILVER BULLETS FUCKING BLAST IT lmao poor Calli going insane because of some dumb teens Uhhhh? The car is trashed These kids deserve to die for taking this long... no part? and they just leave without it. even tho pretty sure that rotor arm still prolly works :face_with_raised_eyebrow: they broke it i think? LOL CALLI "HUH" N O This kids are so dumb  Cars broken so who was that? She probably grabbed it already  RELAX DUUD this place looks much safer typical after fight :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy: Calli they don’t know There's totally a rotor arm in that damn car we need dogman the car is dead THIS WAS A Complete WASTE OF TIME??? you gotta remember they don't even react to casual dismemberment yup lmfao why.... DID SHE GET THE PART!?!?!??!:_shock::_shock::_shock: PRIORITIES DOKO so much for the rotor arm horror movie logic rek1az calli 

NICE  :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: Wooo 

She ain't got no pants. YE LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOO:_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: NICE YOU DID IT!!! IT WAS ONE OF THEM Nice IT WORKED! :_shock::_shock::_shock: NOT GET THE REAL ENDING :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: NICE  GRAET SHOOT CALLI GOOOOOOOOOODS SHOOT :yougotthis::yougotthis: :_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP: Magic Underwear. :_happymori: WOOOO! TSANE FOR THE WIN yoooo This is not his day You did it! you saved.... Oh..... why she got clothes winner! NICEEE WAIT BUT THEN NICE!!!! She Magged out Yay! she conveniently has clothes on Well Travis's entire family is dead now niiiiice thank god LETSSSS GOOOOOO!!! YOOOOOOOOOO Well Done sorry Chris, ya had to die LETS GOOOOOOOOOO It's over nice LETSGOOOOO :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: RYAN WILL DIE Маньячелло :_calliopog:it worked! why does she have clothes RYAN :clapping_hands: wait how tf are her clothes intact  Her clothes exploded with her! YES!!!! mah man damn her clothes were saved great job Ryan GG!!!!! Great that they have modestly underwear here  RYAN THE CHAD :_calliopog: :_calliopog: :_calliopog: :_calliopog: did ryan heal? VICTORY! Good job Ryan woooooo :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: but he didnt heal enough though  RYAN THE GOAT!! Ryan MVP But wont Ryan die now? :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: LETS GOOOO!!!! Let’s goooo :_calliopog: niceee Naisu Ahahaha black screen to Chris getting shot in the face wonderful LETTTTSSS GOOOOOO Super awks now... LETS GOOOO NOICEEE hey yeah yayy :_calliopog::_calliopog: At least Travis is alive Yay the curse id lifted  FINALLY :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: and then ryan bleeds out because he didn't mag Nice! Unmagged Well...:_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: T_Pain wins Lmao pog lol T money is free now 

i heard a noise :peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: 

:tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: Chat where's my Paella tomato :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :_glowred::_glowred::_glowred::_glowred::_glowred::_glowred::_glowred::_glowred::_glowred::_glowred::_glowred::_glowred::_glowred::_glowred::_glowred::_glowred::_glowred::_glowred: :green_salad::green_salad::green_salad::green_salad::green_salad::green_salad::green_salad::green_salad: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: dad is coming! :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana: i still remember the days of :water_wave::water_wave: Jacob RIP:peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts: Damn she's washing her hands but still GAMING Does washing hands take this time ? :spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti::spaghetti: :red_heart: for Jacob o7:peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato:  :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato::tomato: :tomato: :tomato: :tomato: WHERE’S THE LAMB SAUCE  :peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts: Welcome back Calli. pop pop :peanuts::butter: 2$ What a deal! Okaeri :peach::peach::peach::peach::peach::peach::peach::peach::peach: :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana: Welcome back Calli hiiiiiiiiiii :canned_food::canned_food::canned_food::canned_food::canned_food::canned_food: She moving :tomato::tomato::tomato::mushroom::tomato::tomato::tomato: Welcome back we bwck welcmoe back! Ah? i miss calli......... CALLI, DUCK! :_washhands::_washhands::_washhands: :peanuts: out for Jacob Her thumbs are really going :virtualhug::yougotthis: welcome back Calli Yeah!! Welcome back:_happymori: NO IM ALLERGIC welcome back calli :tomato::tomato: LMAO :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :_happymori::_happymori::_happymori: Okaeri:tomato: welcome back :_happymori: welcome back Calli:_happyhat: lmao 

:tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: wb Welcome back 

welcome back, Calli! :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :french_fries::french_fries::french_fries::french_fries::french_fries::french_fries::french_fries::french_fries::french_fries: wb! おかえり thankies :peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts: :_happymori::_happymori: Looking like a pizza She's back hold the tomatos SCATTER Welcome back Calli  welcome back calli! welcome back thanks! :_happyhat: hi Dad! yo Welcome back:_happyhat: :_happynohat::_happynohat::_happynohat: hand washing world record :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: Thanks Dad :_glasses: :_happyhat::_happyhat: bikkuri >.< :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: Welcome back! She’s red :_happynohat: :_happyhat::_happyhat::_happyhat: welcome back : ) lol LOL welcome back:_happyhat: Calli's back :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: For Jacob :peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts::peanuts: Hi Dad :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::_moriguh: good luck yeah we throw her alot Yeehaw Welcome back, dad :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: Okaeri No one tell her about the other things we threw  Wait... this isn't how you're supposed to play the game Welcome Back :_happymori: thanks calli, we try Welcome back Calli welcome back  oh yeah Welcome backk welcome back Calli! Why does your hands always get dirty Calli :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::lemon::tangerine::watermelon::avocado::baguette_bread::potato::peach::cheese_wedge::flatbread: Welcome Back:tomato::tomato: :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: welcome back calli ^^ want the eyepatch back hi Daddy welcome back father scatter :cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber::cucumber: thanks Dad lmao Welcome back dad! gather! je CHEESE IT Gathering:_happyhat: Welcome back  LoL doused with Marinara :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: thanks dad :_moriblush: HALT THE THROWING Aww:red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: thanks welcome back calli sup mor :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: I threw the ingredients to pizza a pat from dad :_happymori: There so much tomatoes  thx dad nigeroooooo おかえり! Gather for headpats! :_happymori: okaeri head pats from DAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: 


:_moriblush::_moriblush: Lol Calliii No pockets for them it sucks that the game trains you to think the cards are useless.but then one card literallly dumps all the lore on you and just misss all of it if you dont find that one card :expressionless_face: TUMMY WINDOW he's drippin' LOL that midriff though HE KINDA BAAAAAAAAAAD YOooooooooooo sexy Calli Colors! :_moriblush: oh my MIDRIFF GANG RISE UP :_moriblush::_moriblush::_moriblush: HE STOLE YOUR COLORS, MORI drip yo he DRIPPED OUTTTT TUMS he's toned No pockets Calli yabe NAVEL nice abs, bro :_moriblush: zamn :_moriblush::_moriblush: ayyyy daaamn :_canteloupe::_canteloupe: With that Pink? That's a Dead Beat drip right there welcome back Naurf Keell he don't got the gutters :eyes: Emma could you give the man his clothes back? dripped outta his gourd Has more cake than Kiara lol :_moriblush: Hitting the gym? cool get up crop top FTW YAS GURl #MaxGotCake Everyone loves midriff White wolf was on mainland, he's safe here Max damn! :flushed_face::flushed_face::eyes: INB4: Dad kills the crew Calli pls.... hecka cute:_moriblush: why is Max wearing a crop top.... he do be drippy doe  Time for a wardrobe change, me You could rock that Calli  YABE pink He now looks like one of those Zumba Coaches Rock it if you've got it bro HE KINDA BAD THOUGH Dad pls Well at least its some clothes honestly, does kinda fit MAX FIT FOR DA DRIP NOW THE MAN'S WHOLE FAMILY IS DEAD got a whole bakery in those pants:_glasses: looking respectfully he's wearing your colors, he has great tastes there's no wolves on the island!!! Give us what we want Max!:_hearteyes: He's safe on the Island, they don't like water something has awakened in me, and it's not a wereworlf 

F*2 Bad end. :/ REDO 

too far  :_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: :_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP: :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: It's shotgun At least Dylan’s okay :smiling_face_with_tear: welp I'm no good at FPS games as well. saitama vs mori calli who would win?? RETRY YOU FU- should've waited for that dude to come closer huh rpr gotta coach u one day training arc with ame ? load auto save That had no reason to miss, it was a hit Calli it was a shotgun what did you expect ? Just too early Retry! Technically you didnt miss, it was a far shot no retry? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO RETRY long range shotgun lmao start playing rust to train CALLI YY :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: Redo? On the bright side, less competition for Ryan with Dylan? short range shotgun Can you turn back the clock? You needed to shoot when it was closer redo ;(  But she was so fine Mori, how could you... Apparently the shot was too early. How were you supposed to know that? almost had it! you have redos right? best girl died redo afterwards remember that shotgun cant shoot far She aimed above it Thats not your aim, you didnt wait for the prompt. Numbskull scumssave Can we restart the checkpoint? please? Need more Doom practace :face_with_tongue: SHORT RANGE If you had one shot Brenda was the best part of the game RIP nice try kaitlyn Sucks No Redo? Same ASK CLOCK-KUN FOR REDO Calli getting everybody killed.  SLUGS DON'T CARE ABOUT SPREAD Dad, being good at APEX is not a requirement for this game... :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: it wasnt a miss chat, it's just a shotgun spreads lol REDO CALLI NOOOO  redo Too early Retry Retry  RIP o7 One job to do....poor poor Kaitlyn Well... We lost Boss Girl RETRY PLS... It was more about timing Calli Oh, wow the game IS almost over now RELOAD UR SAVE it is a terrible day to rain She shot the table She said the Thing! Can we do a redo Calli :_cryingmori: You tried :glowing_star: :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: Reload for Brenda Song NOOOOOO we're not resetting guys WHO CARES IF YOU'RE AN APEX LEGEND!? restart No restart? f take your time when aiming callii calli trying to snipe with a shotgun lmao better call ollie for training you should have waited a bit longer It looked like it hit tho 

F*2 gruesome Good bgm choice 

Calli, you've gotta go for a 100% death run LOL RIP :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: Lol Blame it on calli :grinning_squinting_face: that face  :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: "failed to shoot" lmao One job YEP CALLI  lmao REALYL RUBS IT IN THIS BGM LMAOOOOOOO pog champ LMAO CALLI CURSE lol :_calliopog: LMAOOO Good Job Calli  :grinning_face_with_sweat::grinning_face_with_sweat::grinning_face_with_sweat: :_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP: Reaper instincts No, you just didnt wait for the prompt. our b RIP London  LAURA ALSO WELL DESERVED lol the music Why the long face? what a good ending We vibing tho :musical_note: Sasuga  "Failed" So lame Calli....*facepalm* noooo :musical_notes::musical_notes::musical_notes: welp :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: That was horrifying. sasuga~ End of basketball movies music playing right now What a ending  They really gotta rub it in, huh? the bgm Bad End :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: the music in the background You done goofed up 60m Podcast ending credits hesitation = death :_canteloupe:she was really shocked You had literally ONE JOB Calli!! You are too soft. THE BEAR SWARM COMETH ¯\_(ツ)_/ it be like that  ITS BEARS AGAIN calli flexing her reaper job nice shootin there sheriff :astonished_face: POG Nice one Calli. You killed them all @Solve for {x} Poor desk-kun Good job Calli lmaoo This podcast is LONG I suppose this is a fitting ending for death so many deaths lmao :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Darned bears OFF WITH THEIR HEAD! lol Sasuga Calli lmaoo You had one job Calli:_uhh: Sasuga Reaper, huh:_canteloupe: LMAOOOO LAURA CALLI :clapping_hands: oh no it WAS a swarm of bears! I'm disappointed, I really am ok restart As usual, Calli was just too nice. 团灭 :_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP::_morimurder: Can we try again I’m too invested you should skip this, it's 20min long podcast the bears the whole time! GREAT JOB LMAOO Sasuga, Death’s apprentice. lol what have you done? You literally shot Chris with no hesitation lol This is 20 minutes long and you can skip it Never let calli decide ever well....Calli is death welp it's is what it is :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: ending 1 of 186  When you too trusted your FPS skill Anyhow, congrats, now you have Death Rewind! Damn Calli you really fumbled the ball right at the 1 yard line, huh? "failed to shoot" 

Save Brenda song, save the world :tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato::tomato: sexy time 

soft reaper dad Ehe Take your time on the Kaitlyn QTE lol kaitlyns ded foreva Kailyns shot needs to be closer Calli if you miss Kaitlyn's shot again i swear LMAo No you don't lmao ayoo calli wut apparently you shot too early with Kaitlyn Holding that loss you did not deserve that one, it was not a miss I still think you got robbed on Kaitlyn that shot was legit Dont rush on Kaitlyn you had incorrect info about Katlyn Noooooo Wow okay oof :_cryingmori::_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP: SAVE KAITLYN PLS WHAT welp... im gettin a bit sleeby :_sleeby: kaitlyn best girl tho :(( ピチピチきたw but she's too pretty though kaitlyn :( Getting that party wipe ending was karma for getting Brenda Song killed Oh look, Mr. Cute Yoga Pants :_cryingmori:Brenda if you say so save her:_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: save her by the way calli youre nearing 7 hour stream now you were just too far, your aim was fine I mean you’ll get the chance to save her anyway  So you're just gonna purposefully miss again? Fair enough  but Kaitlyn :_cryingmori: No, save her as payment for us having to watch you party wipe everyone nex time SHEEEESH max lookin fire I need to go. Thank you for streaming this, Calli! Good luck with the replay! Until next time, Miss Reaper and Dead Beats, take care! o7 o7 o7 okee Please just save Brenda you did her dirty  

LMAO yes yeah 

Aren't you literally using something called Death Rewind to save them? It is  Calli taking things too seriously I killed everyone except Dylan and Travis lol Conflict it is the same chapter yes it is i think yes Yeah, its the same chapter It is... if I could turn back tiiiiime You totally can rewind death Can Turn Back Tiiiiime And Nick, if you kill Silas he's gonna be fine right? It is the same chapter "EXCEPTIONS" YEAH easy go ask Kronii :grinning_squinting_face: Kaitlyn didn't die yet this is the same chapter Yes  It is yes it is the same chapter RED it is yah :pleading_face: its the same chapter You can still redeem yourself Calli YES Yeaaaaaa she is still alive yes you can Same chapter, you have to replay her parts regardless i think brenda's still alive , yeah Calli wont claim their deaths lol you can if you have the 7 Dragon balls But you are the one who led her to it QwQ Yea :_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: Yeah!! you can Pretty sure it's the same chapter yes :grinning_squinting_face: Lmao yes lol Ya it's rewind time LMAO OH OK Lol, okay then Yes this is the same :_canteloupe: oh calli i believe in u it.... is the same chapter, yeah :_morimurder::_morimurder::_morimurder: YAY :_deadbeats: It was all one chapter ...calli LMAOOOOO Oh let's go?? lmao yeah I can yea!! :_happymori: I think, at that moment you need to wait the werewolf come close to shoot him Good news and bad news! It's this chapter lol. YES SAVE HER purposefully kills her off "Can't turn back time" Ame: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT? crop top lol she is not dead yet that is what we were telling you lol OH I thought you were gonna throw her life away again THANK GOD CALL WITH THE 180 LOL maybe let her hide? worth a shot (hahah) lmao the 180 If you wanna save her you just need to wait for it to get closer I believe this is the same chapter I'll always be a prisoner of a bad game. YATTA!!! :_deadbeats: It's not wrong to be a bit soft heart, Calli. :red_heart: Just need to be a better judge of the situation.  you have to wait for the werewolf to come in close before tou shoot IKZ Wait for it to get closer Would you look at that you just need to wait a bit longer Alright then lol Just be more patient and let the wolf come closer before shooting LES GOOOO don't shoot too quickly that's all Well, we'll see if you can avoid all the Kaitlyn death points! Of course lol ikz second chance to save  lets goooooo! yeah its before or she could be dead on arrival :smirking_face: either hide or kill caleb wait until the wererwolf is close Just take your time when you aim can calli shoot a gun part 2 watch her miss a second time \[T]/ 

lol gl Chris? need a headshot 

You got this reaper lol oh nyo You can it do it this time Calli!!  Nah youve got it  Don’t jinx it lol Calli, you have to wait! This time for sure prophetic lol ZA WARUDO WATCHING KAITLYN DIE 3 TIMES LETS GO KIRAA QUEEN :_calliopog: Ok now wait a little  Nah (hopefully) Okay Calli, focus Worth it for Brenda More Close I Guess shoot at the moment he has not approach How close does he need to be YOU GOT THIS gooo hoping!!! If Calli lose all 3 live... lmao lol HERE WE GOOOO  I would belive it honestly :_calliopog::_calliopog::_calliopog: 3 time za World! Go go reaprrr 3rd times the charm THREE TIMES. You killed her THREE TIMES HUH Aim! Shoot! LOL welp  .... LMAO ???????? :grinning_squinting_face: LMFAO  WHAT??!?! LMAOOOOOO WHAT :_Ripr::_RipI::_RipP: YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO WAIT LMAOOOO Hahahahaha LMAOOO GODAMN CALI 3rd tiome Lol pfffffft you didn't shoot LMFAOOOOO :grinning_squinting_face: :grinning_squinting_face: :grinning_squinting_face:  nooOOoooOoo This is some final destination stuff CALLI LOL TOO EARLY LOL omg lmao HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT???? bro\ BROOO HAHAHAHAHAH ??????????? CALLI!!!!!! you didn't fire How?! WAIT WHAT wtf :_confused::_confused::_confused: nice one :grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face: CALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Oof :_canteloupe::_canteloupe::_canteloupe: u didnt press :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::virtualhug: SHE FORGOR lol one more life lmfao Calli, that was the same thing... You need to click faster? :sad_but_relieved_face: ...huh? lmao LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA DAD lul  YOU DIDNT EVEN SHOOT THIS TIME Did you shoot? ?? oof WHAT THE FU... Poor girl LMAOOO Calli how :_nani::_nani::_nani: lmaoooooooo AHAHHAA too late hahahaha You waited too long WTH?:_shock: you called it lol Wut!? welp aim for the chest and fire :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Calli.... STOP AIMING FOR THE HEAD CALLI. 1 watch the bar Mori Lmao rip waited to long didn't even shoot You didn't shoot XDD 4th time lets goooooooooo! LETS GOOO THREE FOR THEEE OMGGGGGG HUGE W What teh hell STOP KILLING BRENDAAAAAAA NO WAYYYY OOF gid gut LMAO  You didn’t shoot WUT????? OMG LOLLLL SHOOOT common dad........ Closer! THIRD'S TIME THE CHARM WTF Calli lol You didn't shoot lol two more attempts  I mean, relying on FPS... you need to hit the shoot button You were too slow lmao kalyn:......... nope, wheres the mouse? 1 down 2 to go LMAO :_uhh:well.......i'm watching you didnt shoot yes not that close.... 

:clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: woot Laura MVP 

yeahhhh lets gooooooo Callio is the best cheerleader IS the credits podcast going to be different? Next goal: get everyone INFECTED but not dead @Mori Calliope Ch. hololive-EN  all's well that ends well right  FBI OPEN UP ofcourse the cop is here :_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: Ayyyy happiness Travis cover up YAAAAYY YATTA and now the kids are arrested for killing the hacketts actual cops? :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Insert Fnaf sound effect His entire family is dead Travis only survivor  who snitched Wait is it possible to save Silas? Well, that was ominous. ending credit  :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: PODCAST LET'S GO is that it? YAAAAY Fun fact: Kaylee is the only mandatory death, everyone else can be saved. LETS GOOO OH GOD nope Nope. oh man i missed jacob death Which one of them will become a good Hunter, what do you think, Calli? Nope nah :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Morning folks RIP Jacob skip No NOT AGAIN RUN IT'S THE POPO :_glasses: LMAO NOPE podcast time Oh boy podcast take 2 LOL oh no There really isn't much closure even in the good ending, huh  EW NOT AGAIN lol good ending everyone dead and now Calli got far more soul to deal with the podcast again :grinning_squinting_face: :grinning_squinting_face:  Nope  oh god end it  :_uhh::_uhh::_uhh: OVER, IT'S OVER HELP podcast WOOOO I'm content with that ending. UGHHHHHHH PODCAST Scuffed podcast DAMMIT Mute o'clock. poor jacob Oh god not this podcast  NOT THE PODCAST No not again! WOOO :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :face_with_rolling_eyes: whooooo we're back here again oh no  Max got NTR'd yeeeaaah Not ANOTHER podcast?! they probably went to jail together lol nah i wanna listen Oh no not again yay podcast time:_uhh: Poggers  oooh nooo PODCAST time dang thats it? and skip this entire podcast because it doesn't even have the chadcast  PODCAST LETS GO it's the same Kek Only Jacob dead from the teens lol Podcast nope goodbye lol Nice :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Noooo :_cryingmori::_cryingmori::_cryingmori: not again:_uhh: can I not shoot Silas irl so I don't have to listen to the podcast uuuuu sounds like this podcast game completed, congrats calli ! POLICE OPEN UP Bad journalism ??? SKIP different credits :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands:You did great dad!! OH BROTHER THESE GUYS STINK 

:red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: See you later Calli  :_moriblush::_moriblush: 

:_deadbeats::_deadbeats::_deadbeats: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Take care Calli!:_happymori: Thank you Calli :_RipHeart:  It was fun! Byeeeee Calli:heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit: it was fun Ciao, Calli. Super great stream! It was a lot fun  fun watching! Yea true woo more strayyy:_deadbeats: Takr care:_happynohat: humu humu :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Just take care homie :red_heart: Hi Dad :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Thanks for the fun stream, Calli! Rest well! :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Can’t wait to watch the VOD, just woke up fun to catch your stream have a good evening Calli:red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: sounds cozy I got a tear once, pain never fully went away. It was so fun! I'ma watch it later promise :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart: I enjoyed every moment of it :slightly_smiling_face:  :_happymori::_happymori::_happymori: :_hearteyes::_hearteyes::_hearteyes: Peace! Same Calli  No u Take care Mori, cya around  See ya calli :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart:  thx Calli PEACE Take care Thank you Calli thanks for stream It was really fun :_RipP:EACE :victory_hand::_happyhat::_RipP:eace! Hope you feel better soon!  Yeah I can feel that  Take care! Take care:_happynohat::_happynohat::_happynohat: Peace~<4~! :red_heart::black_heart::red_heart::black_heart: :victory_hand::_happynohat: Peace! Take care!!!  :_RipP:EACE!!!! :_glasses::_RipHeart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::_RipHeart: PEACE! see you soon yeah it was great :_RipP:EACE :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: :_RipP:EACE! :_RipP: E A C E :_happyhat: PEACE:_RipHeart: horror games with friends is always great Peace! Enjoy the rest of your night!!!:red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: :_RipP:EACE! See ya tomorrow! thanks calli great stream Take Care Calli!!!! PEACE :_RipP:eace Thanks for the stream Calli! :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart: :red_heart:  peace Thank you for the stream Mori!!! :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: See you tomorrow! :_RipP:EACE!! BYE CALLI thank you, take care :_RipP:eace Calli rest well! Cya again chat! :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: yeast PEACE :red_heart: Take care of yourself Mori. Peace :_RipP:eace!:_deadbeats: bye byeeee PEACE!!!! Peace See ya :_RipP:eace  PEACEP bye PEACE :red_heart::victory_hand: ogeyyy :_RipP:EACE:victory_hand: I just joined byeee