【PSO2 New Genesis】 MEEP | Ninomae Ina'nis Ch. hololive-EN



:_peek::_LEFTGLOW: Tako time :_peek::_peek::_peek: 

:_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: WAH nya! :_peek::_peek: INA INA INAAAA :_peek:  sports injuries are no joke :_pien: WAH TAKO TIME The word is :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH:! THE WAAAAGH IS ERE BOYZ :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW:TAKOTIME I forgot about tako time... :goodvibes::goodvibes::goodvibes: :_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya: Let's Goooo :octopus: :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: Ina Ina Ina! WAH! :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW::_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: ina!!:_PAT: :_RIGHTGLOW::_peek::_LEFTGLOW: Takotime! Tako TAKO TIME!:_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: wah tako time :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: Wah Quna>Nadereh hi to all Meep 이나, 이나, 이나! :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW::_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW::_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: Tako Time :_PAT:  the TAKO TIME has come and so have I :_KEIKAKU: :_RIGHTGLOW::_YAWN::_LEFTGLOW: :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: :grinning_cat:  :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_RIGHTGLOW: Send capybara vibes to heal ina's hand :_CAPY::_CAPY::_CAPY: Im losing sleep for no stream  おはよー TakoTime tako time W A H WAHku WAHku :_RIGHTGLOW::_INA::_LEFTGLOW: :_RIGHTGLOW::_Glasses::_LEFTGLOW: MEEP? whats a meep :_LEFTGLOW::_PAT::_RIGHTGLOW: Totosama Daishouri! :_LEFTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: :_RIGHTGLOW::_LEFTGLOW: I wanna learn more about this game Tako Tuesday  heal me tako tune:_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: INAAAAAAAAAAA NGS inaaaaa 


I've heard of them! Hiiiiiii yay~ WHAT A SURPRISE :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: WOOOOOOO LETS GOOOO :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: Is this the real life? Is this just Phantasy? :_OMG: :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: OOOO ooooh! LETSSSSSSSSS GOOOOOOOOOOO COLLAB with PSO2!! :_SMUG: LETSGOOOOOOOOOO Friend!  yes! Who's that? Yeah me too who????? oh ya they showed that on twitter What's hololive Oh man! YAAAAAY :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: Yooooo oooooooooooo :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: LET'S GO INYA! KUMA SHOCK what's hololive oh MY nope No what's that :_OMG: never heard of em FUBUKI POG congrats! :thinking_face:What's Hololive? what's hololive? YO? lets GO?? :_404::_404::_404: I HAVE:_OMG: OMG hololive :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: YEAAAAAAHHHHH never heard of them :P MAybe? :_tehepero: I have! Who???? Coooool! who?:_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL: hellow fellow tako! What is Hololive Production :_DROOL: Holo... wat? Maybe no, what's that lol no, whats that  I HEARD OF HOLOLIVE PRODUCTION nani? LESSGOOOOO :_YAWN::_YAWN::_YAWN: Ooooo Never heard of it :hushed_face::hushed_face::hushed_face::hushed_face::hushed_face::hushed_face: Yes ma'am Nope never heard of them  Not at all :3 no not at all :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: LET'S GOOOO WHAT IS HOLOLIVE?! no, who's that? What's that? :_404: idk~~ no, what is Hololive Production? nani!? MONEY MOVES Oooooohhhhh no never :_SMUG: no who are they? :_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya: plz do explain of what? Whats a hololive?! never heard of it MAYBE???:_DROOL: FBK! LET'S GOOOOOOOOO What is Hololive?:_OMG: YES IKZ! I know those guys!:_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: YOOOOOOOO :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW:LETS GOOOO :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: LETSGOOOOOO Oh what is hololive? :_KDTD::_KDTD::_KDTD: not really is that food? LETS GOOOOO LOL Hololive? What's that? :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: So coool:_OMG: ooohhhh UOOOOOOO WOOO What’s that? Friend and Shien!!! sounds familiar... Huh? HoloPro? What's that?? Yoo who's that cute girl in the middle?? Hololive Production? Never heard of it. :_tehepero: CONGRAAAAAATS I guess I'm playing again :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: no tell us about hololive production !  Hololive? What’s that? :_DROOL: neat ayo very cool INA INA THE GAME? FBK? SHIEN? HoloID??? :_OMG::_OMG: NICE Congratulations oooo! Is this on PC? Yoooooo すごいなぁ good moning ina YYYYYYOOOOOOOOOO ID in shambles Ina ina mmo!  OOOOOH WOOOO i wish we have holoid too. dang it. That's so cool! I saw that on their channel! YOOO THE HOLOLIVE ID...:_PAIN: Yeah!!~ 

:_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: Truck Kuuuun! we made it 

OMG!!!! THAT ME!!!!!!! :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: :_MMT::_MMT::_MMT: i thought it was me :_OMG::_OMG: CUTE :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: let's gooo AT LONG LAST :_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: awwww I'VE BEEN HIT BY A TRUCK??? UOOOOOOOOO :_PAT:  :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: FINALLY:_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: Oh world domination Isekai Takodachi! Friends Mom I'm on tv!!! ISEKAI LIFE Finally, isekai’d… Time to play PSO2 now OMG!!! :_AAA::_AAA::_AAA::_HHH::_HHH::_HHH:Cute!!!!:_PAT::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: and on ina's head too :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: LET'S GOOOOO :elbowcough::elbowcough: Finally!!!:_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: :loudly_crying_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::pleading_face: we follow Ina I see this as an absolute win :_PAT: BABYDACHIII wow :_INA::_INA::_INA::_INA: you didnt get isekaid? MA GET THE CAMERA LESSSGOO Were in the game letz gooooo We are in the game!!! best place to get isekai into WE DID IT Let's gooo! :_INA::_INA::_INA: :_OMG: :_OMG: :_OMG:  tako Tako! in another world with my cookies nice trunk-kun.. Are we op? タコダチかわいい Isekai'd to be with our priestess, win win :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: OMG WOW :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT::_OMG::_LOVE4EVER: LETS GO! my first time being in a game feelsgoodman I DIDN'T FEEL A THING EITHER I didn't even see truck-kun coming! :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: Oh no, when did truck kun hit us everywhere we go wo go somewhere else Yeaaaah Look at me Ma!!! I’m Ina video game!!!!! kawaii isoke as long as we're with you WHEN WILL WE SEE? Dawwwwwww…. that’s adorable. :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes: :_OMG::_LOVE4EVER::_OMG::_LOVE4EVER: this is the first time i’ve ever been in a game!!! What a sick collab irl ina looks cute w it's all coming togheter :_KEIKAKU: MOM I'M IN A GAME cuuuuuute :_HUMU: :_DROOL: Greetings! :_PAT::_PAT: IRL... right.. yes yes not your tentacles :_HUMU::_HUMU: :_KDTD::_KDTD::_KDTD: :_pien::_pien::_pien: REALLY It is cool, accurate Lore Wise that one time I got reincarnated as a pet for an overpowered MMORPG protagonist lol :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: :_RIGHTGLOW::_HUMU::_LEFTGLOW: Back model Out of the void sure:_KDTD: the clothing team is very good Cute tako!!! :_KUSA: I'm in a game Takos in a SEGA game! Even the tentacles:purple_heart::folded_hands:Thank you:folded_hands::purple_heart: Hi This so cool guess i need to play this  a  lore accurate Inaaaaaaa:thanksdoc::thanksdoc::thanksdoc::thanksdoc::thanksdoc: irl?:_OxO: You are human it would be weird if they were attached :_SMUG::_SMUG::_SMUG: ISEKAI'D YEAH!!!.... wait... むりょうがよかったなぁ :_RIGHTGLOW::_LEFTGLOW::_LEFTGLOW::_RIGHTGLOW::_RIGHTGLOW::_LEFTGLOW: NOT plug-in Type :_HUMU::_HUMU: oh wow~ Shien senpai!  hey :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_OMG::_LOVE4EVER: 

Shien is so cool! :_OMG::_OMG: :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: 

:_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: tentacle CORN :_OMG: Boss! :_KDTD: :ear_of_corn::ear_of_corn: Those stickers are cool the tentacle sticker :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: :_RIGHTGLOW::_LEFTGLOW: Wow! INA STICKER cute! :ear_of_corn: :_OMG: :_RIGHTGLOW: oooh who made these tentacles~~~ :_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL: :_OMG: :_OMG: :_OMG:  StickerS:_OMG: A tentacle symbol cool design Corn :ear_of_corn:  why is fbk corn? :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: I need to catch up - I quit before the new area came out who made the sticker designs? a tentacle :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: Corn WAKUWAKU corn! :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT::_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: :_WELL::_DONE: :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: weeeeeeeeee It’s a tentacle  :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: what a deal So you're INA game :_KEIKAKU: OMG IT'S CORN Behold! CORN! :ear_of_corn::ear_of_corn::ear_of_corn: waku waku INA SYMBOL you did great! lol :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG:gotta collect them all! Fubuki is corn? wow +20% exp wow you have a new symbol ? wow :o ooo the tentacle sticker! CAN'T WAIT Cute lol Very cool :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: GACHA hai kak they did a great job on the 3 of you I’m getting this  :_RIGHTGLOW::_OMG::_LEFTGLOW: how was the recording session for the voice ticket? tell us a bit about it please Ina QUICK GET THE CALENDER hype GACHA UOOOOHHHHHHHHH oh good lord there's so many people now SO MANY PEOPLE 

haha nice dancing There is up to 25 or 50 if the update is out already\ there will be up to 50 people SOON 

MARINE SEE!? Standing here, I realize time to boost the graphics lol Standing here I realise :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT:HI:_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: They are adding it tomorrow marine Oba san lol Yes theres setting for it ina Tomorrow it will be raised to 50 max LOL I’m not on the same ship :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: still level 16 :P Make that 3090 work :_DROOL: "Max Detailed Model Display"  :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: max detailed model display They're gonna make it so you can see more after the maintenance NUMBER OF MODELS TO 50 Max model display max detail models Hi there Ina models displayed? "number of models displayed" Tomorrow’s update increases the player load to 50 oh wow, a Kronii :eyes: max detailed models  max model display Oh god all the clay people O_O Max desired model display number of models displayed? number of models dispolayed "max detail model display" max detailed models is the option your so cute Max detail model display setting They don't want computers to explode Oh welp max details model Look at all these mannequins Lotsa blobs roll with it max detailed model Max Detailed Model Display You passed by it you have it set at 20 i think i saw the setting max detailed model display? they're increasing the max detailed players to 50 soon number of models? Max Detailed Model, you can set it up to 50 That's incredible :loudly_crying_face: it starts on my birthday :face_with_tears_of_joy::folded_hands: Tomorrow we get 50 :_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL: max model display  It has been a while for sure oh man Kronii :grinning_squinting_face: max detailed model display was only 20 

4*9 wow :_KRONII::_KRONII::_KRONII: 

That clock is really really good She's perfect:_KRONII::_KRONII::_KRONII: :_HUMU::_HUMU: おー That Kronii and Shion are really high quality oy Accurate Time :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: Ina downloading all the dances lmaooo the kronster LMAO  That Kronii is amazing. Perfect, really. In Game…. :_PAIN: Ina next to Kronii? nani :_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: :_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya: That kronii looks like it should be officle That Kronii is insanely accurate lol :grinning_squinting_face: yep, that's an exceptional Kronii BABA senshou ! Senchou! old senchou Sencho…? LOL :_LEFTGLOW::_KRONII::_RIGHTGLOW: OLD LADY SENCHOU LOL kusa :_KUSA: Idol kronii in da houz Grandmarine:_KUSA: Old Marine her back hurt :_PAIN:  Most impressive :_KRONII::_KRONII::_KRONII: senchou lol Senchou back hort Already old LMAO there was an ina she hurt her back I recognize some of the outfit parts for the Kronii, pretty good The Granny Pose LMAOOOO granny senchou? 17 again LOL AHOY :_KRONII::_KRONII::_KRONII::_KRONII::_KRONII: BABAA!!! Senchou's back lol B e r y :kiss::_oyaoya: AHOY ahoy :_KUSA::_KUSA: BABA Phashion Stars Online. Sasuga. danced too hard for the MV has the elderly stance forever 18 senchou 78 years old Marine lol Ina being beautiful as always This is Ship 4 right? Ahoy! Grandma  She's perfect of course SENCHOU IS OLD lol Senchou Yes, she's 17 season 4 now :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: :_KUSA: :_KUSA: :_KUSA:  UMM... you were saying? She got old That Kronii looks incredible A h o y  SENCHOU-BABA lmao Ina! perfection grandma senchou Aging like fine wine. o/ :_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya: obasan 17x4 senchou 78 yeras old Forever 17 Senchou 3? lmfao season 4? season 4 s4 3 ooh ame! season 21 lmaoooo lmfaooo Season 4 lol grandma Marine there's a bae! LMAOOO Season 13 Ina lost track of the seasons... season 4 lol My Senchou Can Be This Old! oh look a Bae R00D 17.4 season 4 now I think Season 3 I think Sure lol :_tehepero::_tehepero::_tehepero: Season 3 Season 6? Baeee 17 Season Yes She is 30 with the New outfit grandma senchou lol No No No LOLOLOL 

it is bae :_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya: Season 3 lol 

my favorite zac efron movie 4 :_KRONII::_KRONII::_KRONII: :_BAE::_BAE::_BAE: Yup :_KUSA::_KUSA: :_BAE::_BAE::_BAE::_BAE: Hasn;t she given up on that 草 :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: 4 now BAE?? :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: She just admitted to not being 17... No, she said she was 30 the other day. Seriously. More like 17 OUT OF season :_OMG:so gooood Season 4 lol:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: Old Lady Senchou :clapping_hands::face_with_tears_of_joy::clapping_hands::face_with_tears_of_joy: 4 i think cuuute yup that looks like bae Kimono bae!  yooooooooo Baeeeeeee Rrat! rrat No in new costume she is 30 she said bay lmao THATS SOOO CUTE iconic stance NEW SENCHOU DANCE :_BAE::_BAE: lol :_BAE: senchou has accepted her age of 30 with her new outfit :_BAE::_BAE::_BAE::_BAE::_BAE: :_BAE::_BAE::_BAE::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: CUTE~ :_BAE:Boom Boom it is! S4 It was an amazing live! Love Senchou!:_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: 10/10 :_KUSA: BAERYS 4 I think :_BAE: bruh Irys too!!! season 4 oof She's well done too :_OMG::_BAE: CUTE! BAE! season 12 or 13 i believe ... Someone hasn't seen "treasure box" :smirking_face: :_AME::_AME::_AME: Senchou DLC :_IRYS::_IRYS::_IRYS: IRyS TOO oooh Ame at the front!  how'd you like Senchou's MV? 今日のメンテナンスはAM8:00からっす i love you Oh that's pretty good she is!! :_LOVE4EVER: :grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face: 17 season 13 in the new costume :_KUSA: She said she's 30 with her new outfit. Season 34 船長はもう30… watson in the front :grinning_squinting_face: Marine :_PAIN:  bae!!!!!!! SENCHOU LOL ww senchou... NOT LIKE THIS 17 season 13 tis bae IRySoBEEG  Baba senchou lol :_BAE::_IRYS::_BAE::_IRYS: Saw a Chloe AMEEEE Ahoy Lmao Marine is perfect  AME!  :_AME::_AME::_AME::_AME: あの帽子値段高いのよね Man, these in-game cosplay are so good!:_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: おばあちゃん…… :_AME::_AME: check some lookbooks!!!!! Ame!!!! Bae AME the Baba Senchou cosplayer is a chad haha AMMMMME omg ame and morgana MORGANA :_OMG: :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: go away morgana lookin cool JOKER oooh AME MORGANA hai Ina MORGANA? oi 

:_AME::_AME::_AME: ame and morgana??? :_AME::_AME: 

:_AME: Can I get a hi please Ina xx she is back :_PAT: Morgana :_AME::_AME::_AME::_AME::_AME::_AME::_AME: :_AME:hic Senchou's live dancing definitely wasn't baba-marine Morgan?! Is that IWyS?! Ame! hmm, looks familiar lmao AME lol Morgana lol :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: :_AME::_AME::_AME::_AME: wrong game :_INAFF::_INAFF::_INAFF: Morgana? MORGANA LMAO LMAOOO she time traveled another waifu? :grinning_squinting_face: INAFF  Ame :grinning_face: and MONA morgana and marine lol :_AME:? time shenanigans :_INAFF::_INAFF: :_KUSA: i have no idea what this game is I’m just watching u play it lol!! she time travelled :_AME:AMEEEE Let's not do that today. YOu NEVVER S- g...Goomba?.. last surprise :_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya: .... Is that a swordfish?? MORGANA hehe looking good Joker Morgana! Go away Morgana Large Marlin Oh, a year Fish! -:_AME::_AME::_AME: Last surprise!  pachipachipachi Morgana lmao  morgana! INAFF there's new classes even :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: Hello Ina! :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: Morgana LMAO Ame went time travel lol :_PAT: S E G A Season event is about to end today Concert booooooost senchou? Once you have get access to the Retem region you can watch the concert live :_WWW::_AAA::_AAA::_AAA::_AAA::_AAA::_HHH::_oyaoya: SO COOL YOULL NEVER SEE IT COMIIIIING LMAO It's like a popcorn machine :_KUSA::_KUSA: Yeah the event is live right now SHE HOLDS TOO MUCH POWER Free boost Mosh pit Time to go to bed Joker! hophophophop :_OMG: aha, ina uses a cast lol cute 

:_404::_404::_404: :grinning_squinting_face: open map 

Takos unite for UQ IKZZZ Tako army enroute :_OxO:what is happening? you can use map too You have until xx:30 to start the Urgent Quest 草草草 Hold down the options button more dramatic susumeeeee! :_PAIN::_PAIN: man id love to see ina do ff14 end game content with chat @Kiwi tea cicerone how long did that take to create? showing off the game i see i see watch she get there late and miss it sliding tako cute  Raining :_PAIN: WATCH OUT FOR THE GIGA!:_OxO: this should be fun :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA:  inya loves the rain The red diamond is the location for the upcoming Urgent Quest, the FATE/trial thing was all the way where you were before  :_KUSA::_tehepero: @Omega Sans PC/Xbox :_RIGHTGLOW::_OxO::_LEFTGLOW: Run the other way if you start to hear heartbeats InaArmy Takos move out! emergencies in pso2 are a lot cooler than fates It's coming in 13 minute LOOOOOOL not this one :_WELL::_DONE: ! LOL The Red one is the timer world quest. You have to wait for that timer to finish LMFAOOOO .... Still have 13 min, Ina. YOU DID IT :_WELL::_DONE:? lol Nice:_KUSA: :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: :_WELL::_DONE::_KUSA: It ded hahahaha Good job! lmaooo you did it ina! :_KUSA: Lmao  :_KUSA: LMAO Target downed done on arrival nice WAH! You did it! kusa you still have 15 minutes are? are re re? :_PAIN::_PAIN::_PAIN: :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: YEAH! We did it! success! 

:face_with_tongue: success! :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: 

Good job! lol :_WELL::_DONE: LOL :_WELL::_DONE::_KUSA: LMAO you won!!!! lmao SUCCESS! :grinning_squinting_face: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: HAHA Are? :_WELL::_DONE: LOL you did it! :_KUSA:ez weeeee :_WELL::_PAT::_DONE: in 15minutes :_KUSA: naisu! :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: ??? :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: LMAOO WE DID IT! :_KUSA: :_KUSA:  great job ina in 13 min :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA:flawless victory :_WELL::_KUSA::_DONE: Yay?? SUCCESS YOU DID IT\ WE DID IT ? You did it! Good work everyone! I think! Victory! lol  yipee! We did our part! hahaha SUCCESS  myjob here is done! "My job here is done" ina wins by doing nothing ina helped haha Good Job Ina :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: You did it!!! Trials are blue/green T markers success!  ez :_SMUG: Easy it's an urgent quest marker, you can only start it when the timer runs out EZ :_WELL::_DONE::_DROOL: Ina wins by doing absolutely nothing :_WELL::_DONE:? "Available in 13 minutes" :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: 용기갱! The trial was far behind you, that's the spot for an event in 15 minutes. Great job! ina so pro My work here is done. But you didn't do anything All in a days work. Emergency quests dont work like that lol. They start after the timer is up Available in 13 minutes "My work here is done" I wonder if she even has the BP lol Can you fight in that costume? :_Jii: When the Takos beat the game for you lmao Ina is so powerful she just showed up and the enemies died Good effort:_KUSA: alteast you got something even if you didnt get a hit in @Brock [ブロック] a long time.. because i had to spend so much mesetas w nice tako  :_SMUG::_SMUG::_SMUG: Gottem nice job Ina you can set a private lobby if you just want to play with fans ina :grinning_face_with_sweat::grinning_face_with_sweat::grinning_face_with_sweat: the red marker is for a raid 

that is urgent quest they happen about every 2 hours it will start in 12 minutes There's a 15 minute wait period before it actually starts 

It hasn’t started It's written in the middle of your screen  not started It starts in 12 minutes it hasnt started yet The Red marker is for the urgent quest happening at xx:30 it still needs to start What it starts in 12 mins @Puppet Cat "but we didnt do anything":_Jii: you could open up the map faster by holding esc :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: bruh... it's a pre-announcement to it for people to prepare Hey! Ninomae Ina'nis Ch. hololive-EN, & Your PSO2 New Genesis, How's It Going? :red_heart:  come back later Shion plays? I didn’t know :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: Yup Its a raid Like fashion shows Maybe relearn the controls. Don't feel bad! Everyone starts from somewhere. That’s a long time to wait. lol GIGA play de history Ine RUUUUUUUUUUN FBK is wild with her time spent in some games on top of Hololive activities. She's just built different lol :_YAWN: YABE watch out! Gigantix LOL you can join it from anwhere as well Oh no an Gigantix RUN!!! Oh...oh no :_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL: uh oh RUN! Heartbeat, ruuuuun it has bp ina hi ina :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: Level 16 complete newbie RUN AWAY I love this game :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH::_RIGHTGLOW::_KEIKAKU::_LEFTGLOW: thats dark falz, you need to be lv40 to join figuring out how to remember oh no :purple_heart: Oh, a Giga :grinning_squinting_face: uhhh runnn Ina You can remember how to play this game in 12 minutes Too big for you. whoa!!! thats huge!  RUN run ina :_OxO: rrruhhnnnnn 


THIS!! Be careful ya be @Twitching Bouse Shien, not Shion :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes: YABE :_OxO: Oof RUUUUNNN NIGEROOO theres a giga/ LOOOOOOOL lmao LOL, RUN INA RUN RUN THATS A BOSS time to run oh no a giga lol oh no here it comes HAAHAHAHAHAAHA YOU'RE NOT READY :face_with_open_mouth: cool :_DROOL: LOOOL gigantix GIGA OH NO NO NO DONT TOUCHE THAT, RUN Run Ina RUN RUNAWAY YOU'RE NOT STRONG lmao someone bring a giga over oh god haha Careful Ina ! RUUNNNN :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: :_KUSA::_KUSA: Oh nyo! :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: She gonna die LMAO ruuuuun who brought that thing ? better not get hit by that lool wut lmaooo Be careful, Ina, it’ll one shot you lol Yabe OH I hoped that would happen LoL Lol giga  LMAO a practice target! ina is about to get rekt by it well thats one way YOU LVL 30 ATL;EAST Charge! lol run YA BE protect our queen NANI You can't hurt it at your level Run Inya Run ganbaro :O ATTACK! the heck just happened Run Tako nani?! its going to murder you RUN Giga moment you need atleast the minimum gear score in order to join btw Protect inyaaaa!!!  RUUUUN SASAGEYO:red_exclamation_mark: Run, Ina.. let the takodachis kill it :_CAPY: Gigantix~ YABE ENEMY You're too underleveled to do any damage to it. lol moral support :_KUSA: LOL :_WELL::_DONE: :eyes::eyes::eyes: you got this go kick some as Go Tako Army! :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO:GIGA :_Jii::_Jii::_Jii: :_RIGHTGLOW::_INA::_LEFTGLOW: GO TEAM GOOOOOO you got this, ina!! :_LEFTGLOW:  :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: Use your reversasigne? LOLLLL Get Em! :_RIGHTGLOW::_KUSA::_LEFTGLOW: Someone found a Gigantix. :grinning_squinting_face: that's a mob that only spawns during special weather conditions, it's part of the end game content cycle Get 'em takos You got this guys Atk em inya hahahaha :turtle::purple_heart:hihihihihihihihihihihihihi We got a Malevolent!  :_RIGHTGLOW::_tehepero::_LEFTGLOW: NANI!? run ina ruuun!! cult leader Go tako army :_OxO::_OxO: Hit it! try poking it oooh nyo Protecc the Tako 

Nice looks fun! 1 damage lol LET"S GOOOO 

GETTEM Go Ina! It's your chance RUN RUN 1 dmg :_KUSA: wwww GET IT! 1 :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: :grinning_squinting_face: Standing here I realize... :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: 1dmg lol 1 damage lol  体デカくするのは視界塞ぐからまじでじゃまなんよな lolol Ina professional helper! 1 DPS AND A DREAM:_BONK::_RIGHTGLOW::_YAWN: optimal dps :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: lmao lol :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: 1 damage LETS GOOOOOOOOO What ship are you in  :_WWW::_WWW::_WWW: lets go! :_RIGHTGLOW: :_PAT: :_LEFTGLOW:  1 damage let's goo :grinning_squinting_face:  LOL 1 dmg? All those 1's add up those 1 dmg add up :_tehepero:  yay the priestess saved the day GO INA, get him with your damage :_WWW::_HHH: 1 dmg and a dream :grinning_squinting_face: participation medal :_RIGHTGLOW::_DROOL::_LEFTGLOW: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: If you hit them you get PP back faster This is too cute  good job Ina! lol 1 BIG DAMAGE :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: YESSS buff master SHE'S HELPING!!! :_WWW::_WWW::_WWW::_WWW: Cute Emotional Support Ina! hit n run Support tako You gotta start somewhere guys. INA'S GAMING! :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: Ina the Master Helper 1 dmg:_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: top support Ina running to glory now thats ALOT of DAMAGE 

HELPING! break his ankles! :_LEFTGLOW: よくやるw 

its an urgent quest you can accept 1 dmg:_BONK: bros before quest :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: she got the BP for mining rig? She HELP its down :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: QUEST NO. HELP YES Ina gaming Ina with the 1 damage lol Ina support nice backup! +1 big damage Evasive maneuvers! someone else also doing 1 damage LOL wow genesis looks really nice now compared to pso2 where Ive spent my time years ago :grinning_face: :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: That 1 damage could make the difference between victory or defeat yep just doing support things nice camera angle! HUGE dam LOL lmao :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: :flexed_biceps::_SMUG::_LEFTGLOW: +1 dmg what does your support do? :_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 bite those ankles Ina! YEH! ^_^ lol 1dmg nice 1 dmg!! :_BONK: BEEG 1 DMG  :_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU: nice damage :grinning_squinting_face: yeahh! take him down!  :_OMG: beeg damage might give it a go when it comes to ps4/5 on the 31 Letz goo inaa BIG DAMAGE (1) massive 1 damage Big PP DMg 1 HUGE 1 DMG whoa big numbers  All those 1s lol For anyone wondering, you have to be at the level cap to be able to damage Malevolent bosses. 1 (critical) every bit counts Though if you're underleveled, you don't get enemy drops. But at least you're enjoying yourself. :> BIG DAM lessago 1dmg just look at those numbers 1 1 1 1 1 cuddled to death 

:_SANA::_SANA::_SANA: iseakaid :_SANA::_SANA::_SANA::_PAT: 

It’s Sana!!! Awww Sanana Sana gonna save this world :goodvibes: :_SANA::_SANA: SANA!! :yellow_heart: so this is where Sana went... I thought your bird was small at first, but then I realized you're bigger than a person haha. oh Ina :_OMG::_SANA::_LOVE4EVER: LOVE FOREVER Sananananana!!!! well she is the universe and became a star.. phantasy star online Sananana sana! :_SANA::_LOVE4EVER::_SANA::_LOVE4EVER: :_SANA::_LOVE4EVER: Also Kronii Sananana is eternal :_SANA::_SANA::_SANA: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: :dango::yellow_heart::dango: you have free gacha  Man there are some dedicated people in this game which server is this? Sana! ´꒳`)ノ:yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: rip :_pien: :_RIGHTGLOW::_INA::_SANA::_LEFTGLOW: サナちゃあああん:loudly_crying_face: You guys are so talented at making these :_OMG: :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: :purple_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart: Oh? No UQ? Space pit stop  bujin speedrun Bujin press esc then tasks to see all your quests Eternal:_SANA::_SANA::_SANA: I'm not alone :_SANA: It's okay, Sana is unlimited You have people that will help you Good to see Sana is well! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: tako? :_HUMU::_HUMU: :_KUSA: :_PAT::_SANA::_PAT: TBH I would also retire to be a video game character if I could after entering the main menu, press square for task list 

F*2 great!  priestess.. 

lol what server is this? :grinning_squinting_face: lmao how's it still alive? :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: Meep You won! what the heck :_WELL::_DONE: how did you enjoy singing with calli fauna irys and sana? hi Ina :_KUSA::_OxO: !? LOL ouch I think! ふぁ!? :_OxO: RIP ?  Oh no lol great job ina! You... You did it!? lol ina :_OxO::_OxO: GREAT! "Great!" oof oh nyo wah :_404::_404::_404: game crashed? GREAT :_OxO:  Great! ehh Uh You did it! I think uhh... 10/10 :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO:? Protect Ina :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: :astonished_face: did it crashed? :grinning_squinting_face:  Lol :yellow_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart::yellow_heart::purple_heart: Destroyed uh oh :_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL: LV 60 lol oh no Crashed? she died, the end OMG uh oh... LMAO carried and frozen! it froze :_pien::_pien::_pien: uh...... Did it? Uh oh Oh nyoo carried LMAO NO WAY Uhhhh You got reverse isekai’d:_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: It hit you so hard it crashed the game Ayyo LMAO 草草草 :_SMUG::_SMUG::_SMUG: uhhh oog you good? "great! " ah umm :_OxO: wall clipped? :_oii: One with the floor :folded_hands: hit so hard the game broke Uh oh. :_KUSA: your game crashed lol ..... the console dead? NIHIL :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: GREAT orz :_PAIN::_PAIN::_PAIN: Crashed :loudly_crying_face: testing the space floor that's a crash Faceplant crash lmaoo :_KUSA::_KUSA: The game's going GREAT! permanently floor tanking "Great!" :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: lol great Bujin bonked the game boss bonk so hard game ded :_KUSA:  :_OMG::_GONEXT: 

F*2 :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: oof 

:_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: LMAO :_404::_404::_404: uh oh oh nyo :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: SEGA PLEASE The floor is comfy:_SMUG::_SMUG::_SMUG: game froze, typical ngs bonked out of existence :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: The SUSPENSE EN curse? BGM is great tho :grinning_squinting_face:  lol Ina... Surely this is a sign :_BONK: lol Perfect timing :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: YABE 草草草草 You GAMING too hard :_MMT::_404: lol Daijobun't Great! :_BONK: Bonked into oblivion. 404 Uh oh :_GONEXT::_GONEXT::_GONEXT: Can't be a EN stream without HoloEN Law :grinning_squinting_face:  welp Emotional damage  :_BAE::_BAE::_BAE: its a pso :_SANA::_LOVE4EVER: That's super unfortunate Become one with the floor :_KUSA:  Just a patter patting by :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :chillwdog::chillwdog::chillwdog: RIP The floor :_WWW::_WWW::_WWW: I think the friends were too strong :_PAIN::_PAIN::_PAIN: lol maybe yo shoud reduce rendered characters oh no Good old NGS lmao :_OxO: how's the floor :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: :_MMT::_MMT::_MMT: Oh nyo LMAO dont worry, ina is just floor tanking Is this what death is like?:_PAIN: It's a feature!  Floor gang. LOL :grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face: How's the floor rate? you got isekaid Daijoubooty? it says great "GREAT!" even the game knows Great! says the game classic sponsored stream moment They were so strong they bonked the whole game oh nyo! Ina is floor gang in this game too! and facedown too play unravel alexa Are you a dragoon? :_GONEXT::_YAWN::_BONK: GREAT! :fire:This is fine:fire: is the floor that good bruh :_BAE: you game'd too hard how is the floor ina HI IM CORTANA Ina Floor Gang :_OMG::_OMG: oh dang didn't know she was live hahaha Is the floor comfy though? NIHIL'd PSO2 floor rating? LOL Valve, please 生放送事故:elbowbump: Oof restart Now it's not the time to test the space floor uh oh.. Ina just testing out the floor :_HUMU: Oh Nyo good idea, floor comfy How do you rate it? inspecting the floor, sasuga kusa Lol floor tank Game didnt crash, Tako Rappy just needs a moment :_MMT: WAH~! /sleep :_tehepero: Nah, it's all right :_YAWN: testing floor :grinning_face: :_BONK::_MMT: LUL Ina is stuck in the floor 

Did Ina just get Perma Death in PSO2?:_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: GREAT ! :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: 

ina testing the floor i see Have you fixed up your office yet? lol Sleeping on the floor just like irl :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO: Did Mamanis ask about your hand? floor tank sega dont look... floor inspector oh god what happened :_PAIN::_PAIN: F is for Floor  It must be comfy, she hit the floor and she was out like a light Great!:_MMT: that has been happening to me recently in the game Ina :_404::_MMT::_404: NIHIL! :_BONK::_PAIN: Ina of the floor, what is your wisdom? :_tehepero::_tehepero::_tehepero: LOL:_404: HE BONKED YOU OUT OF THE GAME???? it's great:_OxO: Floor Healer LOL :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_MMT::_MMT::_MMT: :_YAWN::_YAWN: :_OxO::_OxO::_OxO:oh no Ninomae Floor'nanis fllor is good ina You need to go even further beyond Ina! :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: Floor Gang Rise:_RIGHTGLOW::_SMUG::_LEFTGLOW: How is the floor? Music be boppin thou :_KUSA: Hi Ina! But great pose still, it even got "GREAT!" aside :_PAIN::_PAIN::_PAIN: 이나 겁나 이쁘네:virtualhug::virtualhug::virtualhug: You got isekai'd to yet another world Yeah thats the PSO2 i know all right this is SAO now :_KUSA:  [Pats Ina] floor check! floor gang floor gang :_RIGHTGLOW::_LEFTGLOW: oh nyo :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: You die in the game, you die in real life  Floor checks out, it seems floor check Hmm reboot the Dreamcast Even in games you gotta test out the floor y'know Very Ina Floor inaspector  :_RIGHTGLOW::_10Q::_LEFTGLOW::musical_notes: Ah yes, this floor is made of floor :grinning_squinting_face: eror Floor inspector? :_HUMU::_HUMU: If you die in PSO2, do you die IRL? floor tank LMAO veteran floor inspector! 

:_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: Inya to stronk for game to handle floor gang 

1 to 10 rate this floor :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: Hi Windows!:_PAT::_PAT: :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: Ina of the floor, what is your wisdom? :_WWW:indows HI :_PAT: windows :_RIGHTGLOW::_MMT::_LEFTGLOW: :_LEFTGLOW::_PAT::_RIGHTGLOW: :_PAIN::_PAIN::_PAIN: Was the floor Ina’nis certified? real PSO experiecne :grinning_squinting_face:  bgm jouzu :_RIGHTGLOW::_DROOL::_LEFTGLOW: windows-kun has entered the chat sound :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAIN::_LEFTGLOW: :_KUSA: Ceiling gang rise up :_MOGU::_MOGU::_MOGU: Hi Windows! BEEG BONK It didn't crash? Well that windows ding says otherwise :grinning_squinting_face: Talk about a welcome back from the game though, a malevolent on her return Seeeegaaaa SEGA This floor is a B+ Seeeegaaaaa Apologies for killing the boss so hard it crashed your game! - The player that joined your party ゲームガードくんあのさぁ S E G A Comfy Floor this elevator music is great game crash? セーガー SEGAAAAA SEEEEGAAAA :_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya: Unlimited Floor Works! se-ga sEgAAAAA SEEEEGAAAAA :_HUMU: in game has crowbar too  cute! SEGA~! Seeegggaaaaa SEGAAA~ :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: is it tako time yet? se----ga----- せーーがーーー! :_KUSA::_KUSA: seeega when the floor is a hidden boss the life of one who choses sega cannot live normally :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: Logging in An co I miss the old SEGA intro... How would you rate the floor quality, Ina? say guh  SEGAAA cute SEGA~  :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: he Ctrl+Alt+Deleted your soul Must always check floor if comfy :_HUMU::_HUMU: :_CALLI: Good afternoon Ina link start Ina the pro floor inspector Shirley 

:_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: Nice TRUE 

:_SMUG::_SMUG::_SMUG: lmao lets gooooo all you ina :_RIGHTGLOW: :_PAT: :_LEFTGLOW:  :_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya: :_WELL::_DONE: :_SMUG: P L A T I N U M :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: Takotori  :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: 早い、、、 :_WELL::_PAT::_DONE: way a go Ina level 60 boosto lol :grinning_squinting_face:  :_WELL::_DONE::_SMUG: sheesh :_PAT::_PAT: perfect! good job takos :_HUMU::_HUMU: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: nice Perfect  Perfection:_KRONII: Ina pro gamer! :_tehepero::_tehepero::_tehepero: Ina carried the team :_WELL::_DONE::_PAT: EZ:_SMUG: :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: well done you won in the style department :_tehepero: yes you are perfect :_SMUG::_SMUG::_SMUG::_WELL::_DONE: What am I watching? Lol :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: :yougotthis: :_RIGHTGLOW::_SMUG::_LEFTGLOW: Friendship op. naisu :_WELL::_SMUG::_DONE: :_KRONII::_KRONII::_KRONII: PoWahful HAHAHAHA :_SMUG::_SMUG::_SMUG::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_GONEXT::_GONEXT::hundred_points::hundred_points::hundred_points: Clearing these is granting you extra skill points to spend Good teamwork  The power of friendship is OP as usual :_HUMU: Hi Ina like 4 hours not too long, actually :_INA::_INA::_INA: Hello Ina cutie:yougotthis::yougotthis::yougotthis: :) Rappy... Kentucky Fried Rappy lvl 60 friendship BIRDBATH?! 1 day is enough :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: :_CAPY::_CAPY::_CAPY: Bird bath Damn it... Wanted to give this game a try, but seems it's banned here in the Netherlands due to lootboxes. :disappointed_face:  

:_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: Main Story Quest give a pretty good EXP 

Yellow triggers, just goin to where level appropriate enemies are, etc. XD Ask Sega for a boost :_SMUG: :_HUMU::_HUMU::_KUSA: There are a lot of big exp, single reward quests out there was XP tickets in old pso2 story quests give lots of exp Next patch: The developers are nerfing the power of friendship. Understandable :_HUMU: yup :_KUSA::_KUSA: Do story it gives a ton of exp yeah EXP rates are very nice here and there's a task that gives 10 million EXP Quest there is a way to power level understandable:_KUSA: Grindfest :_HUMU::_HUMU: Main story path gets your first character to level cap quickly what ship is this? I understand it a lot of time Main story gets you pretty high mmo is non stop grind story quests and side quests give a lot of exp Gotta do story mode! Good idea there:thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up: true story give alot of xp oh no lil bird  A lot to figure out and experience  is there an instant level boost? yep true is she having ptsd of mmo There's a lot of time to spend on it lmao :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: PSO2 is grind-friendly, as long as you don't rush it True do main story, it gives alot of EXP that's fair same here grind everyday humu humu now you got more points to add towards your class permission for destiny when? a lot have new player buffs though lmao same The gear grind is probably the only lengthy one You got this :slightly_smiling_face: Yup not so much right now, everything you need is on the market for cheap There are a lot of new quests that give lots of exp so new players can catch up. pse zones plus tasks will help do the story doing ael, ret and then kvaris yellow triggers will get you to mx lvl also doing you daily quest and story quest will level you up as well 

Go Ina! :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: Use that mon hun rise experience! :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: :_BONK::_BONK::_BONK: 

all those elden rings.. :_WELL::_DONE: bonk! BONK this really reminds me of MonHun :_HUMU::_HUMU: Bonk :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: Thank goodness for these giant glowing weakpoints bonk bonk bonk "Dont say Run" starts playing for 5 seconds only though cuz DMCA :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: You're actually doing really well, for all I can tell. Looks like Diablos I'm late, but, :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH:! TAKO POWER:_RIGHTGLOW::_KEIKAKU: Gottem:elbowcough: naisu! nice! niceee You did it! :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: LETS GO nice :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Noice Nice!! there you go!!! :_PAT:  Niice IKZ NICE :clapping_hands: :_WELL::_PAT::_DONE: Let's gooooo!! GG :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: you need to lock the room if you want to solo :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: 888888 :_RIGHTGLOW::_KUSA::_LEFTGLOW: Nice!  :_BONK: :_WELL::_DONE::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: YAYYY yay! Nice つよいw :_OMG::_GONEXT: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Great job!! GG EZ :_WELL::_DONE::_PAT: :_WELL: :_PAT: :_DONE:  Let’s go :_SMUG::_SMUG: Congrats! Hello! How are you today? did it Ina Gamings 

well done! ( ´-w-)ノ( - ω - ) :_WELL::_PAT::_DONE: :_WELL::_DONE: 

:_RIGHTGLOW::_DROOL::_LEFTGLOW: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_WELL::_LOVE4EVER::_DONE: :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: nice bird :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands:  :_WELL::_DONE::_INA: GG A perfect :_KEIKAKU: nice :_PAT::_WELL::_DONE: :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: You did really good though not gonna lie. Lol nice!:clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: See confidences  pro gamer ina :_RIGHTGLOW::_WELL::_PAT::_DONE::_LEFTGLOW::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: perfect priestess:_PAT: :_WELL::_DONE:] HEYY pachi pachi :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: yoo that ayame cosplay is on point :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: hu'um  Ina saved the day once again:_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU::purple_heart: gg ez I'm looking forward to collaboration. seleb tine goodnight Well done!:clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: 

Ye*2 UP*2 :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: 

:_HUMU: :_tehepero::_tehepero::_pien: Very excited! yep :_HUMU::_HUMU: yes Omg it's Jason Bo... Hatsune Miku :_tehepero: Yes very! I wish I can play it :_pien: yaes yesss YES!:_RIGHTGLOW::_OMG::_LEFTGLOW: wanker class? :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q: Is that Hatsune Miku? :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: YEP not really Ok, thanks for the stream INA!  YEAH!!! what's new class Downloading it again now! Looking forward to it Extremely hyped. I'm probably going to try the game :_10Q::_10Q: yep, i play on JP though im ready for waker and your colab ina! ofc PIPIPI that toast though :o pipipi? Yes! Excited for Collab! I AM ABSOLUTELY READY AND PREPARED YES Yes humu humu UP pipipi Oh yeah it's something new to try pipipi!:_PAT: yeah yeah yes! :D Thank you for the stream Ina NO very excited c: it looks great Yea thank you for the stream Ina sure! not my kind of class, but yeah pipipi :_PAT: Up  Isn't the new class another summoner I'm switching to Waker as soon as I can I could try the game I'm installing it to try it out right now, so maintenance happening is unpoggers Maintenance in 40 minutes My new main I hope:_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: peeep :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: MIKU i played summoner in base so I've been waiting a while for waker yeah I am, its the pet class not really, just using mele type :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: beep beep beep PIPIPIPIP ye! :_10Q: Haven't played but might give it a shot, char customization looks fun hm,mm I actually might start playing soon so yeah :_HUMU::_HUMU: it is a summoner, right? Excited for sure i just started again for the collab but im down for a new class pipipipi Oh there's a new class coming too`? YES, looks better than in base PSO2 I've been waiting for Summoner and this is close enough  :_PAT::_PAT: RIGHT just a cute birb playing games new class looks ballin! All I will say to that is... pi pi pi pi I'm going to be playing as a little noob soon ehough. Maybe I will see you and fear your power ina. Pipipi:_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: yep almost all class max I'm willing to try it, but I was already happy with Bouncer and Braver :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: Thank you for the stream, Ina :purple_heart: Even though I can't play yet, I'm excited! Kronii pipi! There's a kronii! PIPIPIPI might give it a try seems fun. and i'l all about grindy games i'm told YES :grinning_squinting_face: Sega sama... the Pipi class? :_KUSA::_KUSA: spitting straight facts WAH! lol Sega hire Ina SEGA PLS LET HER VOICE RAPPY might be good, though you got another 40 minutes till maint, and we always party till they kick us off CHUCHUCHU I miss old Phantasy Star on Genesis Give her the Role of a Lifetime, SEGA peep pipipi :_MMT: Pipipi:_PAT: Up Chu Ina CUTE!!!!! chew chew chew seegaaa chu chu 


:_10Q::_10Q::_10Q: pi pi indeed  :_10Q::_10Q: Ulala! Sega-sama! haha CHU CHU CHU chu chu! kinda short thanks uuu :_SANA::_KRONII: Cute:_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: say hai to youtube guys :_PAT::_PAT: CHUCHU セガさーん:eyes: :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: thanks for the stream priestess!! :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: New class and the HOLOLIVE COLLAB later on! :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::purple_heart: @Allula Waker (formerly Summoner) after maintenance :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_PAT: thanks for the stream Ina! Thank you for streaming Ina! Yo tako! Please Sega, I need more tako voice:purple_heart::_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: PiPiiPIpI ( Thank you for stream Ina :_10Q::_10Q: ) humu humu :_tehepero: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :eyes: Chu chu! shout out to olala 10Q 10Q 10Q!!( ´-w-)ノ( - ω - ) lol bye Ina, see you later thank you Ina! that was fun! :_10Q: for the stream! ya hoo Space5 10Q :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q:for the stream Ina!! Thank you ina Thanks for the stream! :_HUMU::_HUMU: :_10Q::_10Q::_PAT::_PAT::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: That person is entering cheat codes :_10Q: PSO2 :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: If only my laptop could handle this game...:_PAIN: kroni thank you for the stream ina rest well and see you next time love you :purple_heart: :_10Q::_PAT: Thank you Ina! Twas fun! That's fine :_HUMU: Thank ya Inya 10Q! was nice yêu em 0300 Thank you for the stream, as always. Thanks for the stream ina 10Q 10Q 10Q pipipi! Thank you Ina :red_heart::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: Thank u ina :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: I just got hete:_PAIN::_PAIN::_10Q::_10Q: It was fun and thanks for the stream Ina~ :_PAT: Ina Squad let's go thanks for the stream it was fun Thanks for the stream Ina. Thanks for stream That Husky tho!!!! try out other classes if you want :_tehepero::_PAT: 

PSO2 :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q: ty for the stream~ 

Ok:purple_heart:Whatever works for you ok Ina! See you next time! It was fun :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: I'm so glad I'm on ship 4 thanks for the stream Ina, Otsukare :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: 10Q :_pien::_pien::_pien: :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: oh?? Ty for the stream :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: 10Q! :_HUMU: thanks for the stream:_10Q: never played in my life honestly, would play just for the fact that you can wear costumes like that :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q: for the stream! :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: T a k o :_10Q::_10Q: Thank you for stream Ina Thanks for the stream ina:_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: It's totally free, y'all, and imagine being Ina herself wow Bye byeee Ina:purple_heart: lol much fun, more thanks, G'night Ina ^^ thank you for the stream Ina :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_10Q: :_10Q: :_10Q: :_10Q:  POGOOO~ 10Q! :_10Q: for another wonderful stream! Thanks for stream Inaaaa!!! I’m sold Thanks for the stream, Ina. :folded_hands: :_tehepero::_tehepero::_tehepero: do-don :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: Good job Kronii is coptering!  w:_10Q::_10Q::_10Q: :_OMG: hololive, i know hololive Thanks For the stream thank you ina for streaming let's GOOOOOOOO :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: Thank you for the strea, Ina!:_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: Soon! Reminders!!! コラボたのしみー I NEED HEALING!! LETS GOOOOO HYPEE 10Q 10Q YOOOO :_KDTD::_KDTD::_KDTD: Helicoptor Kronii is real INAINAINA :_10Q: :_10Q: :_10Q: :_10Q: :_10Q:  Yeahhhhhhhhh Let's gooooo Thank You INA :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: WOWEE :ear_of_corn::_10Q::_10Q: yooooooo?! whaaaaaaaat?! :_OMG:  lets gooo OMG IS THAT NINOMAE INA'NIS???? :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: :_OMG: it was a great stream ina! Thank you for the stream, Ina!:_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: letsgoooo Gotta come back to the game Congrats on the collaboration, Ina! :astonished_face: can't wait to spend my AC oh? play as Ina :_KDTD: LESGOOOOOO Boss! WHOA Must get Ina's voice pack! voices? oh my 

:_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: ooooohh?! :eyes: VOICE LINES?? 

:astonished_face: Pipipi 10Q 10Q 10Q!! Wah! :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_SMUG::_SMUG::_SMUG: :shelterin: Friend Voice lines!? :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q: :_OMG: OOOOHH :_KUSA::_KUSA: voice lines niceeeeeee 10Q 10Q 10Q VOICES:_KDTD::_KUSA: More Ina VA WOOOOO BECOME AS INA Ina Ina INA! are the lines "pi pi pi"? pi pi pi! Ina rappy lines confirmed Pog? OHOOO Who knows indeed N y o o o o o o o dont goooooo :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::_pien::_pien::_pien: :_tehepero:Ina VA sasuga THANKS FOR THE STREAM :_tehepero::_tehepero::_tehepero: oh hell yeah VOICE???????? :_KDTD::_KDTD::_KDTD: My wallet is ready! :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: Oh? :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: The attack noise better be "Aye~" finally they wont be in my head tako! :_RIGHTGLOW::_PAT::_LEFTGLOW: CUTE Thank You Ina  WOOO :fire::fire::fire::purple_heart::purple_heart: Nice Mafia boss :_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU: lets goooo Will there be "Oya oya" voice lines!?:_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: voices?! yooo! That's cool! wow! Dress as Ninomae Shirashien, got it. :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_KDTD: :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: :_oyaoya::_oyaoya::_oyaoya: BOSS SHIEN! INA VOICES:_KDTD: TAKODACHI YES Ina records a bunch of MEEPS is that hololive english's ninomae ina'nis?! :_OMG:  wooo Holo collab! Up, down, up, down, chu chu, chu chu! Reminds me of Tooth Tunes. Yooooo!!! Let's gooooooo!!! Thank you for the stream!! That's so cool!! alrighty. love it WHOAA!!! And who's that gorgeous little Tako i see right there :_oyaoya: Whoa, cute! :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG:IT'S NINOMAE INANIS Same lol That looks so cool Free voice lines?! POGGERS Ina Rappy VOICE LINE? bye Ina....,,wa.....wa.... sorry. still depress still.... CUTE! take care everyone! :_PAT: I need that Takodachi :eyes:lol tacos :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_KDTD::_KDTD::_KDTD: We finally made it, you guys Hadi was Richard Epcar :slightly_smiling_face: (Batou) we made it We do looking fine 

:_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: we're adorable :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: 

:_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: get youre campaign items under system menue We're so cool! cute Cute BRO!!! IT'S US! oh man ITS ME! We made it boys!! :_OMG: sad its not available in korea:_PAIN: 3D Takodachi :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL: Takodachis look super-cute yay takodachi :_PAT: thanks for the stream ina! oh my gah FBK and Ina and Shien outfits :O YEEEEEEEEEEEEES :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT::_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: It's us! ooooh Well time to play pso2!! Look at us!:_OMG::_PAT: :_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU: :_OMG: :_OMG: :_OMG:  Mkay thank you for the stream Inya! oo!! Fubuki and Shien look great as well :_HUMU::_HUMU: so cute! and ina looks good too :_tehepero: the tentacles are not connected? :_DROOL::_DROOL::_DROOL::_KDTD::_KDTD::_KDTD::_KDTD: :_HUMU::_HUMU::_HUMU: HYPE! ORIGINAL CONTENT :_OMG: OMG Love Fprever WHOO! :_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG:mooom, its me and my oshi in a game Woooooo :_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: ooh that actually looks neat :_OMG::_LOVE4EVER: does Ina says WAH in the game?  :_KDTD::_KDTD::_KDTD: Takos are in! :purple_heart: :_PAT: :_PAT: :_PAT:  Shut up ! PSO2 !! take my money !! :_KEIKAKU::_KEIKAKU: World DomInation not limited to real world anymore! Stickers yep Oh damn now I REALLY gotta download again Thank you for the stream Ina!!!!! :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_LOVE4EVER: Oooo WOOOOOOOOOOOOO oh i think just fbk dake :_OMG::_OMG: :heart_decoration::heart_decoration::heart_decoration::heart_decoration::heart_decoration::heart_decoration: :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: Shien is so cool :_KUSA: :_OMG::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: support your oshi in game Nice 


what is NGS? Thanks for keeping strong and streaming Ina! They all look so good!!:_PAT::_10Q: :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_10Q: A Rare Drop Koi Koi cover would be AMAZING! :_BYE::_BYE: :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q: :_PAT::_PAT: thank you inaaaa :_pien::_pien::_pien::_pien::_pien::_pien::_pien::_pien::_pien::_pien::_pien::_pien::_pien::_pien::_pien::_pien::_pien: :_10Q::_10Q: Tentacle Icon!!! :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Love you Ina!:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: Have a great day Ina! :_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_OMG::_OMG: Thank you for the stream Ina :_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: :_tehepero::_tehepero::_tehepero: Thanks for the stream, Inanin Yo we are in a game? WAH Congrats :bouquet::party_popper: Bye Bye WAH 10Q :heart_suit: that was really cute & fun :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: TOMMOROW TOMORROW TOMORROW! :_PAT::_PAT::_10Q: :_OMG::_LOVE4EVER: TOMORRROW :_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: Thank you Ina Thanks for streaming. :> Fortnite? TOMORROW  they did lol とぅもろー! Yup we know ina Thank you for the stream! TOMORROW!? 10Q10Q :_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER::_LOVE4EVER: Doggo!! TOMORROW!!!!! oh ? Multiple people ? ok! Thank you for the stream Ina! Take care! True MMO experence right here ToMoRrOw Thank you for the stream Ina, looking forward to the collab soon, bye Ina!:purple_heart::purple_heart::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: TOMORROW!! :_BYE::_BYE::_BYE: See Ya! :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Ame mentioned it on stream :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_10Q: :_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA: Thanks for the stream, Ina! See you next time. Love you!!:_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_10Q: thanks for the stream! Tomorrow! COLLAB! :_KUSA: Fortnite time :_10Q::_BYE::_BYE: T O M O R R O W bye bye I WONDER Abuh-bye~! :_KDTD: :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: fortnotr :_10Q: :_10Q: :_10Q:  see u!!! Bye bye Ina  chu chu chuuuuuuuuuu Thanks Ina!! Bye bye ina, Thanks for the stream! CHU CHU TOMMORROW! Bye bye! :red_heart: Tommorow! bye inaaa TOMORROW!~ tomorrow! TOMORROW !! See you late inaaaaaa! :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_BYE::_BYE::_BYE: bye :_YAWN::_YAWN::_YAWN::_YAWN::_YAWN::_YAWN::_YAWN::_YAWN::_YAWN: Tomorrow!  Bye byeeeeee :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: 

:_WWW::_AAA::_HHH: Lmfao:_KUSA::_KUSA::_KUSA:I love you Ina:purple_heart: So excited for the collab!!! :_BYE::_BYE::_BYE: 

bye bye Ina Wah  Bye bye~ W A H WAH Byeeee~ WAH = w=)7 take care everyone oi miku Thankyou PSO2 =w=)/:purple_heart:  :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH:  Byebye WAH & Goodbye everyone o7  :_WWW::_AAA::_HHH::_RIGHTGLOW: byeeeeeee :_10Q::_BYE::_LOVE4EVER:cya next time!! Shibin!! Wah LOL Left Right Left Right Chu Chu Chu Take care everyone:_LOVE4EVER: :_BYE::_BYE::_10Q::_PAT::_10Q::_OMG::_LOVE4EVER::_GONEXT: :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: :_10Q::_BYE::_BYE: :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: Take care Ina! :_LOVE4EVER: :_BYE::_BYE: :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q::_BYE::_BYE::_BYE: bigg Buh byeeee! WAH! UP DOWN UP DOWN WAH! :eyes:7 lol Tomorrow  who is ready for some fortnite tomorrow? :_KUSA:  :_BYE::_BYE::_10Q::_10Q::_PAT::_PAT::_PAT: :_BYE::_LOVE4EVER: Stay gold :_LOVE4EVER: bye ina~ otsuuuuuu Bye Bye! o7 10Q for the stream Up down Up down chu chu Wah bye guys see you another day :_10Q::_BYE::_BYE::_10Q: =w=)7:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: Bye bye Inaaa! :purple_heart: ina are you gonna post your schedule today :_10Q::_10Q::_10Q: =w=)7 wah :_PAT::_PAT: wah = w=)7 chat Keep being WAHnderful! Take care and rest well Ina!:_PAT::_BYE::_BYE: :_BYE: Takos =w=)7 :_WWW: :_AAA: :_HHH:  BYEE BYEEEEE BYYYYYEEEEEE BYYYYYEEEEEE WAH :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: :_PAT::_PAT::_PAT::_BYE::_BYE: bye bey up down up down chu chu chu:_oyaoya: 10Q Ina  WAH Thank for the stream Ina :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: :_BYE: :_10Q:  Adiós :raising_hands: I