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F*3 :_oof::_oof::_oof: Did someone say.... cats? :_spark: Hi there:_birdie: 

Need to plant Desert plants Mamatori will be mad:_yab::_yab::_yab: Welcome new egg :_sal: Mamatori is going to scold you again :_uhh: OOF even the berries? :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: :_cry::_cry::_cry: F rip balcony plants new attempt next year :_oof::_oof: f 냥이 게이야,,, :_oof: ooof Man…:_pie::_cry: :_oof: :_oof: :_oof:  you didnt give them enough love. I bet you never sang them a song it wasn't meant to be clearly you need some phoenix plants Oh, no, did you let Kanata at them? F berries:_pie: Oh nyo....:disappointed_face::disappointed_face::disappointed_face: Even the Raspberries? painkerikiiii look at them.ears so adorable RIP RIP plants Oh nyoooo RIP:_pray::_pray::_pray: Hello, Tenchou They're DEAD dead Welp, what can ya do... crispy salad maybe for next year get a watering system Mom will scold you Boss? double dead  :_yab::_yab::_yab::_lol::_lol: :_uwa::_uwa::_uwa: Ded:_yab: :_cry::_cry: :3 damn oh noooo THEY ARE FOCKIN DEAD BRUV That's a real shame sadddddd noo, poor plants! nooo Big sadness :crying_face:  poor berry F for the plants RIP plant bois :_pie: That's quite sad Mamatori is shaking her head right now. yeah, heat waves are not nice to plants RIP in Peat Oh, plants are dead? : ( :_oof: Cherry to-mah-toes did you already tell Mamatori:_ban::_ban::_ban: Mamatori weeps in sorrow :_oof: :_uwa: Nooo...:_cry: :_pray:f berry died..? T T so they got overkilled and became undead? Kiara, killer of plants oof RIP :_cry: Maybe next year... 

Open nenes? :eye::eye: I’m just sticking with your right now Don't feel pressureed by such things, you play whatever you feel like 

I've watched ok Yeah, pretty much everyone in Hololive is a cat person lol Follow the cable it''s was very popular on gamer radar since first trailer #WOKE Kianya:orange_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart: there's a secret area in the previous zone cute video #WOKE #YOLK こんばんは:smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: The world building is great in this only thing they sell here is eggs now #WOKE #YOLK #NotACult :_yes::_yes::_yes: :_yes: That video was GREAT watch only Kiara :_lol::_lol::_lol: It was good it was great This area reminds me of my neighborhood somehow :_spark:watch only kiara follow the cable :_yes::_yes: Yeah I watched it It was fun! :_1010::_daw: Yes lol Watch only Kiwawa It was super fun!! I saw the lore live back then yeah  It was great:_sal: It was great YES Yeah, it was great! It was funny Watch only Kiara everday YES:_lol: It was fantastic! yes:_lol: IT WAS AWESOME :_yes::_yes::_yes::_yes:#WOKE #YOLK yes #WOKE #YOLK:_yes: Yes:_lol::_lol::_lol: It was so much fun, absolutely loved it yeah, goo video The Ame part was so unexpected lol watch only kiwawa:_yan: :_yes::_luv: yes:_spark: It’s getting spooky again! it was good Kowkarot with another banger, that was entertaning :_luv::_luv::_luv: It was hilarious:_lol: yes it was hilarious It has been fun with everyone wearing cat ears, but you were the first I watched and I even got the game after your first stream of it. Kowkarot is cracked Yea, it was funny I'm even more WOKE YOLK than ever I already finished the game to not spoil me when watching streams :) :_yes::_daw: i liked it but give me back my ame :_sal::_sal::_sal: yeah, it was really nostalgic #woke #yolk:_luv: I saw that video OMG I didn't!!! I have to!!! :face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear: yup #WOKE #YOLK Oh yeah that was fun! You two are really cranking those out! That was lots of fun :_spark: Can I have my keychain back :_lol:  :3 You mean the #1 AmeGosling video? JUST KIWAWA Im Drunk right now TBH :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy: Yah it was really nostalgic  It turned out great:_lol: 

this is da wai yeah a side route Story time! 

:_spark: lol Please do  letsgooo :_lol::_lol::_lol: Tangent time :_spark: tangent time!!! :_lol: take a grace story time:_spark: :_spark::_spark::_spark: Lol yay tangent time! Kiwawa doko Those stairs are an OSHA violation It was... a tangent Where’d ya go? 와아 Story time!:_spark::_spark::_spark: mama mia! Italy :_spark: MAMA MIA italy :_omg::_omg::_omg: :_omg::_omg: :_lol::_lol: I now oh nice Whaaaaaat?! NANI?! :_wow: what!!!! :_omg:mama mia Huh oh??? Oh cool!! vacation blogger kiwawa Ohh :_spark: Mama mia! Mamma Miaaa!!! :waving_hand::waving_hand:hi kowkarot comment section !!!!! :hand_with_fingers_splayed: Mamma mia!! :_spark::_spark: awesome! Interesting Nice! nice oh! ITALIAAA MAMMA MIA!!! wow story time:_spark::_spark::_spark: OOOO! Italy:_wow::_wow::_wow: OH!? Momma mia Italy!!! I would love to go there :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes: Mama Mia! nice:_spark: Food trip again? ohhh:_spark: MAMA MIA:pinched_fingers::pizza: pastaland cool spaghetti and meatballs! Italy :_spark::_spark: :_spark::_spark:yooo :_wow::_wow::_wow: :flushed_face::flushed_face::flushed_face: GODDAMN TILEA!? How nice  Back to Italy! Mamma mia! wow Hetila:_spark: what!?!?!?!? Kiara the world traveler! Nice:_luv::_luv::_luv: Mozzarella  did u have pasta? Oo nice MAMA MIAAAA mama miaaaaa ooooh nice:_spark::_spark::_spark: :_spark::_spark: Pizza time I was just there! :_spark:  

:_pie::_pie::_pie: :_luv: aww:_pie: 

awwwwww :_pie:  oof peer pressured aww :_luv::_luv::_luv: power of friendship! :_pie::_pie: :_daw::_luv::_daw: of course, they want to be with Kiwawa Pain You’re the reason for the season, Tenchou :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: can goes zoom That's sweet at least getting to hang out with your friends :_daw::_daw::_daw: :_luv::_luv: :_aww::_aww::_aww: Awww..:_daw::_daw::_daw: :_lol: Those are good friends hey Kiara:orange_heart::grinning_cat_with_smiling_eyes: Make it Kiara-con! awwwww Awwww I'm so loneeely, I'm Mr. Loneeeely. I have nobooody for my oooooown, aaawooooooo! That's fair :_pie::_pie::_luv::_luv: beach time and friends time is still valuable :_luv: Did you guys have fun regardless? Aww, social pressure :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: Kiara you asked them to go and then you wanted to bail? They couldn't have fun without Kiwawa, understandable :_pie::_luv::_pie: so you go:_luv: You're a great friend Kiara :_luv: :_luv::_luv:gud reason :_luv: :_luv: :_luv:  Well you needed to get out of it for a little bit anyway, it's good to get a good break At least you got to meet and hang out with friends Aww, you mean a lot to your friends! :_lol::_lol::_lol: no alone for u ehe =)) Yep :red_heart: Yup! yup awww:orange_heart: Yeah :_yes: Good friend Kiwawa:_luv: Did you have a plan B?  Yes yes Awwwwww :_daw: Yeah, that's how you say it That works Close enough you are the glue for many groups 

:_yay::_yay::_yay: No, that elevator leads to the slums not sure if there, maybe? 

1.4mil yo LOL banger :_penlight::_bokbok::_penlight: :_yay::_yay: You know Kiara, you should watch Arcane  Haters hah hah Maya hi Hoi :_penlight::_wah::_penlight: :grinning_squinting_face: Numa Numa! :_penlight: :_lol: :_penlight:  DMCA:_lol::_lol::_lol: :_yan: plz nooo numanuma yeah :_wah: :_penlight::_yay::_penlight: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :musical_notes::musical_notes::musical_notes: That's... an interesting medley you did here :grinning_squinting_face: lol that's the elevator the guardian was at in the first town oldschool memes yay numa numa What a throwback Remember the Numa Numa dance from that guy? :_chicken::_birdie::_chicken: Esto Pesto? LOL:grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face: arcane to numa numa lol Did you watch Kobo sing that? :_yay: we're getting real boomer up here It's not a Kiara stream without random bursts of singing:_yay: :baguette_bread::orange_heart::baguette_bread: :musical_notes::musical_notes::musical_notes::musical_notes::musical_notes::musical_notes: Early youtube :orange_heart::musical_notes::orange_heart::musical_notes::_yay::_yay::_yay: A classic. Welcome back to 2005 all the misouri cute GOD I CANT WAIT FOR KIARAOKE THIS WEEK:_spark::_spark::_spark: :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: Numa Numa Song!!!! ノマノマイェイ Kiara, take it easy, unarchived karaoke isn't till the end of the week not even close ダルシム預かりday :musical_notes::chicken::musical_notes::chicken::musical_notes: baby!!! 

:_spark::_spark::_spark: ayyyyyyyye lol 

:_lol::_lol::_lol: Miko can dance! :_yay::_yay: :_yay::_yay::_yay: BREAK IT DOWN :_yay: IDOL DANCE :_spark: :_spark::_spark: Aye lets go! :_spark::_mgn: They dancing!!! Woooo miko! :_omg::_ohoho::_luv: Break it down! sick move so elite!:_spark: ELITE GROOVE yeee party!!!!! :_omg::_omg::_omg: www Lol :eyes::eyes::eyes: YOOOOOOOO :_spark: LOL :_yay: :_yay: :_yay:  :_lol::_lol: Yeah Miko!! :_spark: MIKO LOOK AT THOSE MOVES :_wow: Lmao preview  PUBLIC ENEMY NO. 1 CAT KIARA :_spark::_spark: :loudspeaker::loudspeaker: AYEEEE Miko concert, exclusively here Miko senpai dancing Pop'n Lock! Yooo she's got movessss Yoooo look at those moves Sick moves right.. Elite Dancing miko 3d live :_penlight::_spark::_penlight: DAYUM baby dance Pop it lock it! :robot::fire: She got them elite moves! elite move :_lol:  :_yay:jooo She does have a 3D Live coming up soon SHE STURDY GO MIGOTI GO reminds me of ina and ame at digital girl having fun? :_mgn::_mgn::_mgn: robot doing the robot, PERFECT it needs akikerkick Robot VS Kiara dance battle when?? :_yay: とうとう日本語話せなくなったにぇ SLAYY break it down Miko! :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: oh so cool He's doing what's called "The Robot" You got her permission to leak it? should have a Dance off with Holomyth She can't speak Japanese, but she speaks Dance:_yay::_yay::_yay: elite moves AYE:_penlight:AYE:_penlight:AYE:_penlight: elite steps Elite dancing :_mgn: :_spark::_mgn::_omg: ELITE MOVES 

so Alien watchalong? that has a cute cat cute is the most powerful illusion  :shelterin::shelterin::shelterin: 

How to attract Kiwawa's attention, cute girls and cat, roger. Mass Effect copium...:_pie: You were trying to sneak across the border weren't you? they dont question that the cat understand their language :_aww::_aww: Get in the giant box, Kiwawa :_wah::_wah::_wah: Troyan Horse operation :_luv::_luv: :_lol::_lol::_lol: I need to google more cat games for you to play lol Are you going to do a poll for game recommendations? :chillwcat::chillwcat::chillwcat: scrodienger kiara kiwawa doko :_cry:  :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: WHAT??! lol :_jii::_jii::_jii: alien isolation has cute cats :) Object Permanence doko? :shelterin: HIDE IN PAPER BOXES :_lol: you cant see me my time is now WHERE?!!! The robot got issues with object permanence?  I think they know object permanence Tenchou Kiwawa doko?! Where is Kiara???:_cry::_cry::_cry: KIWAWA DOKO Kiwawa Doko?? :_okk::_okk::_luv::_luv::_luv: :_lol::_lol: kiwawa doko :_cry::_cry::_cry: :_huh::_huh::_huh: :_huh::_luv::_luv: I DID NOT SEE! Kiwawa doko??? Lol he gonna carry you go to outpost kiara, where are you? Infiltration i will happily hop in good sir K-Kiwawa doko :_pie: Doko? :sad_but_relieved_face: Boss :_cry::_cry::_cry: I miss Kiara:_cry::_cry::_cry: :_spark::_spark::_spark: WHERE ARE YOU?!! Stealthchou 

Gamerchou Sanic Cat lol :_yab::_yab::_yab: 

Heartrate monitor would read ERR yea am SPEED is right here :_lol::_lol: niiiice gaming cat SANICCHOU? :_uhh: i chose the wrong time to look away lol :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes: speeeed Kiwawa the hedgehog  :_yab::_yab: lol :_1010: Nice one Nekopex LMAO niiiiice Lol By the scruff of the cat's neck SANIC? :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::loudly_crying_face: all for a god damn badge GOTTA GO FAST :_lol::_lol::_lol: Kiara, may I please borrow your bat? I just need to bash those taser sentries shits. :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: Nice! :_wah::_wah::_wah: SO worth it :_lol: Panic Run :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: stealth game can be scary:_lol: I wanna see you play more stealth games now lol こわかったなぁ Sanic NEW BADGE, WORTH I really really hope that made a checkpoint lol Neko pin good kitty GAMER OF EN keeping it interesting SANIC :_lol: new flair is always worth it all for a badge:_wah: :_omg::_omg: Thanks for the badge, bro :_wah: Sanic the cat moves:_1010: A foqing badge :_lol: lol :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: go back same way :_lol: :_lol: :_lol:  :_mgn::_mgn::_mgn: that was speed nrunner level moves, for this game I mean 無いよ!トロフィー all according to keikaku I guess :_uhh::_uhh: now the neko says neco Meow use the shortcut Kinyara 

:_yay::_yay::_yay: :_penlight::_spark::_penlight: oh damnnn 

hype:_spark: I love your music, looking forward to the new one! CAN'T WAIT you're getting me excited now that's lwa Glad to hear you're so happy with it:_luv: hype! really selling it Idol trumpets? Sounds good :_spark: CATchy :_lol::_lol::_lol: You're killing me here, Tenchou:_spark: I will be amazing:_spark::_spark::_spark: I trust your judgement, if you say that then I know it'll completely blow us away :_spark: Wow, I'm so hyped now They're on my playlist, so I regularly hear your originals. :_lol::_lol::_uhh: Stream 5th orisong dang guurl, now I'm really curious! :_daw::_daw::_daw: Well Spark was super catchy so I can't wait for the next one then oooh, your other songs are already catchy, looking forward to this You're making us really excited. I'm even more hyped now! :_spark: Cute, I'm looking forward to it! :_spark: :_spark: :_spark:  :_luv::_luv: YES yeah 5th  can you hum us one note? Nice Yeah firth one! :_spark: oooh that is amazing to hear! If you love it this much it must be godly Earworm IKZ :_hey::orange_heart::_sal: :_spark::_spark::_spark: Kiwawa pumping bangers!! Sparks boppin ALBUM WHEN fifth yeah :_luv: WILL IT COME OUT AS MP3? :_spark::_spark::_spark::_wah: :_spark::_spark: Let’s goooo  How many more before you can make a full album? I have no idea how you resist that compulsion, I'm constantly whistling your songs without even noticing :_luv::_luv::_luv: We are all exited!!! can't wait! :_par: Wawa the music machine! You're on a roll kiwawa:_yay: no worries. You're gonna kill it for us. :_yay: Head pats! Proud of you:_luv: 5th original, yes always hyped for your music nice Im so looking forward to it!!!:_spark::_spark::_spark: 

o7*5 :_cry::_cry::_cry: And 3 are gone 

no more backpack Noooooo:_cry: free :_pie: o7:loudly_crying_face: NOOOO :_pie::_pie::_pie: Nooooo :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: :loudly_crying_face:7 cure the 12 year old shark played this F :_cry: :_cry:  :_cry::_cry::_cry::_cry::_cry::_cry::_cry::_cry: :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: :_cry::_cry: Awww he will live in our memory and if he's immortal but all his family and friend died already...so for him it's a release :crying_face::crying_face::crying_face: we will miss you friend B-12 no friend:_cry::_cry::_cry: かなしい awwww ;-; :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face: :_cry: Friend... last human FUCK AAAAAAAAA no :_cry:7 cat best friend the future is feline :_cho::_luv::_smo: Nyooooo , B12 にゃーん… No B-12 i need your Vitamine :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: Noooooo :loudly_crying_face: :loudly_crying_face: :loudly_crying_face:  sad... :( B-12....noooo hugging my kitty right now.... :_cry::_cry::_cry::_cry: ripperoni Im gonna cry man...:_cry:  oh... here we go Sayonara... last human ever lived :loudly_crying_face: gura is 12 Even after becoming a robot, cats are still best friends Man best friend :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: RIP o7 damn... goodbye friend :crying_cat::crying_cat::crying_cat: 

Same :_luv::_luv::_luv: Cute! 

Nah its fine have a nice day kiara, this was an amazing time This was so much fun Kiwawa  soo cute :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes: yeah skip SC please :_okk::_daw::_daw: that's okay Read supers another day. It's all good :_luv: :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: :_daw::_daw::_daw: :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: understand :_aww::_aww::_aww: is okay boss its fine It's okay! lol fair thank you for the cute fun stream Kiwawa No worries Kiara it's alright! No worries! all good boss Skip SC's and go eat Kiara~ It's okay That’s adorable :cat_with_tears_of_joy::orange_heart: No worries Okie dokie Just glad to have you back Great stream, though! you make it great :heart_suit: Oki doki~ o7 Oho? No big deal! thanks for the stream :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: okeoke :_okk::_okk: Np Thank you for the stream Kiara:_luv::_luv::_luv:Take care:_sal::_sal::_sal: :_okk: No prob Bob, it's not even backlogged really It's all good, not many sc to read so its fine Another game complete! Ok Thank you for the stream!!! :_daw: Yeyyyyyy tomorrow is breakday :waving_hand::waving_hand::waving_hand: sounds good! :_daw::_daw::_daw: would be amazing no need to apologize, it was a great playthrough! Would love to hear:_sal: gotcha Keep us updated, mom o7 All good! Have a good sleep Tenchou. Enjoy your cat nap. Thanks for the stream Kiara :orange_heart: Italy trip tangents! :_spark::_spark::_spark: :_okk::_okk::_daw: The tangents of course! :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: Hey it's okay, don't worry. This stream was amazing :_daw: Looking forward to it:_daw::_daw::_daw: More tangents:_spark::_spark::_spark: :_danke::_schon:for the stream Tenchou!!:_luv::_luv::_luv: Tangent streams yup Ogey-peko! It's ok:_luv: You enjoyed yourself and that's what counts:_luv: sure it's gonna be a great story:_luv: Did you take pictures? Alrighty. Don't overwork yourself though. tomorrow maybe? Its fine Kiara not so much sc dont need to be sorry boss..you do you Looking forward to it, tenchou!! Thanks for the good time Kiara!:_luv: no worried we should be good 

Tangent stream IKZ :_daw::_daw::_daw: Thank you for the stream! Love and blessings! 

They are my favorites :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: thank you for the fun stream :) Kiwawa tangents:_spark::_spark::_spark: Thank you mommy Kiwawa :_luv::_luv::_luv: Sounds Good Tenchou:_luv::_luv::_luv: thanks for streaming and congrats for finishing this game :clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands::clapping_hands: 無理しないでね:_luv: ごめんなさい :_luv: :cat::cat::cat: ty for stream tenchou catto eyes :cat2: お疲れ様でした! 了解だよ! I went to the bathroom and missed the ending It was really fun, thank you for the stream :_luv: i love you boss ur the ebst streamer :_danke::_schon: it's fine:_luv::_luv::_luv: Thanks for the stream kiwawa God I love how your ears move :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: that was lovely:_pet: Thanks for the stream kiara!:orange_heart: Thank you Kiwawa :_luv: Props to you Kiwawa for beating this dope game Top tier stream. Thank you for all your hard work Kiara!!!!!! thanks for the stream Thank you for the stream Kiara!!!:orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: It was super cute!! Loved your reactions ty tenchou! Thank you thank you Kiwawa sounds good Thank You for the Fun Stream:_luv::_luv::_luv: thanks for the stream :_luv: :_daw::_daw: Your streams always make me smile i loved staying up for it Did you take pictures in Italy?  thanks for the stream! the lore is so sad for humans Thank you for the stream, Kiara! this was a great play through, loved it Miss Completionist Great stream, enjoy dinner :_luv::_luv:awesome stream goood one Bye bye kiwawa  looking forward to the next! thank you Kiara! Congratulations お疲れ様でした_(._.)_ Excited for the rest of the week Thanks for the stream Wawa loool really good game! ゆっくり休んでね! :orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: たのしかったです