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hi*3 :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameUhh: Ame!!! 

:_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameYay: Hi ame!! :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: muted hello there :_ameYay: Hi Ame! Look who it is :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHeh: :_ameHic1::_ameHic2: hi ame :slightly_smiling_face: Hi Ameee! :_ameHic1::_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameYay::_ameYay: ame ame ameeee Oh hey ame:_ameHeh: hi ame :_ameYay: :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHic2::_ameCry: hi ame ame koko:_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: Hi Ame  Ame doko Hellooo hello Hi Ame Hiya ame :yellow_heart: Ame!:_ameYay: Ame!!! Hello~ yooooo TESTTESTTEST CUTE ame robe and wizard hat test test test test it is bowson !!!!!!!! :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameYay:. :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameYYY::_ameEEE::_ameHeh: test testestestest Hey Ame :yellow_heart: :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameLove: Ameeee, hi, test check hello amelia watson test:_ameLove: Hello :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: Test:_ameHeh: Hi ameeeeee Helloooo wassup ame lol the apex layout Neemuted HIII AMEE Hi Amelia! Apex looks different  hiiii ameee Hi Ame!!:_ameYay: :_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE::_ameCute: TEST  :_ameHic1: :_ameHic2: :_ameYay:  hihi :_ameHic1::_ameHic2: again ameeeeee hi ame! :_ameCool::_ameCool::_ameCool: still have the map cover lol nice hat watson Hats a little off :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Hi again Watson It’s me Fan isnt loud  [ES] Amehola,dejenme bajar el nivel del ventilador Still pretty hot there? :_ameYay::_ameYay: Hi Ameeeeeeee Yooooo fan remote :_ameHeh: こんにちはアメ test :_ameYay: ame cute Ah nice, you got the mapo covered Ello ame This has beena great gaming day test test! Hello Ame!!! Hi Ame~ Hi ame Hello!!! :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE::_ameEEE::_ameEEE::_ameYay::_ameYay: T E S T E S T E S T E S T E S T Amelia:moai: HI AMEEEEEEE :_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE::_ameEEE::_ameEEE::_ameEEE::_ameEEE::_ameEEE::_ameEEE::_ameEEE::_ameEEE::_ameEEE::_ameEEE::_ameEEE::_ameEEE::_ameEEE::_ameEEE::_ameEEE::_ameEEE: Testing! Testing, Testing, testing, TESTING! Hi Ame!:yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: Hi ame  

ackshually:_ameThink: frog, got it did you eat it?:_ameHeh: 

lol :_ameHeh: :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameYay: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Frog  YASSSS GURL uh huh uh huh fr fr :nerd_face: Hi Ame:_ameLove: hi phrog :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face: AKSHUALLY I'm sorry Ame:_ameSad: crazy basilisk  Yeah chat pls know your stuff:_ameCute::_ameCute: ackshually Um, achsually acktually :index_pointing_up::_ameSmug: we hear it now What Basilisk? hallo ame :_ameHeh:  akshually :_ameSmug: :_ameSmug: :_ameSmug:  Kero Kero :_ameGator:fwog Yes now Hi Ame! they havent played dark souls the first yes :_ameHeh: You were the one who called it a frog!!! i did i did saw it  :_ameGator:frog :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: we cant read you're not actually eat that frog right?:_ameHeh: You always called it frog :_ameHeh:  nice thumbnail btw:_ameHeh: elden bling i noticed I did That's mAh roommate when it's 12 am Crazy frog elden bing chilling We noticed in free chat I did lol LMAOO  i mentioned it AFTER you changed it. Lmaooooo looking at other things I noticed :_ameSad: it was funny I liked it! Did Ame just "um ahck-ually" us? saw it as elden bing lol We noticed in the freechat HAHAHAH U SO FUNNY QUEEN It speaks for itself mid tier joke :_ameHeh: You called it a frog first F :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: Elden Bing Chilling  Didn't know :_ameSad: Huh change it back elden bling Watson GOZEI NA CALCINHA DA MINHA TIA find the church Didn't notice there was a joke? Haha Funny:_ameHeh: hi ameeee wait sorry I forgot to laugh I'm gonna Elden Bing it i was looking at something else :_ameSmug: i didnt see it darn lol It was OK funny to cerebral  You made a joke?:_ameHeh: Haha very funny ame:_ameHeh: level up first ame funny did laugh didn't wanna call you out like that We did :_ameHeh: 

F*5 Slam would prob do 1/4 damage :_ameHeh: 

NYAAAAAAA :_ameYYY::_ameAAA::_ameAAA: :_ameUhh: :_ameYYY::_ameAAA::_ameAAA::_ameAAA: did they need bleed on katana? Same reason you roll. :_ameHeh: that sound he was tarnished too iirc :_ameCute: peak Ame noises :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: ㅇㅇ? Did Gura ever continued this game again  :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: practice not rolling backwards :_ameGator:hahahaha LOL :_ameDed: :_ameDed::_ameDed: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: wowow lmao :_ameUhh::_ameUhh: That sht followed you :eyes: ame......... man it's unfair they can regen this should be called unfair Boned  LMAO DODGE lol Oof! :_ameHeh:  It was ame... Ame... It curves Lol :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameDed: Easy! :_ameHeh:  you actually were in it LETS GO!!!! gitgud He had the power :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: gg dam got styled on those have tracking :_ameSad: He cheating for sure :_ameRage:  :_ameCry::_ameCry: You were in it:_ameHeh: You need to Roll ^^ :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameDed: You didn’t toll tf are you doin ame that attack curves outplayed 1 trick ame www git gud o_0 It was visibly touching you it did touch you :moai: The Ping! AMEEEEEEEE AoE baby hehe :_ameDed: your toes got electrocuted  oof It kinda spreads like 3 way LET CHAOS TAKE THE WORLD Lightning Bolt! :grinning_squinting_face: DODGE ROLL LOO :_ameDed:  unfortunately you were in it yeah this dude tracks hard 

fr*3 go to the other side of the canyon :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: 

Hello ame I am sad but your stream makes me a little happier  lmao do you want the answer lol :_ameHeh: :_ame100: real :_ameThink: Guys please [ES] Ame:hay un puente invisible? no, me estan mintiendo, no es un puente there is, but not on this side :_ameHic1::_ameHic2: :_ameAAA::_ameMMM::_ameEEE::_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove: .... :_ameHeh: it's true there is :_ame100: fr fr calli did this yesterday lol :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: not cap you're right :_ameSmug: it is it is though! there is a bridge tho :_ameHeh:  It's :_ame100::_ame100::_ame100: real :_ameThink::_ameThink::_ameThink: believe :folded_hands: Invisible bridge did Ame meet the samurai invader? you can shoot arrows on it to see it fr fr from other side yup yup no they're right, there's an invisible bridge from the other side of the cliff leap of faith fr fr:_ame100: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: good it's not a bridge actually not a lie lol u need find it かわいい :_ameGator:lol Oo its a fridge this one took me a looong while it's a bridge (she wont find it) This is so hard to find Good luck finding it no really there's a bridge It is a bridge… good luck dont die You wont Trash chat NO BACKSEATING YALL Answer is not nearby Ame is also cute today:_ameYay: messages and bloodstains :_ame100: :_ame100: :_ame100:  AME DOKO??? no bridge I had to google this, it's ridiculous you're honestly not likely to find it you gotta belive  No cap I dont think the reward is worth it for your build  there is actually is a bridge chat backseating smh my head the answer is cheese Teamates never lie Level up Ame 

fr*4 aaa let her figure it out chat :_ameThink::_ameThink::_ameThink: 

oh yuck. this one sucked :_ame100::_ame100::_ame100: chat is pulling ame's leg again NO CAP :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Welcome new investigator :_ameGator: no spoiling chat fr fr being online already spoils you for this part anyway bridge is a lie abridged There is but later welcome :_ameGator: :_ameArm2::_ameGator::_ameArm1: :_ame100::_ameHeh: ppl no cap This one’s really hard you sure? :_ame100: welcome:_ameGator::_ameArm1: Maybe :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameYay: :_ameThink:  frfr fr fr :_ame100: :_ameHeh:  :_ame100:fr :_ame100::_ame100: fr fr no cap I couldn’t get this one without looking it up :_ameHeh: AmeWay if u look carefully u can see it :_ameZoom: fr fr sike no cap fr fr  seek messages fr fr :_ame100:  yes it true go to the opposite side not saying :_ameHeh: throw the stone ame to check chat tryin to spoil everything ever Maybe... spend souls first... It's actually an invisible ass print that you need to ground pound. :_ame100:fr fr :_ameGator::_ameArm1: :_ameZoom: fr fr ong let's just say you need rainbow stones to find where you're going just level acrobatics and jump it  100% Look at the air, carefully see :_ameHeh:  on the other side :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart: fug shes too smart when did we ever lie fr fr :_ame100::_ame100: other side of cliff Nope it's the way in Other side go to other side you get inside via the bridge look for the snow. no No, gotta come from that other end Go from the opposite side from the other side It starts on the other side welcome new investigator~! :red_heart:  welcome new :_ameArm2::_ameGator::_ameArm1: no you use it to get inside across 

Bloodstains will not float randomly:3 :_ameUhh: don't look down color doesnt matter 

777 it doesnt the color you gotta have faith:_amePray: Color doesn't matter :_ameUhh: random colors yes its just random :_ameHeh: color doesn't matter RAINBOW stones. different colors ye rainbow colors its fine Rainbow color :slightly_smiling_face: They're all different colors Use your arrows, instead. it' random Rainbow stones it's :_ameRgb: Ame that helps to act twice  just random color on each use color is random there called rainbow stones taste the rainbow colors are random Colors dont mean anything every throw is a different color They do that  they change every time  Rainbow yeah RBG rocks ... :rainbow: they are rainbow colors [ES] Ame:espera es azul, por que la otra es amarilla, como la tiro? it's rainbow stones after all they're all different colors, it doesn't mean anything just colors, check that they don't fall down they are rainbow stones Collors don't matter RAINBOW it's just random they are always different colors Follow the messages and bloodstains they're rainbow boys Use arrows. all colors of the rainbow  well, it is RAINBOW stones :_ameGator:lol random Rainbow colors Only drop The horse controls like garbage. Use attack to move forward what Color doesn't make a differences you can use arrows yes its rainbows stones Random use your bow just follow the bloodstains nope lol its colorful Rainbow arrows RGB Stones use rainbow arrow rainbow stones are all colors just small little tosses lol just drop :_ameThink: you can go forward to the snow they change colors. lol Trust only in the force rainbow look where the messages and bloodstains are it's like a regular item 

There is one The jellyfish No kids allowed, Adult Swim 

Nah you pop out all groun up :_ameGator:Oo! ayo? no they all died Children'less .... :_ameHeh: children aren;t real :_ameHeh: What are you gonna do with those children? All the children became jellyfish children are not worthy of the Lands Between :_ameUhh: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: children wouldn't survive lol its elden ring not children ring There are ghost children though probably for the best its like Children of Men Jellyfish are children all ded :loudly_crying_face: no more normal people here anymore you saw jar children technically miquela is Everyone is just born fully grown:_ameUhh: Isn't everybody some kind of undead? why do u want to see children in elden ring there are some :_ameRage: rrats I like your traffic cone, Ame All the children turned to jellyfish 'Ello Ame!!:rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag: they unlive because theyre weak :_ameGator:lol Grafted scions are children You saw baby crabs and baby takos they cant survive here there's kids in bloodborne... BEGONE they're born fully grown got attacked by bae only dogs not the younglings, Ame! in the rennala fight  Lll piggies are cute there is a somewhat child in this but not really a child  begone! :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: renala's children? :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: Kill those rats  Well technically there are, but uh It's because everyone is Undead so everyone is Infertle Bae massacre :_ameUhh: Believe me ame you don't want childrens in miyazaki's universe....:_ameUhh: :_ameLighto::_ameYay::_ameLighto: Sion is a child as well as mikella well most of the resident are immortals that could rot but couldn't die so yeah...no children...aside from malenia's little brother the heads of the grafted scions might be children 

noice get dooted :_ameHeh: NICE 

nice :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: Nice:_ameYay: :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: :_ameRage: :_ameLighto::_ameYay::_ameLighto: :_ameHeh: dooted to death Noice :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameCool::_ameCool: Nice :_ameParty:  leggo Nice EZ:_ameCool: :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: :clapping_hands: water is super effective :_ameCool: Dooooooot :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: bubbled to dearth! :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: :_ameHeh:  Phew:3 there you go lol got it :_ameZoom: LETS GOOO :_ameYay: :_ameZoom:  nicee Ask and ye shall receive yoooo you got it lol :_ameTTT::_ameTTT: shield ay ez titty shield get ask and you shall receive :_ameParty::_ameParty: ITS YOURS CONGRATS :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh:  nice! Niceee!  Asked and ye shall receive. Let’s gooooo spoke too soon :_amePray::_amePray::_amePray: Oh yes loot drop Nice! ask and ye shall receive OH There you go LOL  good job Can we cannon people? nice:_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: :_ameParty:New weapon:_ameParty: :_ameTTT: :_ameHic2: :_ameTTT: :_ameTTT: :_ameYYY: shield :_ameHeh:  Well there you go There you go:_ameHeh: POG :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: well it has a cannon in it He drops it every time. he always drop it Yoooooooo Thats a crazy shield neither only you guaranteed drop Nice!!! :_ame100::_ame100: skill need more STR  [ES] Ame:quier oel escudo.. oh lo tengo, parece que necesita mucha fuerza really drops it Its a fixed drop 

:_ameHeh: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: I absolutely LOVE this hat... and the fact that she is wearing too... BRILLIANT!!! 

lol no? thats the other map :_ame100:real real fake giants this isnt where you were looking lol I uhh think they died...  :_ame100: Silly:3 look at the map that's the other map lol fr fr  different area :_ameHeh:look again map and grace nice :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: You do for the part you were looking at the other area  This is not the place :_ameHeh:  You didn't get the part of the map you think you got lol different map :_ameHeh: you got a different map lol The other way no we meant the LEFT SIDE of the frozen area. @Nines:_ameUhh: different map um.... nooo :_ameClown::_ameClown::_ameClown: We would never You do:_ameHeh: we would never lie Never!:_ameLove: They are prerecorded just like Ame I would never lye to you we would never  other map :_ame100:real:_ameHeh: theres another map the other side to the left needs a secret medallion LMAO  :_ameGator:lol there is a secret area, but its to the west look again LMAO Welcome to frozen Hell Lmao all the time ahaha check your map you're not there Chat would never lie or be wrong. Different map gottem COINPURSE LOL this isnt what you were talking about when has chat NOT been wrong about something? check your map again detective:_ameHeh: the other area :_ameHeh: lmao I skipped everything from this Grace  i always lie that's an other area  LOL tahts other map Secret way is for a different area. Go to the church Ame :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh:  look at the map, ame Giant, but hole 

EZ*4 No*2 Get dooted no 

:_ameHeh: doot him :_ameRage: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: DOOT DOOT famous last words :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: lol :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: DOT SUPREMACY get dooted rob He's got the rivers of blood katana Dooooooot :_ameHeh: family honor the HONOR dooted its dishonorable :_ameHeh: RoB users have no dignity Yeah he can swing and swing that lmao I mean, i beat him on my first try, so not "hard" if you have high health or magic builds Rivers of blood =/= dignity :saxophone::_ameHeh: Nice! :_ameYay::_ameYay::_ameYay: nice Nice Nice!!! gg :_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: NICE GROUND POUND LOLOLOOLOL GG EZ kek LMAO STOMP die rob user ezzz :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: :_ameYay: :_ameCool: ez op weapon watson EZ :_ameCool:  Lol Doot > RoB :_ameHeh:ez :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: best weapon in the game Perfect! NICE:_ameParty::_ameParty::_ameParty: 🫧:trumpet::_ameHeh: no he did best weapon KEK no it is fine ground pounded THE Katana clapped LOL that laugh LMAOOO meta katana great katana GROUND POUNDED Yes coooooool sword yes noice He was cheating first :_ameSmug: no.. YEAAA lmaooooo ITS BROKEN Best katana best sword in game :_ameUhh:damm The meme katana basically Best weapon in the game ground pound! Epic item OP weapon Hi Ame Rivers of Cheese OP sword will she use it NOW you can fight with no dignity doot is the ultimate cheese apparently. a MUCH better version pvp katana RIVERS OF AME GroundPounded Its so cheesy and cheap lmao  the meme sword everyone uses :_ameZoom: Sounds metal af :_ameRage: YES is it still broken? 

BEEEEEG :_ameUhh::_ameUhh: :_ameUhh: 

:_ameHeh::_ameHeh: nice amelia dootson NICE lol phase 2! :_ameHeh: lmao that slow fireball :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: :virtualhug::virtualhug::virtualhug: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: This is an amazing cutscene  Phase 2 time that fire ball attack is obtainable LMFAO :_ameZoom: :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: Aaargh :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: saved by the cutscene lmao LMAO lmaoo  :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: LOL nice~ Wow Second phase, be careful oh jesus ouch his feet ouch whut isekai'd :_ameSad::_ameSad::_ameSad: Lol nice! nice play Ooof owie LMAOA owie! bruh this fight is one of my faves phase 2 :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: :_ameUhh::_ameUhh: it'll buff out :_ameUhh:  :_ameSad: oof owie his foot 1st try knocked into a cutscene LOL MY LEEG :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: amelia love from syarif KAWAII kill him :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: Phase 2 IKZ! ! !:_ameHeh::_ameRage: :face_with_open_mouth: Going well! :_ameCry: :_ameRage: HIS ANKLES Oh he’s mad mad mad freed him :_ameGator:Ooo  no hurt him this guy is a bastard  yes leg hort Brutal....:_ameUhh: :_ameCry::_ameCry: Oof owie my leg my leeeeeg he's morbin The feeling when you step on a lego getting a leg up on the competition literally 2nd face :_ameUhh::_ameUhh:ouch FOOT  ame how could you:_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: who needs legs And here. We. GO! my leg! 

F*6 nt*3 f*2 

:_ameHeh::_ameHeh: G E R D his arm is his weak spot :_ameDed: :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: lmao  :_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameEEE: :_ameHeh: :_ameDed::_ameDed: :_ameHeh::_ameDed::_ameDed: aame..... :_ameDed:  nice first try :clapping_hands: lol 7 damage lol Nice try tho! Not bad for a first try rip nice try not a bad first try! OUCH good try 1st try Ame please:_ameHeh::_ameHeh: nice try tho his hands take extra damage u did good  it was a good first attempt Swap the sword Not bad for a first try honestly lol F:_ameDed: NT tho that one arrow will get him lol Nooo nice tryy! now we got the starts 7 try horse heyyyyyyyyyyy change you katana Damn, good first try though near dear ame get TumbleWeed'd Good try close excellent first try tbh bowson still fighting:_ameHeh: just use your sword ame Good first try! on~~~ the big eye deds Good first try LMAO F not bad not bad Good first try tho Gotta hit the pot that was the funniest attempt ever:_ameHeh: using torrent was expensive good 1st try epic ame :grinning_squinting_face:  Also use your regular katana he's a fire type bring a water bucket Ameeee noooo. We will never forget you !! At least you know what you got to do:_amePray: Bubbles, but hole It's amazing after months of elden ring all of en is fighting this boss withing a few days of each other nice first try tho:_ameHeh: Fire arrow vs Fire Giant lul 

lmao NT! :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: 

you gotta stay away for that initial volley, he will always start with giantsflame LOL that fire is deadly lol :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: what PHRASING oh :_ameHeh: Don't walk into slow AoEs skill issue :_ameHeh:  that's what she said LMAO ame pls got for the ass and dodge the fire :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: lol  You getting there  :eyes::eyes: you mean arse right? :_ameHeh: [ES] Ame:ok quizas deberia parar de ir derecho hacia el rasero, no voy a pararme ahi want dem cheeks AME WHAT protip: don't get right under him when he does the fire pillar thing killed you with his dong squeeky clean :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: oh ame.. That moves is brutal hands are his weakness 2nd phase :_ameGator:lol ok Thats a nice way of living :_ameHeh:  Perhaps:_ameHeh: lol holy. . . she is just busted For the fire patches on the ground, you can stand in between the fire patches, dont have to worry about running out entirely :_ameRage::_ameRage::_ameRage: The GroundPownder Insctinct Tea bagged Alexander's kinda useless Bad luck! watch the ground during that attack! There are gaps in the fire, so you can technically stay there too More of a hands guy honestly theres a grace near the entrance uhm.. :_ameDed: That's a quote:_ameHeh::_ameHeh: as is the best part tho :_ameSmug: cheesed The ass is a danger zone There’s fire just underneath you lol ame.... cute yawn 

Ame that was perfect  go DO go. 

Go to the pot touch grace only magic run ng NG+ lets gooo Do go it's fine yes, not yet you won't its the next story area it's fine just go Go there if you want to You can go to it, just don't burn tree. yeah, point of no return You can go to the pot point of no return Do go :_ameHeh: You did it for Bowsen. May her valor be forever remembered. you can if you want you can its fine Why not? You have to go here to progress pot progress the story not yet i guess You must go do eeety He may have not escaped death, but he escaped the ground pound Depends what ending you want go go go Its fine to go go to it Just go you can go if you want GO you can touch the grace It will create a world change why not? its fine Yes go  do npc Just activate the sight of grace if anything You can go to it just don't talk to Melina do it you can finish the sewers if you want to save your maiden just go, this is your story go now The pot is point of no return MAY CHAOS TAKE THE WORLD! its fine :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: It will put you in the endgame and cut off lots of stuff Ame pogger dive right in Naaa gooooo i will go don't go yet go if you want please go go if you want to Grab the grace You can go if you want  Gone you can now you beat him there is still more area to go farther back Yes the pot advances the story it finishes the story It progresses the game yes behind you ye It progresses the story Up at the pot go for it amee Haha… the pot is the one point of no return u can take grace Don't It's an option Don't go, until u finished all the side quest Go to the pot, There is a point of no return AFTER the next area dont die Doesn't matter :eyes: perhap 

TALK to the lady Don’t rest in the grace you can 

just talk to her yes Its fine to progress the story u can talk to her You must progress do story ok jump now Just say not yet You can talk to her yeah dont talk if you dont wanna progress :_ameZoom: you can talk to her you can talk to her if you want Okay, now jump in Dont talk with melina DO TALK TO HER achievement down do it:_ameHeh: bruh there's a legendary weapon at the bottom “Treasure ahead, try jumping” you can do whatever you want You can? Like what are you going to miss lmao cute yawn! Pog Talk to Melina, progress the story Faith You CAN talk to her :_ameGator:sleep go? Talk to her if you want to progress the story. theres no reason not to do a flip If you wanna continue the story do it you can, nothing is locked by talking to her Correct talking to the lady progresses the main story, but there's som eside stuff you can do first Talk to her faith faith for bubbles sure :_ameThink: :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHic3: Dex MOAR FAITH DO talk :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHic3:' HIC :yawning_face: is there stuff you want to do before the ending? Yes talk to her chat doesn't know Faith :_amePray:  :_ameHeh: More Faith for more doot Yes  stength for the shield? The only thing that is locked out is the gold mask quest chat yeah faith faith is good faith again hic you can continue unless there's any minor quests you feel like doing more faith more doot:_ameYay: Talk to her, don't listen to chat :_ameHic1: :_ameHic2: :_ameHic3:  she will let you choice  Faith  Yes Endurance talk the sewers go talk talk to her why not talk to her? YOU SHOULD you can talk to her, you'll see you lose dialogue in sewer if you talk to her now but shes lonely talk to her Talk :winking_face: Go for it You HAVE to talk to her  you have some quests left Its really the same  it's fine to progress the story if you want to Do it  you can still do everything who cares do it in new game plus talk to her, chat stfu You should if you want to progress. Talk talk Secret snow area! talk to her  FAITH 

Chat isnt correct  just go the secret area to the north 

Try down, then regret Secret Area Yes do it i mean you can Talk to her, it's fine :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHic3::_ameZoom: You need to if you want to continue the story. TALK TO HER :_ameHic1::_ameHic2::_ameHic3: you should do it chats is dumb as hell do it If you want to progress the story then do it :_amePray:fsi it's fine chat there's just some optional side quests for some gear... nothing big... Depends how you want to progress the game collect deathroot? theres only one other thing to do but it doesnt matter you can still decline other parts of the map ame is afraid to talk to girls There's the Haligtree Its fine to progress the story you can talk to her, just say no if you dont want to progress Lava swimming  you can talk to NPC at start of zone not right now You should There is nothing else other than the NPC quest Please this game is months old. How do people still think this is a lockout? It's safe to talk i would fight Malenia? :_ameThink::_ameThink: go talk  Don’t  Go find the Haligtree. Depends on if you want to do some other stuff The secret area if you wanna :red_heart:Save her with millicent questline:red_heart: You can Just don;t accept her offer its fine to just continue some sidequests will be unavailable :_ameUhh: do it :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameGator:Oooh its just to progress the main story should what kind of ending do you want to do Talk to Melina, progress the story yes, talk to her  :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: I mean what else are you going to do lol Chat is dumb this time Npc will just end their quests, and or die No point not talking to her chat is dumb you can go You can progress the story until the next part. If you beat the last MAIN boss of the next area then it's a point of no return it locks some story stuff If you want to continue the story, you have no choice. clear anything from Leyndell before talking she will let you choice :_amePray:Faith you don't really have choice :thinking_face: Why the split level between int and faith? Chat thinks its a lockout point but its not Talking to her will advance the story. ye democracy!! the fingers that's a good ending in my opinion Vote for lava swimming  :_ameHeh:  You can talk to her, she offers you a to continue or not well its up to what you want to do Did she reach the frenzied flame yet? Melina has interesting dialogue there there's still a secret area left! make a separate save first talking is bad halgitree Dew it doesn't really matter either way No reason not to Loud typing  Talk but don’t do what she asks to do if you dont want YES Embrace the Frenzied Flame The point of no return is the boss of the next area. Until then whatever Well, if you are so inclined...below the Capital of Leyndell lies the Shunning Grounds, and even further lies something else... i don't know what you've done but i don't think anything dratical will happen You can just talk but not pick da thing sewer first She would want and malenia?? Just progress Ame, you already done most of the things except sewer. :_ameLove::_ameLove::_ameLove: If there’s anything you want to finish in the world then do it before you tell her you’re ready.  Find the haligtree  Arcane depends, do you want to progress?? 

did she already do Melania? you can still go to the Haligtree even after this only missable thing is Bolt of Gransax 

She will burn down the Erdtree should do the Haligtree part ? :red_heart:Save her with millicent questline:red_heart: this is NOT A LOCK GUYS all those idiots saying no guys she can still find the haligtree after, quit spazzing  gain more of the map up to you :_ameHeh: voting time:_ameYay: ultimately, its up to you :_ameHeh:let's go Finish Millicent's quest embrace rhe flame just talk yeys are winning it talk to her no reason not to you can talk just say no when she asks :_ameYYY::_ameEEE::_ameYYY: has no real effect Would be cool to go to the Haligtree first why not? Yey  Doesn't matter yey Talk to Melina, progress the story You need to, to progress the story. you can TALK but DONT ACCEPT Try secret area first? meant to pres yey yay You can talk, just tell Melina No lets go :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: You have to  its fine it won't change the level If you proceed you'll lose out on some things also I have no idea what I am voting for this part is not a lockout Imagine spelling yay as 'yey' :_ameHeh: Yes let's finish elden ring Go with minirity It does change world state 1000% FRENZIY FLAME go go :_ameHeh:lets go Yey:_ame100: Why not, there's not much that changes sewer yes leyndell items will be gone, grab anything important u can always go to other area so its ok wait can I change my answer you're not at the point of no return yet malenia? No real effect actually There's no locked out content I Love Voting Time Chat is being weird, you have to talk to progress. only matters if you want to 100% the game ACCEPT yea it really shouldnt matter, do what you think you should do on your first playthrough :_ameDrool: 

dont do what YOU want do it 

FUCKING DO IT its rlly up too you secret area will not be affected just dew the dew Unless MOHG it's the next boss that will change everything, not this Did you get the legendary spear in Lendyll? Don't confuse her chat yup This poll just illustrates the amount of people who don't know there are side quests That's just how you progress the story chief The only thing you get locked out of is Bolt of Gransax if you don't have it you arent doing any sidequests where not progressing it matters glitch Yeeee you can technically save her but nothing really changes it doesnt matter... its okay jumpppppp up to you:_ameLove::_ameLove: hackermans its fine ame Do it they glitched Sewers are still accessible after accepting  We're here for you Ame :_ameLove: you can go Bae end too ame go back under capital Will you spare your maiden or sacrifice her? [ES] Ame:como consiguen cosas por ahi, es para el siguiente area? It’s fine No hacker  You could go to the sewers  ...... I don't know she can still go to the sewer afterwards next area: you teleport there If you want to do a specific evil sidequest, wait.  time to jumppppp up to you unregistered gargoyle head over there if don't want to do sidequests in capital then accpt it doesn't lock you out from anything Ame going to be mad at us either way :_ameSad: the poll... it doesn't lock anything do it Ame wtf y, yeah Do as you wish, and regret:smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: Chat is wrong :grinning_squinting_face: talking to her doesn't lock you from anything but one ending possibility Just do something 69% lmaoo it wont block any sidequest Just do it its the same tbh dewit your choice ame flip a coin idk why chat is saying no, it doesnt end the game go to capital Don’t now This isn't a lock~, its FINE Listen to your kokoro:_ameLove: chat voted DO IT follow your heart why are people saying no?? Its either this or the sewers do what you want chat quit backseating Just dew it then do it do what YOU want to do u can go back whenever u want :_ameHeh: sewer gives you other ending just do it. just do it  just do it wrong warp? lol its fine Look it up Just do it wtf JUST DO IT  ok do it then go ahead you have to You wouldn’t know better yeah lol do it then i did it  just do it! this is to go to the next area then just do it lol Then do it! Then do it let's go Bae Ame holy hell chat dumb, accept do it then !! jump inside to teleport to a secret location 69% yey DO IIIITTTTT do you have any quests left? do what you want :_amePray: In that case, just do it. well you're with us now :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: let's just do it! Listen to the poll You can't avoid it You have enough runes for another level then lets go for it Litereally no reason to not DEW IT Castle Sol Do it bet you won’t  its really up to you  yes just do whatever you want lmao Lets do it lol Ye Don't worry just do what you want it's not point of no return   NO YOU CAN SAVE HER Why did you have us vote if you were gonna let 30% fucking sway you Go for it Find the secret medallion  yes:_ameRage: DOMIT do it  Need to go to rune farm first before haligree ameway :_ameThink::_ameThink::_ameThink: no :_ameRage:  talk to shabiri first No, there's another way i did it too lol you must :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: This isn't a lock, its FINE Yes it's required well... yes  

o7*13 :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: :_ameSalute: 

:_ameSalute::_ameArm1: :_ameSalute::_ameSalute::_ameSalute: :_ameSad::_ameSad::_ameSad: pretty best girl after ame :_ameCry:  :_ameSad::_ameSalute: good-bye Disco Inferno :_ameCry: :loudly_crying_face: BURRRRNN  goodbye :_ameSad::_ameSad: :_ameCry::_ameSalute: :_ameSalute::_ameSalute: lmao :_ameSalute::_ameSad: :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameHeh: she lives in our hearts maidenless once more :heart_on_fire::heart_on_fire::heart_on_fire: O7 :_ameSad::_ameArm1: the end? :_ameCry:RIP MELINA salute to the queen No maidens  :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameCry::_ameLove: maidenless I mean, she did touch you, with fire! :fire:  Ame is once more MAIDENLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We already have a wife  lmao!! Pain :fire::smiling_face_with_tear::fire: MELINA DOKO :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry:she is the only one WHAT DID YOU DO AME [ES] Ame:tenemos otras miadens esta bien, pero solo un arbol Noooooo I havent seen someone this hot since Tenchou F maidenless:_ameHeh: Mogh Area Next for rune farm :_ameCry: not the tree ^^7 at least we got ranni eh, there's lots of trees o7  maindenless yet again you just kill her and mass kill many people in the elden ring world cold :_amePopcorn: theres a lot of trees actually BRUH Time for maidenless こんにちは~ I love you :kissing_face: Maidens in different area codes :_ameSad: yeah bowson has her moon wife :_ameHeh: Wild place:3  Our maiden supply is running dangerously low :_ameSad:  oklahoma Ame, there's like... 7 or 8 trees Word up :_ameCool: now u are maidenless :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: :mushroom::mushroom::mushroom::mushroom::mushroom: :eyes: ewww fungi hands Melina you’ll always be famous  :_ameGator:king? no there are two trees such a hot waifu :_ameZoom::_ameZoom::_ameZoom: :_ameUhh: time for the best fucking area in the game :_ameLighto::_ameCry::_ameLighto: Farum Azula time! lol :_ameUhh::_ameUhh: Melina is the OG maiden tho' 

you can You can still go yeah\ yes 

yeah, soon never yeah you can yes u can You can only 1 area changes Yes Yes. yes. All but one no horse ahead You'll see yeah you can travel once you sit at a grace Yea Most areas, but not all You can still go places right now yes, you just got locked out from one ending so far yes you can you can go back You will later You can still do everything yea everything is still there u go back everyone died :_ameCry: Yes, its fine the capital is gone find grace first to get out of that area yes, you only need to rest at a grace time to find out :slightly_smiling_face: you're not locked out you can go everywhere whenever just that melina is gone Yes you can You can go back, you just need to find a grace first you can after you find first grace the erdtree hasn’t fully burned yet The only place you can't go is the old capital. You still can. you can  yeah, its fine, just rest at grace and you can telport I hate the roll catch they do so much Some areas are gone everything still there forever  yes get to the next bonfo need to progress more Yaeh. After you get to your first grace Yes you can still reach secret zone, and the two other places  just don't kill boss of farum azula and capital won't change only after a certain boss does one area change  You can go back. But one area changes after beating the boss of this area. You can actually leave farum now and return later only old leyndell gets locked as soon as you get to the first grace here i think only if you finish farum  you only lost 1 possible ending. the capital is GONE Can't go back the normal capcital point of no return is after this area boss The capitol and roundtable change, everything else is basically the same mostly yes, just 1 area is really changed There's lots left to do for you, don't worry :_ameLove:  just find a grace good morning ame :_ameZoom::_ameZoom: only capital is gone only leyndell becomes inacessible This is your life now :_ameHeh: bout 60k You had like 50k left 50k 59k runes Guys the capital is still normal It's fine. But one place will be gone once you complete Farum Azula. 60k u didnt use them  50000 59k 60k :_ameHeh: around 50l? the capital city dungeon is gone, everything else is the same 50kish? 

:_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: too late now ame... nah too late 

:_ameUhh::_ameUhh: In the capital :_ameSad: the next story thing burns it completely [ES] Ame:la mesa redonda estaba dentro del arbol? podemos poner el fuego afuera? Too late :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh: :_ameThink::_ameThink::_ameThink: ye just pour a cup of water on it you have to ame get the buckets aww :_ameCry::_ameCry: Go to Castle Sol at Mountaintops Death is not uppon the world yet :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: Call the firefighters no lmao Spiritually I think talk to the two fingers  no..... we did(n't) start the fire! at fireplace Smithing time by the fireplace talk to spirit tuner fireplace  wow that was a shock!:_ameWut::_ameWut::_ameWut: you killed her she's by the fireplace fireplace check the fireplace F Fire place Talk to Roderika by the fireplace in the main room :_ameArm2::_ameSad::_ameArm1: you can she there hes by the fire place she moved No you needed to burn it to get in. It only burns once you beat the next area  fire place shes at the fireplace She's near the table she's by the fire place yes she is by fireplace main area she at the table you walked past her go to fireplace she's in the hall nooo:_ameCry: shes by the fireplace :_ameBee: shes somewhere You can shes next to the fire place She's main room U can  check in the central chamber craven girl at the fireplace u ran past her LMAO roderika in the fireplace she is here she's in the entrance upgrade bowson at the lobby nooo yes can  she's by the table She's in the first room  she's in the roundtable room roderika is in the main room she's by the big table She's by the table 

:_ameUhh::_ameUhh::_ameUhh: Rest at grace :_ameHeh::_ameHeh::_ameHeh: 

Bruh :_ameHeh:no they are past ghost :_ameDed::_ameDed::_ameDed: :_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: noooo elden ring Z :_ameHeh: idk not guaranteed but they can lol Bowson Ball Z Noooooooo :_ameHeh::_ameHeh: :_ameThink::_ameThink: Oh no cliffhanger :_ameDed:  sure time to sleep :_ameYay::_ameYay: awww :_amePopcorn::_amePopcorn: Aww noooo:_ameCry::_ameCry: nooooooo :_ameSad: ame noooo :_ameTummy: yeeeaaaa!!! NEXT TIME ON... BOWSONBALL Z :_ameTummy::_ameTummy::_ameTummy: BOWSON BOWSON BOWSON what a cliffhanger :_ameHeh: gg Oh nyo BOWSON MON Z oh nyo :_ameSad:nyooooo Ok ame no problem nooo:_ameCry::_ameCry::_ameCry: This castle is Pain Man :_ameSad: yay! i want to sleep but didn't want to miss the stream NEXT TIME ON DRAGON BALL Z wha- your booba nerfed no:_ameSad: lmao I hate cliffhangers  :_ameTummy::_ameTummy: Hope you feel better soon :_ameDrool: darn noodles.. [ES] Ame:llegamos al castillo pero vas a tener que esperar a la proxima,porque me duele la panza y sudo :_ameDed: :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh: :_ameHeh:  okay:_ameYay: nooo :_ameTummy: :_ameTummy: :_ameTummy: okay  Sounds good Ame they can't see you because those are recordings, not real time oh ok ok Man... I missed the whole thing.... :disappointed_face: its okay  Thanks for the stream tonight Ame kill the walking tutrtle ameeeeeeee Okay :_ameYay: Sorry to hear that :yellow_heart: Hope you feel better :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameYay: Sounds good  :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::_ameLove: Oka! ok amee okay:_ameSad::_ameSad::_ameSad: ok! mmmmm sweat ame ok thanks for the stream :red_heart: Bye bye Ame! it was fun! :_ameLove: It was fun!! Go rest Ame:_ameTummy: :_ameTTT::_ameYYY::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: tomorrow elden ring?:_ameZoom: :_amePopcorn::_amePopcorn::_amePopcorn: praise the madien sounds good 6 hour elden stream when ame 3 hrs not a bad length tbf okay sure:_ameYay: Thank you AME  Dooong  thanks for the stream Ame  tomorrow?