【NEW YABE】666K SUBS REAL :O also this isn't brunch anymore【Pavolia Reine/hololiveID 2nd gen】 | Pavolia Reine Ch. hololive-ID



Straight hair imo Reine has horns now she can be horn buddies with Irys:_bigO: reine zeta cosplay :fearful_face: 

Ollie hair looks like TETO from UTAUloid hoodie straight hair Yes i want it all hoodie yes! hair :_bigO::_bigO::_bigO: lol It's zeta draped on top of her head Do spiky eggs hurt? I guess it's a hoodie like your senpai's fubuki looking costume I prefere straight hair I like straight hair will you look like zeta's big sis? holoro gonna get 9 costume, is that a...:_reizero: Straight hair better Holoro gets 3D in the end of the year. Holoro after a yr: oh sht we got 3Ds already. we haven't used any of that:_kusa: smooth bald egg? show us full silhouette??? hoodie cute :_uwu: Well I love hoodies BOTH hoodie plus hat Da hoodie I think a hoodie would be cute, but I've always wanted to see you with hair down Reine double mohawk I'm a straight hair fan:_glasses: Straight hair REINEGG:_kusa::_kusa::_kusa: Weine cat Why not both, hoodie with straight hair underneath Either one would be great tbh Straight long hair~ :_heart::_heart: I will give you an egg I'd like cone hair or BOTH both bald reine best reine Only one way to find out!:_bigO: WE SHALL WAIT FASTER:_kusa: cat ear hoodie just like suisei's im getting anya forger vibes from that silhouette  Reine birthday suit?? Whatever will do, we know it's gonna be amazing :_bigO:  always wanted to see reine with straight hair it's a catbird Eggne Hoodie pls is cute uwu OOOOOH  BALD? :_bigO:  :_kusa::_kusa::_kusa: BALD HOODIE LESGOOOOOO both ofc I bet those are bird beaks on Reine's head DO YOU HAVE SHORT HAIR OR HAIR DOES REINE USE? BALD WETS GOOOOOO Bald Reine would be real?? :astonished_face: bald head in hoodie:_itsfine: you should have a hair that has everything ponytail fan 

bless ya :_heart: wireless mice has improved so much that wireless > wired bless you 

Bless You tskr Bless you Bless youu :_kusa::_kusa::_kusa: Oh bless you TSKR Bless :folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands: I like the comfort of wireless mouse but I hate the battery life of wireless mouse bless u :folded_hands:TSKR:folded_hands: tskr  :_gws:bless Bless u 助かる :folded_hands: bless u!:_heart: :folded_hands:BLESS:folded_hands: and tskr BLESS YOU ×2 bless you! Bless you! bless you ma'am bless you  Gesundheit Bless you  Dua kali :folded_hands: tskr bless you blesss Clearly, you've never heard the toe story :_kusa::_kusa::_kusa: IV? are you ok? "hey reine,what blood type are you" "YABE postive" :folded_hands:BLESS YOU:folded_hands: Never doubt Reine ability to get weird good afternoon Wireless is nice, but i HATE batteries. Haven’t tried rechargeable one yet :_reizero::_reizero::_reizero: Bless you, TSKR o7 耳が幸せ Bless you~ Thank you:sweat_droplets::_smile:Bless you They have a wireless charging pad so you don't have to charge it Bless you! Tskr:folded_hands: Reine sneezes better than anyone (flex) くしゃみたすかる!:_heart: Maybe get a powerplay charging Mousepad, never charge your mouse again TSKR :folded_hands: Accumulator is another word for battery isn't it? wireless= less cable management :folded_hands::_gws:TSKR wireless is so good; got a modest g105 and my other gaming mice are getting dusty 

Thanks for the stream :_heart: :_heart::_heart::_heart: Thank you for the stream Reine:_heart: 

Thank you Reine:_heart::_heart: Stinky Feeto:oops: :_bigO: Thank you for the stream, Reine-sama~ Have a good rest! :_heart::_heart: Don't forget to ask Roboco for her feet, they suyre are something Thank you for stream:_heart::_heart::_heart: finish yabe, now proceeding to have dinner:_monch::_monch::_monch: byeeee :_heart::_heart::_heart::_heart: Bye~ :_bigO::_bigO:bye bye Thank you Reine~ Thanks for the stream Reine :_heart::_heart::_heart: Have a good day Reine I dont know if anyone told you but gura cant wait for volume 2 of kaela fan fiction, :grinning_face_with_sweat: you wrote that yea?bye bye thank you reine :_heart::_heart::_heart: :_bigO::_bigO::_bigO: in 6 hours next month Thanks for the stream! Thanks for the Stream Reine:_heart::_heart::_heart: お疲れ様でした Thanks for the stream :_heart::_heart: Thank you, Reine:_heart: :yougotthis::virtualhug::goodvibes: Thanks for today Reine:_heart: thank you for the stream :_bigO: :_bigO::_tatang:SU eyy at least its egged thank you for the stream! thanks for the stream:_heart::_heart::_heart: bye byeee than you Reine thanks for the stream Reine :_heart: Bye Bye~! Thanks for the short stream, at unusual hours! ok :_heart::_heart::_heart: :_thumbsup::_thumbsup::_thumbsup: Time to watch the holo bonjour~ ok~ :_bigO: Salam MERAKyats~ thanks Reine thanks for the stream! enjoy the rest of your day:_heart: NICE thank you for the stream Reine:_heart::_heart::_heart: its ok,we need sleep at the 6am gang Thank you Reineee:_heart::_heart::_heart: TY, Reine chan Thanks for the stream enjoy the lunch:_bigO::_bigO::_bigO: Terima kasih banyak Ms Reine :_bigO: It's okay Reine! We understand! Bye Reine! Still a fun time! Anya best feet :_bigO::_bigO::_bigO: Thanks for the stream! Salam MERAKyats~~ :_heart: :_heart: :_heart:  Thanks for the stream:_heart::_heart::_heart: bye reine:_bigO: Bye~ Thank you for the stream!!! thank you btw Reine is it possible for you to direct us to the hololive Video? thanks for the stream reineeeeee 

It was really fun Reine ok Thanks for the stream Reine~ Salam MERAKyats~ 

Be Halu? our specialty! I'll watch with imaginary Reine :_blush::_blush::_blush: okay~ see you :_heart::_heart::_heart: :_itsfine::_itsfine::_itsfine: Salam MERAKyats~ NUUUOOOOOOOOOOO Salam MERAKyats~!:_thumbsup::_thumbsup::_thumbsup: Byebye~~ ok I'm good at halu Ok ! Bye bye! :_itsfine::_sosad::_itsfine: Silent watchalong Bye reine byebye salam MERAKyats  Like my usual watchalongs, LETS GOOO~ :_bigO::_itsfine: ByeBye Reine~~ Big Breine :_heart::_heart::_heart:Byeee bye bye! byeeeeeeee byebyeeee Thanks for the stream! babaii :virtualhug::virtualhug: Salam Merakyaaaats!!! :_itsfine::_itsfine::_itsfine:its alright! See ya Reine:_heart: wkwkwk ok byee I always imagine I am with you :_gws: Salam MERAKyats~~~:_heart::_heart::_heart: Salam MERAKyats!:_bigO: Salam MERAKyats bye :_bigO::_bigO: bye bye reineee, salam merakyats~ bye byeeeee byee~!! Salam MERAKyats! Salam MERAKyaaats~ :_heart::_heart: Bye bye:_heart::_heart::_heart: Salam Merakyats ~ Salam MERAKyats~:_heart::_heart: Salem Merkyats~ :_heart::_heart: :_smile: bye scammer :_heart: Bye!~ Take care Reine! Salam MERAKyats:_heart: Bye~~~ TH bye  Salam MERAKyats:_itsfine: salam MERAKyats:_bigO: salam MERAKyats~ Bye bye :_bigO: :_heart::_heart:Salam MERAKyats~ :_heart: bye Reine!:_heart::_heart: Salam MERAKyats:_heart::_heart::_heart: bye bye salam MERAKyats o7 Salam MERAKyats!! Bye. Nice 666K subs Reine Bye-bye! Love ya! Salam MERAKyats!:_heart::_heart::_heart: byebye Salam MERAKyats~ :_heart: Have a good day:_bigO: Bye Reine~ thanksss Thanks for the stream Reine :_heart: bye Reine :_heart: Salam MERAKyats!  salam MERAKyats:_heart: Bye Bye SalamMERAKyats Otsu Salam MERAKyats~~ Salam MERAKyat. Thanks for the stream Reine :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: